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Iron Maiden Final Frontier Tour: Tickets, Dates, Info

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Welcome to The Final Frontier.

Hell yeah! Today Iron Maiden officially announced their new album, “The Final Frontier,” as well as a supporting tour, appropriately named “The Final Frontier World Tour.”

Though it's not due until late summer of this year, the band finished work on the new album a few weeks ago according to producer Kevin Shirley, who also worked on Flight 666, Matter Of Life And Death, Dance Of Death, and Brave New World.

The most important thing for a band is to create new music, otherwise you're not valid — you become a parody.
Janick Gers, Iron Maiden guitarist

The 22-stop North American leg for The Final Frontier World Tour (with Dream Theatre opening) starts June 9th in Dallas and ends July 20th in Washington DC. [Tour Dates]

Iron Maiden Final Frontier Italy Poster

The European leg for The Final Frontier World Tour includes 6 previously announced dates, with the promise of the band continuing on to “many other countries in 2011.” [Tour Dates]

The setlist for the summer shows is still in development, but according to Bruce, “it will cover the whole history of the band” as well as a few tracks from the new album. I look forward to hearing the new stuff, but I'm more psyched to hear some of the classics just like the Somewhere Back in Time tour.

Meanwhile, to help prevent scalping, tickets will be made available to members of the Iron Maiden Fan Club before they go on sale to the general public, and many of the North American shows will use Ticketmaster Paperless Ticketing which requires you to present the credit card used to purchase tickets and a government issued ID at the show. Props to Maiden for their efforts to help ensure fans can get tickets for a fair price on the primary market.

Scroll down for Iron Maiden Final Frontier World Tour dates for North America and Europe, and for information about how to buy Iron Maiden tickets.

Up the irons!

Iron Maiden Flight 666: Landing on DVD June 9th

Iron Maiden

Run to the Hills, Rime of the Ancient Mariner



Flight 666 Concert DVD

Welcome guest blogger Joe Costanza!

Joe Costanza Joe is a hardcore fan of Ween and Phish, though he grooves to all types of music that move his mood. In his first post he revels in the potential awesomeness of the upcoming Iron Maiden DVD release.

Can Heaven Wait? Only until June 9th.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
— Revelations 13:18

The flight number of “Ed Force One” is always 666, and though decidedly evil, it's a perfect title for the new 2-disc concert DVD from legendary metal pioneers Iron Maiden.

From the onset of their Somewhere Back In Time Tour in early 2008, Iron Maiden set out to douse the world in otherworldly music, flames, explosions and hardcore theatrics.

As if possessed by the Devil himself, the Flight 666 concert DVD includes only the best of the beast; the loudest, head-bashingest, fist-pumpingly thrashed out versions of each track from their standard SBIT setlist — including some of the greatest songs in Eddie’s vault.

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Download Somewhere Back in Time for FREE!

Somewhere Back in Time Album Cover

To help you sample the sound quality on their forthcoming album, Iron Maiden wants you to download Somewhere Back in Time for free starting on May 7th!

There are a few caveats... you'll only be able to listen to it three times, it's compressed audio (but still a respectable 320 kbps), and it's not compatible with Macs or iPods.

But caveats aside, you'll still get your hands on the album almost a week before it's officially released — at which point you'll be able to convert your trial version to a full DRM-free version.

Interested? Sign up now to get notified when the trial download goes live.

Don't miss Jamtopia's Somewhere Back in Time Capsule featuring 20+ years of great Iron Maiden videos.

The Somewhere Back in Time Capsule

Iron Maiden

Somewhere Back in Time setlist

Various Dates (1982-2005)

Various Venues

Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, United States

Welcome to “The Somewhere Back in Time Capsule,” a compilation of 20+ years of great Iron Maiden videos that recreates the entire Somewhere Back in Time Tour setlist.

What's included is some of the most spectacular stuff we could find — from Long Beach to London, Brazil to Birmingham.

If you think there's a better alternative for any of the tracks, feel free to suggest a different version and we'll add it to the capsule if we agree.

Up the Irons!

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Iron Maiden: Live After Death DVD On Sale

In March of 1985, during their World Slavery Tour, Iron Maiden played four sold-out concerts at Long Beach Arena in California.

Almost 23 years later, the two disc Iron Maiden: Live After Death DVD is finally available for preorder — the first time the original 35mm footage of these legendary shows is available on DVD.

The first disc includes 13 tracks from Long Beach with two audio options — a new 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Kevin Shirley and the original stereo soundtrack by Martin Birch.

The second disc features bonus footage from Rock in Rio '85 and Ello Texas '83, “The History of Iron Maiden (part 2)” and “Behind the Iron Curtain” documentaries; plus photo & artwork galleries, promo videos, tour dates & program, and other features.

250,000 Faces Being Melted Simultaneously

Iron Maiden

Fear of the Dark

Sat, January 20, 2001

Rock in Rio III

Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In January of 2001 Iron Maiden played Rock in Rio III for the final show of their Brave New World Tour.

Show here is a ripping Fear of the Dark that highlights Bruce Dickinson's voice and Adrian Smith's guitar work, both of whom had recently returned to the band.

The entire show was “the heat” both literally and figuratively, as captured in glorious detail on the Iron Maiden Rock in Rio DVD and CD.

P.S. Happy birthday to The Inlaw. He says this is “the SICKEST version of Fear of the Dark EVER!”


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