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Phish Bonnaroo ‘09: Setlists, Reviews, Video, Audio & Bruce Springsteen!



June 12nd and 14th, 2009


Manchester, TN

Phish Rock Bonnaroo with the Boss!

Hit “play” above to watch Phish with Bruce Springsteen.

The 8th annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Machester, TN has just wrapped up. And though the festival was inspired by Phish's off-the-beaten-path-festivals, this year is the first time Phish played the festival.

On Friday Phish played three-hour set featuring a Highway to Hell bustout (first since 2/26/97) and later a YEM > Wilson > YEM sandwich to close the 2nd set at 2:15 am.

The band had Saturday off, but Fishman (in a suit) and David Grisman joined the Del McCoury Band at Bonaroo for three songs including Beauty of My Dreams.

On Sunday Phish closed the festival with a two set show. The obvious highlight — a sit-in by Bruce Springsteen during the 1st set for Mustang Sally (first since 8/05/88), Bobby Jean, and Glory Days.

My boyhood hero and still hero.
— Trey Anastasio introducing Bruce Springsteen

Overall the whole experience looked like a blast, and with the help of PhishTube, Joephus and Bonnaboobs, once again I almost feel like I was at the show. Thank you intrepid streamers. Total game-changer.

Read on for setlists, audio, reviews, photos and more from Phish at the 2009 Bonnaroo Festival.

Widespread Calhoun Rocks the ROTHBURY Festival

Photo of Ann Marie Calhoun

For the second time in just over as many months, fiddle-fox Ann Marie Calhoun sat in for an extended guest appearance with Widespread Panic, this time at the inaugural ROTHBURY Festival in Michigan. (See Ann Marie with WSP at Walnut Creek for her previous sit in.)

For this appearance, Ann Marie joined Panic for most of the 1st set including Surprise Valley > Arleen > Surprise Valley and Take Out > Porch Song as well as the end of the 2nd set for Protein Drink > Sewing Machine and finally Life During Wartime.

Bad news... The videos that were once here have been removed by the YouTuber who posted them. I'm on the hunt for more concert videos from the show and will add them as soon as I find them. In the mean time, I've posted a somewhat shaky video of Sewing Machine.

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Kirk Hammett Jams with My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket w/ Kirk Hammett

One Big Holiday

Sat, June 14, 2008


Manchester, TN

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I read a ton of Bonnaroo reviews this year, and the one thing I really wish I could've seen was this.

About halfway in to an epic performance of nearly four hours, My Morning Jacket announced “up-and-comer” Kirk Hammett — yes, Kirk Hammett from Metallica — who joined the band for a rousing rendition of what's become MMJ's signature song, One Big Holiday.

The six best minutes of live music I've seen this year.
amrit from Stereogum

I've been hoping to post this since I first read about it, but it took a few days for a remotely watchable video to surface. This one's not perfect, but it does the trick for now. If you like what you hear, head over to etree where you can download the entire My Morning Jacket 2008 Bonnaroo set.

Trey Jams with Robert Randolph and The Family Band

The “Big Red Comeback Tour” has officially begun as Trey Anastasio joined Robert Randolph and The Family Band for a guest appearance on June 5th, 2008 at Jones Beach. The sit-in lasted four songs including A Little Sister, Deliver Me, Bo Diddley, and I Need More Love.

On some message boards I noticed a few attendees lamenting that Trey didn't play with Eric Clapton as well, but from the reviews I've read they still got their money's worth and then some!

And if you were one of the lucky ones in attendance, please post a comment with your review of the show. In the mean time, I'll keep searching YouTube for more (and better) concert videos from Trey's guest appearance with Robert Randolph at Jones Beach.

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Ann Marie Calhoun Jams with Widespread Panic

Photo of Ann Marie Calhoun

I knew this day would come and now it has!

Violin player extraordinaire Ann Marie Calhoun made a highly anticipated guest appearance with Widespread Panic tonight (April 26th, 2008) at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC.

As attractive as she is talented, Ann Marie sat in on fiddle for a Driving Song > Surprise Valley > Heaven medley during the 2nd set as well as Fishwater to close the show.

UPDATE (July 4, 2008): They've done it again... Ann Marie Calhoun sat in with Widespread Panic at the ROTHBURY festival last night!

Phish Rocks with Kid Rock

Phish w/ Kid Rock

You Shook Me All Night Long, We're An American Band

Fri, September 29, 2000

Thomas & Mack Center

Las Vegas, NV

In the description of this video on YouTube, Phish video sharing legend tdunski writes, “I'm kind of hesitant to share this one cause this definitely spelled out the end of our band, but it is what it is.”

Well believe it or not, this also spelled the beginning of Jamtopia. One night, a buddy showed me this and a bunch of other killer Phish videos on YouTube and it gave me the idea to create a site about great concert videos.

And personally, I think this video is great. For starters, you've got Kid Rock, an unlikely special guest to say the least. Perhaps not as unlikely as Phish with Jay-Z, but still.

On top of that you get two rock & roll classics and Phish rarities all in one — AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long (played once) and Grand Funk Railroad's We're An American Band (played twice).

Plus, you gotta give Bob (hey, that's what PA calls him) credit for the entertaining freestyle throughout American Band.

I got a call after the show from a friend who overheard someone say “fuck that, I didn't pay to see Kid Rock.” But I just don't get all the negativity — I'd love to have been there. Looked like a hell of a good time to me.

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