Face-melting concert photo

Brooklyn Make Some Noise

Phish w/ Jay-Z

99 Problems & Big Pimpin'

Sat, June 19, 2004

Keyspan Park

Brooklyn, NY, USA

The fans never saw this one coming. Two songs into the second set of Phish's two night stand at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn, Trey announces a special guest... “Brooklyn's own Jay-Z.”

The audience cheers, a tad skeptical at first. “Uh, uh, uh. uh. uh.” Page shows genuine enthusiasm, smiling and laughing as Z enters Page-side. The audience gets into it once the temporary front-man starts working the crown and they realize it's not just Page's brother.

Musically this one leaves a bit to be desired. The best part of the video comes early. Z holds out his mic for the audience to yell “a bitch ain't one” and about 3 people know what to say. Even Z himself has a laugh about it. The second tune, Big Pimpin', is basically more of the same.

As guest appearances go, this one has nothing on Kid Rock in Vegas.

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I was at the show the night before this one. But i had some friends at this show. They were pretty shocked when the Jigga-Man (aka HOVA, aka Jay-Z) came out

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