Face-melting concert photo

Face-Melting Kids Vol. 4: Calvin Prior Shreds

Calvin Prior

Voodoo Chile

Wed, May 28, 2008

Calvin's Place

Brighton, UK

Welcome to Vol. 4 of Face-Melting Kids, our semi-regular series on child prodigies who rock.

When I came across 13 year-old Englishman Calvin Prior on YouTube I knew immediately he was next in line for the Face-Melting Kids series.

In this video Calvin rips up Voodoo Chile which he learned, get this, the day before! And while he might lack the charisma of, say, Matt Rach, he's still darn impressive for a kid who's only been playing for 3 years. (And let's also not forget that Rach is 4 years his senior.)

Photo of Calvin Prior

I have a burning ambition to become one of the top players by the time I'm 18.
Calvin Prior

I was also impressed by his list of influences including a nice range of players from George Benson and Wes Montgomery to Slash and Tom Morello.

Can't wait to see where this kid goes.

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That video of Cal is great to show off his improvisation (he only started learning it the day before the vid was shot) but for something seriously special, check out his ‘Up To Eleven’ on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_tF6xCu6pc

I can’t wait for his band ‘Inland Delta’ to start gigging and releasing albums. I’m 31 and I’d stand in the crowd cheering like a lunatic! ^_^

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