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Living Colour

Cult of Personality


Arsenio Hall Show

Hollywood, CA

Make no mistake about, Living Colour rocks hard. And though you may think they haven't done anything since the early 90's, if you read their blog and MySpace page you'll be pleased to know they're still making music and continue to be actively involved throughout the music scene.

Here's a great little video of them from the heyday, performing their hit song Cult of Personality on the gone but not forgotten Arsenio Hall Show.

The song begins as usual, with a paraphrased quote from Malcolm X's “Message To The Grass Roots” speech. And it just rips from there. Corey Glover treats the entire studio as his stage, belting out lyrics as he works the room.

Don't miss Vernon Reid's killer solo just past the half way point. It's a true face-melter with Corey and original bassist Muzz Skillings dancing a little jig in the background. If you want to jam like Vernon Reid, pick up a copy of Guitar Hero IIIL Legends of Rock Bundle which includes a new remix of Cult of Personality as the seventh encore track in the main career.

And if you want more live Living Colour, give a listen to Live at CBGB's Tuesday 12/19/89 or for something more recent try On Stage at World Cafe Live DVD.

Heat of the Keytar: Asia in Asia


Heat of the Moment

Fri, March 09, 2007

Koseinenkin Kaikan

Tokyo, Japan

Progressive rock fans everywhere were delighted when it was officially announced in April 2006 that the original four members of super-group Asia planned to reunite.

Less than one year later and 25 years after the release of their first album we find Asia, in Asia, playing Heat of the Moment, the first single from their album Asia. That's a lot of Asia.

Either way, the boys actually sound strong, especially considering their lengthly hiatus from playing together.

Geoff Downes's brings the heat on the keytar. It's one part Van Halen, one part Partridge family, and all parts melty.

Steve Howe and Riff Raff Now maybe it's just me, but Steve Howe looks a bit like Riff Raff. Judge for yourself at left. And you gotta love that Carl Palmer has a tremendous gong behind him. Okay, it's not that notable, but I just wanted to say tremendous gong.

By the way, if you're planning to travel to Asia to see a rock concert, pack yourself a suit because that's how they roll there, as you'll see during the crowd participation segment at the end.

Asia CoverHeat of the Moment and other classics are available on Asia's self-titled debut album.

Thanks to roolback for sharing the video.

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