Face-melting concert photo


Wilco Melts-face at Winter Residency


Impossible Germany

Sun, February 17, 2008

Riviera Theatre

Chicago, IL

Please welcome Bob Ferdman to Jamtopia!

Bob Ferdman Bob is a music fan and one-time writer for Rolling Stone and JamBands.com. In his first post, Bob questions the definition of “face-melting” after I challenged him to find a great Wilco concert video.

There's really only one criteria for submitting a video to Jamtopia. It needs to “melt your face.” But that phrase, like music itself, is subjective.

What does “melt your face” mean?

I remember a certain Grateful Dead show in 1994 that certainly melted my face. It also seemed to melt my legs right into the bleachers.

But now, years later, I don't look for music to necessarily “melt my face” quite like that.

Today for me, face-melting comes down to really good music that makes your body and mind go “whoa” or “holy shit!” or simply “I can't believe how good this is!”

Which brings me to the first band I'm writing about here on Jamtopia, Wilco.

We all know the Wilco story. Born from the break-up of Uncle Tupelo, they've evolved from a simple, beloved alt-country band to probably the best, most revered American band alive today.

And they've now got the musical chops to cross about any genre at any time during any show. For evidence, look no further than their recent “Winter Residency” at the Riv in Chicago where they covered every song they've ever recorded over a five night stand.

Their music expands to new territories when they play it live — though the records are good too — and they've got songs. Songs that will be played years from now on acoustic guitars, in bars, at open-mic nights, on patios and porches, on i-pods and so on.

Lucky for us, they also melt faces.

Thanks to impino26 for posting this video.

Back of Sky Blue Sky Album Cover

Impossible Germany and other Wilco tunes can be found on the album Sky Blue Sky.

Bonus Video: Red-Eyed and Blue / I Got You

Here's another great video from night two of Wilco's “Winter Residency” concerts at Riviera Theatre.

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

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