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Listen to Twitter with Twisten.fm: FREE Streaming Music

Twisten.fm logo

I just discovered Twisten.fm, a ten day old website powered by Grooveshark that crawls through tweets to see what people are listening to, then lets you listen to those songs via a simple interface.

A casual scroll down the home page feed (see below) will give you a nice glimpse at the variety of music people are enjoying right now, though I kinda wish I could set it to auto-refresh.

Twisten.fm screen grab showing feed of free music

As a bonus, if you log in using your Twitter account, you'll gain the ability to tweet right from their site and maintain a favorites list making it easy to find songs again later. And there's another bonus at Twisten.fm Twitter account which is update hourly with the most popular song.

One thing I really would've like to see is some playlist functionality — or as someone on their customer service board called it, a “stream the songs radio player.” Twisten competitor Hype Machine does playlists really well, whereas listening to free music on Twisten.fm is a cumbersome one-track-at-a-time experience.

And I'm most excited about an idea I saw over at the Twisten review on Infinate Dial — “friend radio networks” that only stream songs from a list of Twitter users you select. Or perhaps people could even create sharable public “stations” based on different groupings of users.

Overall Twisten.fm is a novel and simple way to discover and listen to free music that people are tweeting about. However, the lack of a radio player will probably keep me away from now.

P.S. I'm sure they'll be adding features over time, so head over to the Twisten.fm blog for news and announcements.

Update (February 13, 2009, 8:00pm) I just got an email from one of Twisten's engineers who said, “a radio style player is definitely in the works along with a few other goodies.” Sweet.

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MySpace Music: Now With Even More FREE Indie Music

MySpace Music Logo

When MySpace Music launched at the end of September 2008, they gave users access to practically every song ever recorded thanks to relationships with all four major labels — Universal, Warner, Sony and EMI — as well as independent music distributor The Orchard.

Well apparently that wasn't enough for many critics (see here for example) who complained that the service was “extending the middle finger to indies,” the very folks who helped make MySpace a success in the first place.

Well as of today there's a lot less to complain about, as MySpace Music added five larger independent labels and indie music distributors to their service — Nettwerk, INgrooves, Iris Distribution, RoyaltyShare, and Wind-up Entertainment.

With these additions MySpace not only takes a step to silence their critics, but they're giving users access to a few hundred thousand additional free songs from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Lou Reed, Modest Mouse, Tesla, Thievery Corporation, The Crystal Method, Dolly Parton, Evanescence, and even Tila Tequila.

Gotta figure their next move will be to try and work something out with Merlin Network. The non-profit organization combines 12,000 indie labels and has so far been a vocal critical of the terms MySpace is offering indies.

Will keep you posted if anything develops. In the mean time, go listen to FREE music.

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Make a Free MP3 Mixtape With 8tracks

If you're still looking for a simple way to create or listen to a mix of free MP3s now that Muxtape is gone, 8track might be just what the doctor ordered.

Creating a mix on 8track is a simple drag and drop affair, and you can use songs from their library or upload your own. Give it a name, upload some cover art, and you're all set.

To listen to mixes, just type in a band or song in the search box and chances are you'll find something you like. You can comment on mixes, and even follow specific DJs Twitter style to get notified when they post a new mix.

I sleuthed around a bit and came up with these three mixes I think you'll enjoy…

Sorry. You need to Flash to listen.

Phish's Halloween Costume

Original versions of songs performed as part of Phish Halloween costumes. Includes The Beatles, The Who, Talking Heads, and Velvet Underground.
— Created by davedonohue

Sorry. You need to Flash to listen.

Jam Session

Live jams from Bruce Hornsby, Phish, SCI, Rusted Root, DMB, Pearl Jam, Other Ones and more.
— Created by rkorins31

Sorry. You need to Flash to listen.

Manic and Blues Disc Three

A “bipolar delight” featuring Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, The Doors, The Dead, The Beatles, Guns 'n' Roses and more.
— Created by bombria

As with most free streaming services, there are some small catches you'll want to know about. When you create a mix, it's gotta be at least 30 minutes (about 8 songs) to be saved and shared. When listening to a mix, you can't see the the songs in the playlist until you start to listen — though you can skip songs you don't like. The embedded player (as seen above) could also use a little love too — it's currently lacking social tools like embed, bookmark, and email that help lubricate the word-of-mouth process.

And in case you're curious, it's all legal. 8tracks operates as a small online radio station, meaning they have lower licensing fees than larger free music streaming sites like Pandora and on-demand music sites like Rhapsody.

What are you waiting for? Create a free mixtape on 8tracks today.

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Five FREE Music Sites You’re Not Using (Yet)

If you're anything like me, you like free music. And if you like free music, you'll want to visit to these lesser-known music sites offering unique ways for you to find free music you can listen to right now.

The five free music sites featured are:

Know another great free music site? Post a comment below.

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Full CD Listening Parties: Stream New Music CD’s FREE!

Perhaps I've been living under a rock, but I've just now discovered AOL's Full CD Listening Parties.

Each week, they bring you a handful of new albums that you can listen to in their entirety. The best part is it's all free, all the time. You can even grab the Full CD Listening Party RSS feed so you'll always know what new CD's they've got on tap.

The Full CD Listening Party is a great way to discover new music for free and see if you like a new CD before you buy it.

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Download the New Nine Inch Nails Album for FREE!

Nine Inch Nails The Slip Album Cover

As the band's way of thanking their fans for their continued support, Trent Reznor announced via the NIN website that you can download the entire new Nine Inch Nails album “The Slip” for free.

Yes, you read that correctly. The entire album, almost 45 minutes of new music from Nine Inch Nails is free as in beer, yours to keep forever, 100% DRM free.

And this is no low-bitrate MP3. You can download the album in high-quality fully-tagged MP3 (~273kbps) as well as full CD quality FLAC or M4A for free. There's even a higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE, also free.

As if that's not progressive enough, they top it off by encouraging you to “remix it, share it with your friends, post it on your blog, play it on your podcast, give it to strangers, etc.”

Kudos Trent. And thanks!

P.S. I've listened to the whole album and frankly it's not my cup of tea, but I was just so impressed by the offer that I had to write it up.

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