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Phish 3D: The Movie, Tickets on Sale April 14th

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It's official! Phish 3D: The Movie is set to be released in April, and as of moments ago there's an official site, Facebook page, and Twitter account to support the theatrical release.

The 3D Phish movie has been rumored since the run-up to Festival 8, and early last month a page appeared on Ticketmaster for the cryptically titled “Phish Concert Film.”

The concert film will feature footage by AEG Live and Action 3D that was shot during all eight sets of Festival 8 in Indio. Beggars can't be choosers, but I'm really hoping the pyro-infused Mike's Song didn't end up on the cutting room floor as I'd certainly love to see that in 3D.

Very cool technology… Ridic.
Dave O, Hidden Track

Phish 3D

According to Consequence of Sound, the band will begin to tease Phish 3D: The Movie with a 15-second trailer at Alice in Wonderland 3D screenings this weekend. Expect a longer trailer to be released next month.

If you hit the official site you can enter your email and ZIP to get notified when tickets go on sale.

Consider me in line already!

Phish Festival 8 in 3D: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You?

Phish Festival 8 in 3D on Ticketmaster

It's official! Learn about PHISH 3D: The Movie.

Earlier today a page appeared on Ticketmaster that seems to finally confirm some great news: a theatrical release of a new Phish concert film.

Assuming the word on the street is correct, this will be none other than Phish Festival 8 in 3D, which has been rumored since the run-up to Festival 8 and now has a rumored release date of some time in May of this year.

A number of sets of Festival 8 in Indio was shot by AEG Live and Action 3D, as reported in Variety back in November, and the theatrical release was also mentioned in an article (since removed) in Palm Spring's newspaper The Desert Sun.

Our goal was to mimic a concert.
John Rubey, president of Network Live, a division of AEG Live

According to Variety, 3D concert films like U2 3D don't generally make much money (the exception: Miley Cirus), but I can tell you at least one person who wouldn't dare miss Festival 8 in 3D — this guy!

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Phish Festival 8: Setlists, Reviews, Video, Audio & Exile!

Phish Festival 8 Recap

Learn about PHISH 3D: The Movie shot at Festival 8.

Game Fuckin' On!

After months of buildup with the map teaser and album teaser, Festival 8 is finally upon us.

I'll be updating this post throughout the weekend as time permits so stop by once in a while for random musings, photos, and of course Festival 8 setlists, audio and videos.

And don't forget to visit PhishTwit for real-time Phish updates, chat, streams and more. Can't wait to see what transpires.

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P.S. The person who posts my favorite comment on this post before 11:59 pm CST on November 8th will win one of these ridiculous CK5 bobbleheads for free*.

~ Friday 10/30 ~

Setlist | Audio | Reviews

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Setlist | Audio | Reviews

~ Sunday 11/1 ~

Setlist | Audio | Reviews

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The Phish Festival 8 Poster Gallery

I love a good Phish poster, and Festival 8 has introduced some choice new prints. Watch the space below for a growing gallery of the best Festival 8 posters, memorabilia, and other nonsense.

Official Jim Pollock Festival 8 Poster

Jim Pollock Festival 8 Poster
Jim Pollock Festival 8 Poster 3D

As expected, there were multiple Pollock's last night — a colored print, edition of 1,000 and a red/cyan 3D print that came with 3D glasses, edition of 650.

I line up pretty early for this set but still managed to get shut out due to some combination of line jumpers and mediocre cardio.

And of course, there's already a ton of Festival 8 Pollocks on eBay in the $250 plus range.

Official Jim Pollock Festival 8 Masks

Jim Pollock Festival 8 Masks

For a $10 donation to WaterWheel you were able to grab your choice of the four Festival 8 Halloween masks shown at left.

Each die-cut mask came with a pair of novelty cardboard glasses in an edition of 1,000 (4,000 total) and 100 uncut sheets are also out there.

David Welker Festival 8 Scratchboard Print

David Welker Festival 8 Experimental Print
David Welker Festival 8 Experimental Print
David Welker Festival 8 Experimental Print

Rift cover artist David Welker has technical chops galore, as seen in the scratchboard Festival 8 dreamscape above. It's been pointed out that the top of the eight evokes a phallus duel, but if you can overlook that it's one hell of a print.

There are no solid plans for how this will be released just yet.

EIGHT by Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball

Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball

Usually a poster artist, Ryan Kerrigan stepped it up for Indio with a set of 8 hand-painted 8 balls.

The first six sold out pretty much immediately at $88.88 a pop. The remaining pair of balls are being auctioned off with 8.8% of the proceeds going to Mockingbird and another 8.8% going to phishposters.com. Ball 7 Auction | Ball 8 Auction

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Phish Festival 8 Halloween Cover Album Teaser

Learn about PHISH 3D: The Movie shot at Festival 8.

99 8 Albums But They'll Play Just One

Click album titles for a free, legal stream.

  1. David Bowie | Hunky Dory
  2. Genesis | The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  3. Jimi Hendrix | Electric Ladyland
  4. King Crimson | Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  5. MGMT | Oracular Spectacular
  6. Prince | Purple Rain
  7. Radiohead | Kid A
  8. Rolling Stones | Exile on Main Street

Introduction: The Phish Halloween Album Teaser (September 28th, 2009)

Today the Festival 8 site on Phish.com was updated with yet another teaser animation, only this time instead of teags sayg the location, they're teasing the Halloween cover album.

The new site features a haunted gallery of 99 albums, each a possibility for the musical costume, and each a possible victim of an unfortunate demise.

A handful of albums have already been killed off, and there should be a lot more killing over the next few weeks as the welcome card promises Phish will “play the last record left alive.”

Gotta admit I was pleased to see both of my top choices — Appetite for Destruction and Exile on Main Street — made the list. Figure Appetite is a long-shot but Exile could have a chance.

Place card for Phish Halloween album teaser

Though I doubt this will be quite as uproar-inducing as the Halloween map, it's sure to keep the Festival 8 buzz going strong. Plus it'll also give you a chance to study up on the remaining possibilities (rumor has it there will be 8 albums left when the fest begins) and get familiar with the material, whatever it may be.

WARNING: Spoilers & speculation below. Proceed at your own risk.

Update: The Grateful Living (September 29th @ 12:11 am)

I'm sure this means nothing, but one eagle-eyed fan has noticed that the Grateful Dead are listed as the “Grateful Living” in the xml config file that's driving the gallery. Hmmm… certainly wouldn't mind if American Beauty is “the last record left alive.”

Update: The Grateful Living Part 2 (September 29th @ 2:41 am)

There's a comment below about the Grateful Dead thing pointing out that the word “living” is used in the xml file to denote albums that are still in the mix. I realized that, but in this case it's not just the <stateofbeing> node that says living, but the <title> node as well.

That said, the reader's comment opened my mind up to a much more likely theory. Someone did a search and replace on that xml file, replacing all occurrences of “dead” with “living” — only they didn't select match case — and so the “Grateful Dead” became the “Grateful living.” Note also the lowercase “l” which I incorrectly noted as an uppercase “L” above.

So in effect, I'm still sure it means nothing… other than that speculating on Phish teaser animations is a great way to waste time.

Update: The Grateful Living Part 3 (September 29th @ 1:36 pm)

The Grateful Dead are now listed correctly in the .xml file. Case closed.

Update: Phish-themed Album Covers (October 6th @ 10:36 pm)

Born to Run Languedoc

Strange things are afoot in the haunted gallery, as a number of album covers have started to get a Phish-themed makeover.

  • Phish are in the sardine can on Hello Nasty
  • The hot dog vendor on Pretzel Logic is sporting a viking hat
  • The Boss is playing a Languedoc
  • Trey and Page are moving a keyboard on Moving Pictures
  • T-Rex is now T-rey
  • Tom Petty is wearing a Phish shirt
  • Mike Gordon has joined the Ramones (added 10/7)
  • Rage Against the Machine is now Page Against the Machine (added 10/9)
  • Fishman is on the cover of Exile on Main Street (added 10/10)
  • Ghost in the Machine is now Story of the Ghost in the Machine (added 10/15)
  • AC/DC Back in Black is now AC/DC Bag (added 10/15)
  • Page is in the rearview mirror on the Minutemen album (added 10/16)
  • Fishman's head has been added to one of the Electric Ladyland ladies (added 10/16)

Just as it was starting to feel really repetitive, this is a great twist to keep things interesting.

Update: Phish-themed Album Covers (October 6th @ 11:36 pm)

Original Blind Faith album cover

A commenter below just inquired if anyone noticed that a “new album” had been added to the gallery

Well it's a new album cover, but not a new album. That's the original cover image from Blind Faith's self-titled debut. Rumor has it the naked young girl is Ginger Baker's daughter, but whoever it is she didn't make the cut. The cover was banned in the USA where it was sold with the “bland, but shopper-friendly, band photo.”

Update: Album YouTube Links (October 7th @ 3:23 pm)

Well this is interesting. Some of the albums in the xml config file have been updated to include YouTube links.

I'll give you one guess how many albums got the special treatment…

  1. AC/DC, Hells Bells from Back in Black
  2. Aerosmith, Sweet Emotion from Toys In The Attic (by Gordon/Kottke)
  3. Arcade Fire, Wake Up from Funeral
  4. David Bowie, Oh You Pretty Things from Hunky Dory
  5. David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust from Five Years Live
  6. Led Zeppelin, Going to California from Zeppelin IV
  7. The Band, Up On Cripple Creek from The Band
  8. Clash, Clampdown from London Calling

I sure hope these aren't the finalist because they seem to have forgotten GNR :)

Phish to Play Acoustic Set at Festival 8: Coffee and Donuts

Today Phish announced the schedule for Festival 8 and there's great news: the band will play their first full length acoustic set at “the crack of noon“ on Sunday, complete with coffee and donuts.

See the rest of the Festival 8 performance schedule below. I'm sure the band will stick to this like clockwork so make sure to set your watch.

Phish Festival 8 Performance Schedule

Friday (10/30)

4:00 pm Concert field opens
7:30 pm Set 1
10:00 pm Set 2

Saturday (10/31)

12:00 pm Concert field opens
3:00 pm Set 1
7:30 pm Halloween Set
10:00 pm Set 3

Sunday (11/1)

10:00 am Concert field opens
12:00 pm Acoustic Set
5:30 pm Set 2
8:30 pm Set 3

Update: September 28, 2009

Today Phish launched a Festival 8 cover album teaser where they'll be slowly revealing the album for the musical costume. Learn more about the musical costume album teaser and see which albums have been eliminated right here on Jamtopia.

Learn about Phish Festival 8 in Indio, CA

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