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R.I.P. Jim Marshall: Concert Photographer of the Gods

I was greatly saddened to learn of the death of legendary concert photographer Jim Marshall this week, who was found dead in a New York hotel room on March 24th at age 74.

Marshall's typically black & white documentary-style photos are some of the most iconic images in rock and roll; his exceptional eye managed to catch some of music's biggest names in the most intimate situations.

Whenever anyone asks me how I got the photographs I did, why I was often the only photographer present or got such unique access I reply simply, ‘Trust.’
— Jim Marshall

Much has already been written about Marshall's death (see here, here, here, and here), so I'll just leave you with a gallery of some of my favorite Jim Marshall photos. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but I think some of these are worth well more than that.

Rest in peace Jim. Your legacy in photos will live forever.


Cash Flipping The Bird || 1969


Garcia Backstage at Woodstock || 1969

I said to him, Johnny, let's do a shot for the warden. I guess flipping the bird was his natural response.
— Jim Marshall


Jim Morrison Smoking || 1968


Hendrix at the Drums || 1967


Dylan Press Conference || 1965

The 11 Most Resonant Concert Performances Of All Time

I recently came across a great post on Earvolution, where David Schultz wrote about what he believes are the “Eleven Most Resonant Live Concert Performances of all Time.”

A group of performances that had relevance beyond the notes that were played and resonated well beyond the time and place of their occurrence.
David Schultz

I liked David's post so much I figured it'd be cool to capture all the great concert videos he recommended so you can watch them right here on Jamtopia.

Here's his list. Just click a link to jump to the concert video…

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