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Bobblehead Contest   

Win a FREE Page McConnell Bobblehead (Series II)

Update: November 17, 2009
Congratulations to winner Jay Young (aka Sprewell) who was selected via random.org's “Third-party Draw Service.” Thanks to all who entered. Hope to see you back here for more contests.

As if the Trey, Mike, and Fishman bobbleheads weren't cool enough, the bobblehead gods have really smiled upon us with this fantastic Page McConnell Series II bobblehead. (see Series I)

The “Chairman of the Boards” bobblehead captures Page singing his heart out — complete with baby grand piano, Clavinet, sharp new shirt, and a facial expression second to none.

Given the level of awesomeness, these Page bobbles might be harder to come by than the others, but read on to learn how you can enter to win one for free right here on Jamtopia.

Page McConnell Phish Bobblehead

Page McConnell Bobblehead Head
Page McConnell Bobblehead Hands
Page McConnell Bobblehead Shoes
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Win a FREE Jon Fishman Bobblehead

Update: August 1, 2009
The winner has been selected via random.org's “Third-party Draw Service.” Details will be posted as soon as I can verify eligibility. Thanks to all who entered. Hope to see you back here for more contests.

Having given away a Trey bobblehead and Mike bobblehead, I'm pleased to announce the next giveaway and latest addition to the Phish bobblehead collection: Jon Fishman.

The Fishman bobblehead captures the man at his most absurd — playing the Electrolux in his signature life saver moo moo and looking a bit like world-class jackass actor Russel Crowe.

And to top it off, literally and figuratively, he's sporting the Fall '98 Viking helmet as featured in the pinball animation sequence from the Save the Date map.

I'm not sure if you'll be able track-down one of these Fishman bobbleheads in the lots this summer, but read on to learn how you can win one for free right here on Jamtopia.

Jon Fishman Phish Bobblehead

Win a FREE Mike Gordon Bobblehead

Update: July 29, 2009
Congratulations to Ryan Costello of Springfield, MA, proud owner of a new Mike Gordon bobblehead. Ryan was selected via random.org's “Third-party Draw Service” where you can verify the contest results.

Thanks to all who entered, and don't miss the new Fishman bobblehead giveaway right here on Jamtopia.

Of all the lot-merch on Summer Tour, the piece that generated the most buzz had to be the Trey bobblehead, one of which Jamtopia gave away back in April.

Assuming you liked that one, you'll probably want to add the latest and greatest Phish bobblehead to your collection: it's bassist extraordinaire Mike Gordon.

Like the Trey bobblehead, the Mike bobblehead is a superb likeness given the medium. He comes complete with day-glo shirt, hiked-up sweats, Modulus Q5 bass, and prominent schnoz.

Best of all, he's even easier to care for than a real cactus.

Read on to learn how you can win one for free.

Mike Gordon Phish Bobblehead

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Congratulations Allison Pearce: Trey Bobblehead Winner

@allycats Congratulations! You won the Trey bobblehead from Jamtopia and http://PhishTwit.com. #Phish http://twitpic.com/5o3d0

Well the tweet above pretty much says it all. Just a few hours ago Allison Pearce — one of the first 300 people to follow @PhishTwit on Twitter — won herself a sweet piece of Phish memorabilia in our free Trey bobblehead giveaway.

Congrats again Allison. And to everyone else, stay tuned for more contests and giveaways right here on Jamtopia.

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Trey Bobblehead Drawing: Tonight at 10 pm EDT

For those who entered the Trey Bobblehead contest, tonight (Thu, May 21st, 2009) could be your lucky night. One fortunate @PhishTwit follower will be selected live on Jamtopia's Ustream channel at 10 pm EDT.

Not already a @PhishTwit follower? You're too late to enter, but you still might want to follow @PhishTwit on Twitter. You'll get occasional Phish news and updates, links to PhishTwit's favorite Tweets, and of course future Phish bobblehead contest announcements.

Good luck to everyone who entered. See you tonight!

P.S. If you're looking for real-time Phish setlists this Summer, give PhishTwit a try. It's an easy way to see what people are saying about Phish on Twitter. Plus it's now got live updates, no reloading necessary. There's not much action right now, but come May 31st things should get pretty lively. Just load up the page, lean back, and watch the sets come in.

Trey Anastasio Phish Bobblehead

Watch the Drawing

Thursday, May 21st, 2009
10 pm EDT

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the creation of these Trey bobbleheads. I don't know who created them, nor do I know where you can buy one.


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