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Phish Festival 8 Halloween Cover Album Teaser

Learn about PHISH 3D: The Movie shot at Festival 8.

99 8 Albums But They'll Play Just One

Click album titles for a free, legal stream.

  1. David Bowie | Hunky Dory
  2. Genesis | The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  3. Jimi Hendrix | Electric Ladyland
  4. King Crimson | Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  5. MGMT | Oracular Spectacular
  6. Prince | Purple Rain
  7. Radiohead | Kid A
  8. Rolling Stones | Exile on Main Street

Introduction: The Phish Halloween Album Teaser (September 28th, 2009)

Today the Festival 8 site on Phish.com was updated with yet another teaser animation, only this time instead of teags sayg the location, they're teasing the Halloween cover album.

The new site features a haunted gallery of 99 albums, each a possibility for the musical costume, and each a possible victim of an unfortunate demise.

A handful of albums have already been killed off, and there should be a lot more killing over the next few weeks as the welcome card promises Phish will “play the last record left alive.”

Gotta admit I was pleased to see both of my top choices — Appetite for Destruction and Exile on Main Street — made the list. Figure Appetite is a long-shot but Exile could have a chance.

Place card for Phish Halloween album teaser

Though I doubt this will be quite as uproar-inducing as the Halloween map, it's sure to keep the Festival 8 buzz going strong. Plus it'll also give you a chance to study up on the remaining possibilities (rumor has it there will be 8 albums left when the fest begins) and get familiar with the material, whatever it may be.

WARNING: Spoilers & speculation below. Proceed at your own risk.

Update: The Grateful Living (September 29th @ 12:11 am)

I'm sure this means nothing, but one eagle-eyed fan has noticed that the Grateful Dead are listed as the “Grateful Living” in the xml config file that's driving the gallery. Hmmm… certainly wouldn't mind if American Beauty is “the last record left alive.”

Update: The Grateful Living Part 2 (September 29th @ 2:41 am)

There's a comment below about the Grateful Dead thing pointing out that the word “living” is used in the xml file to denote albums that are still in the mix. I realized that, but in this case it's not just the <stateofbeing> node that says living, but the <title> node as well.

That said, the reader's comment opened my mind up to a much more likely theory. Someone did a search and replace on that xml file, replacing all occurrences of “dead” with “living” — only they didn't select match case — and so the “Grateful Dead” became the “Grateful living.” Note also the lowercase “l” which I incorrectly noted as an uppercase “L” above.

So in effect, I'm still sure it means nothing… other than that speculating on Phish teaser animations is a great way to waste time.

Update: The Grateful Living Part 3 (September 29th @ 1:36 pm)

The Grateful Dead are now listed correctly in the .xml file. Case closed.

Update: Phish-themed Album Covers (October 6th @ 10:36 pm)

Born to Run Languedoc

Strange things are afoot in the haunted gallery, as a number of album covers have started to get a Phish-themed makeover.

  • Phish are in the sardine can on Hello Nasty
  • The hot dog vendor on Pretzel Logic is sporting a viking hat
  • The Boss is playing a Languedoc
  • Trey and Page are moving a keyboard on Moving Pictures
  • T-Rex is now T-rey
  • Tom Petty is wearing a Phish shirt
  • Mike Gordon has joined the Ramones (added 10/7)
  • Rage Against the Machine is now Page Against the Machine (added 10/9)
  • Fishman is on the cover of Exile on Main Street (added 10/10)
  • Ghost in the Machine is now Story of the Ghost in the Machine (added 10/15)
  • AC/DC Back in Black is now AC/DC Bag (added 10/15)
  • Page is in the rearview mirror on the Minutemen album (added 10/16)
  • Fishman's head has been added to one of the Electric Ladyland ladies (added 10/16)

Just as it was starting to feel really repetitive, this is a great twist to keep things interesting.

Update: Phish-themed Album Covers (October 6th @ 11:36 pm)

Original Blind Faith album cover

A commenter below just inquired if anyone noticed that a “new album” had been added to the gallery

Well it's a new album cover, but not a new album. That's the original cover image from Blind Faith's self-titled debut. Rumor has it the naked young girl is Ginger Baker's daughter, but whoever it is she didn't make the cut. The cover was banned in the USA where it was sold with the “bland, but shopper-friendly, band photo.”

Update: Album YouTube Links (October 7th @ 3:23 pm)

Well this is interesting. Some of the albums in the xml config file have been updated to include YouTube links.

I'll give you one guess how many albums got the special treatment…

  1. AC/DC, Hells Bells from Back in Black
  2. Aerosmith, Sweet Emotion from Toys In The Attic (by Gordon/Kottke)
  3. Arcade Fire, Wake Up from Funeral
  4. David Bowie, Oh You Pretty Things from Hunky Dory
  5. David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust from Five Years Live
  6. Led Zeppelin, Going to California from Zeppelin IV
  7. The Band, Up On Cripple Creek from The Band
  8. Clash, Clampdown from London Calling

I sure hope these aren't the finalist because they seem to have forgotten GNR :)

Update: Festival 8 Numerology (October 7th @ 7:17 pm)

Just came across some interesting numerology observations from PTer Sixtwenty294.

8 ball
  • Moving Pictures is Rush's 8th album
  • Escape is Journey's 8th album
  • Kiss Alive II is Kiss's 8th album
  • Tonight's the Night is Neil Young's 8th album
  • Goodbye yellow brick road is Elton John's 8th album (including a live album)
  • Hot Rats is Frank Zappa's 8th album (including comilations) Thx Jeff G.

Plus, they changed 8 album covers — Blind Faith, T.Rex, Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Ramones, Steely Dan, Rush, and Tom Petty. And as noted above, 8 albums have videos.

That's a whole lot of eights. Nice work Sixtwenty294.

Update: Albums with 8 Songs (October 8th @ 12:11 am)

Got some more 8's thanks to a comment from Bryan Lasky — the albums with 8 songs

  • Boston | Boston
  • Bruce Springsteen | Born To Run
  • Black Sabbath | Paranoid
  • Metallica | Master Of Puppets
  • Led Zeppelin | IV (Zoso)
  • Pixies | Come On Pilgrim
  • Van Morrison | Astral Weeks
  • Television | Marquee Moon
  • Leonard Cohen | I'm Your Man (eliminated)

Update: YouTube Links Part 2 & 8 Letter Names (October 8th @ 4:55 pm)

A few things to note here. 

First, the mis-linked Arcade Fire and Clash videos from yesterday were updated in the xml. Plus, a bunch of additional video links were added some time today. These include…

  1. Frank Zappa, Cosmik Debris from Apostrophe
  2. Led Zeppelin, Misty Mountain Hop from Zeppelin IV
  3. Metallica, Master of Puppets from Master of Puppets
  4. Minutemen, Jesus And Tequila from Double Nickels On The Dime
  5. Nirvana, Lithium from Nevermind
  6. Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb from The Wall
  7. Radiohead, Everything In Its Right Place from Kid A
  8. Rush, YYZ from Moving Pictures
  9. Violent Femmes, Blister In The Sun from Violent Femmes
  10. Yes, I've Seen All Good People from The Yes Album

Next, if you've been enjoying the numbers game and were miffed that there were 10 new videos and not 8, there's a comment from Lorenzo below that I think you'll like — it's the artists on the list with 8 letter names

  • Bob Dylan
  • Bob Seger
  • Brian Eno
  • Firehose
  • Pavement

Update: Electric Ladyland Album Cover (October 8th @ 8:13 pm)

Official Electric Ladyland album cover
Original Electric Ladyland album cover
Linda Eastman Hendrix Experience Alice in Wonderland

Here's an update for the dudes in the front row, and this one actually is riveting.

The official Electric Landyland album cover (left) has been replaced with the original UK cover (center) featuring a harem of late sixties babes. Once again, banned in the USA and elsewhere.

Notably, Hendrix didn't want this cover or the blurry red and yellow mugshot. Instead he'd requested they use a Linda Eastman photo (right) of the Experience sitting with some kids on the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. Given a vote, I'd have chosen the babes.

Update: Links to Album Streams (October 9th @ 12:52 pm)

For your listening pleasure, I've stated linking up some of the albums below to free, legal streams on Grooveshark. Unfortunately most of their playlists are incomplete or have tons of duplicates, so you basically need to create each one by hand which is time consuming.

That said, if anyone's feeling ambitious and wants to take on an album or two it'd be greatly appreciated. Just shoot me an email or post a comment with the playlist link.

Update: Fall Tour Dates Announced (October 9th @ 10:32 am)

Nothing to do with albums or 8's, but Fall Tour Dates have been announced.

Update: Video Links Part 3 (October 9th @ 1:30 pm)

Got another handful of additional video links that were added some time today. These include…

  1. Blind Faith, Can't Find My Way Home from Blind Faith
  2. Genesis, In the Cage from Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
  3. Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced from Are You Experienced
  4. King Crimson, Talking Drum from Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  5. Van Morrison, Cyprus Avenue from Astral Weeks

Update: Albums with Horns (October 13th @ 12:31 am)

The rumor mill is rapidly churning with the notion that there will be horns at Festival 8, presumably for the musical costume. Here's a list of albums you might be hearing if that rumor pans out…

  • Bruce Springsteen | Born To Run
  • Curtis Mayfield | Superfly Soundtrack
  • Chicago | The Chicago Transit Authority
  • David Bowie | Ziggy Stardust
  • Frank Zappa | Apostrophe
  • Frank Zappa | Hot Rats
  • Michael Jackson | Thiller
  • Miles Davis | A Tribute To Jack Johnson
  • Pink Floyd | The Wall
  • Radiohead | Kid A
  • Steely Dan | Pretzel Logic
  • T.Rex | Electric Warrior
  • Rolling Stones | Exile on Main Street
  • Rolling Stones | Sticky Fingers
  • The Band | The Band (aka Brown Album)
  • The Clash | London Calling
  • The Police | Ghost in the Machine

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

Meanwhile, I'm generally averse to Hitler but the video above cracks me up every time so I'm just embedding to avoid having to go to YouTube — and for the 3 people who still haven't seen it.

Update: Mike's Hotline Hint & more (October 13th @ 11:15 pm)

A few things to report, aside from the fact that CCR, ZZ Top, and the Ramones were killed off today.

First, Mike's hotline is offering a very Gordonesque “hint” at the Halloween album — singing a line from the chorus of the Go-Gos Out Lips Are Sealed. Personally I prefer the Hilary / Haley Duff version. Hear Mike for yourself at 212-330-9092. 

Added 10/14 @ 5:45 pm Lots of message board chatter that lips could be a thinly veiled Stones reference. 

Added 10/19 @ 8:23 pm “Our lips are sealed” is a lyric in the song Elevation by Television. Coincidence?

Second, I've started a gallery of Festival 8 posters that's already got great art by folks like AJ Masthay, Jamie Huntsman, and Not Pollock. 

Finally, I'm doing a Series II Page bobblehead giveaway. This one features Page as The Chairman of the Boards, my favorite of all the bobbles so far.

Page McConnell Phish Bobblehead

Update: Phish Festivalography on Sirius (October 14th @ 12:10 am)

Not sure if I'm late to the game on this but I just got wind of a cool sounding show on Sirius called “Phish Festivalography.” It's a four part series starting Thursday the 15th at 9:00 pm Eastern (with replay at 2 am).

Hosted by Jonathan Schwartz from “Gone Phishin',” the exclusive series will cover Phish's festival history in words and music. Sounds promising.

Festivalography Downloads

Update: Miner's Case for Ziggy Stardust (October 14th @ 3:00 pm)

Spiders from Mars Fleece

Mr. Miner over at Phish thoughts has made the case for Ziggy Stardust:

For the elaborate theatrics and space-aged costumes alone, Ziggy Stardust would make a superb spectacle for the Halloween set. But beyond the glamorous show this album could provide, the music and lyrics of Bowie’s record fit perfectly with Phish’s place in time.

Read Miner's full post for more.

In other news, Zeppelin IV was just eliminated! Kinda figured that one would stick around for a while but alas, it's gone.

Update: The Album Elimination Set (October 14th @ 5:15 pm)

Got what I think might be a fun concept that revolves around the premise / rumor that there will be 8 albums left at Festival time.

Imagine you have just woken up from a dream. In that dream you were at Festival 8 and the band threw a major curve-ball 2nd set Friday, eliminating albums by playing 6 covers plus a cover encore — one from each of the 7 albums NOT being played.

So for example, in my dream it might look something like this:

  1. Detroit Rock City (Kiss)
  2. Communication Breakdown (Zeppelin)
  3. Poem 58 (Chicago)
  4. Counting Out Time (Genesis)
  5. Every Little Thing She Does (Police)
  6. Rip this Joint (Stones)
  7. Encore: Paradise City (GNR)

Stream a compilation of this fake set

Notably, I mixed and matched what I'd want them to play with what I think they'd play, which I think makes a huge difference, and is probably how a real dream would unfold.

Also note that I believe it's highly unlikely that they'll eliminate the final albums this way*, but given this concept, what would they play in your dream? Post a comment below once you've given it some thought.

* My insane hypothesis here, in case you were wondering, is that they will have a real life version of the haunted gallery. This will be designed by the guy who did the installations at Hampton and Bonnaroo. Throughout the first two days of the fest actors will come in and kill these larger than life covers with real chainsaws, hatchets, spurting blood, etc. The final 3 or so will be killed on stage in a theatrical experience immediately preceding the costume set Saturday.

Update: The Dead are Dead (October 14th @ 8:50 pm)

Crying Dancing Bear

Oh man, you step away for a few hours and they go and kill off the good ol' Grateful Dead. I didn't think for a second they were going to play this, but I wouldn't have complained. For those who were hoping for this one, the only solace I have to offer is this: Terrapin from Virginia Beach '98. Enjoy.

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

Update: Bands with 4 Members (October 15th @ 12:40 am)

Here's an interesting observation from Greg below: all the bands phish has covered have been 4 members (at one point or another). If that trend continues, here's who you might hear:

  • Black Sabbath
  • Blind Faith
  • Boston (technically)
  • Genesis (v1.0)
  • Kiss
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Metalica
  • Modern Lovers
  • Pink Floyd
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • Television
  • The Clash
  • The Doors
  • The Pixies
  • U2
  • Van Halen
  • Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

Greg goes on to jokingly note, “That's 16 bands left. 2 weeks left. 16 divided by 2 is 8!!!!!” Fascinating. Just added the Clash and there are now 17 bands in the list rendering Greg's joke humorless.

Update: Handicapping the Albums (October 16th @ 9:40 am)

I don't think anyone's actually keeping books, but Eric Wyman and Matt Dubno have been handicapping the remaining albums. Here are a few of their picks:

  • Sticky Fingers | Matt @ 20:1, Eric @ 3:2
  • Exile on Main Street | Matt @ 25:1, Eric @ 12:1
  • Moving Pictures | Matt @ 25:1, Eric @ 25:1
  • Hot Rats | Matt @ 12:1, Eric @ 75:1
  • Electric Ladyland | Matt @ 8:1, Eric @ 3:1

See more handicapping action at 99 Halloweens.

Update: The Campground Albums (October 16th @ 11:50 am)

So this latest rumor has been circulating a bit but the din finally got loud enough that I've decided to post it. People are now saying that there will be 8 campgrounds at Festival 8, one for each of the finalist albums. Here's the rumored list…

  1. David Bowie | Hunky Dory
  2. Genesis | The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway | SBD
  3. Jimi Hendrix | Electric Ladyland
  4. King Crimson | Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  5. MGMT | Oracular Spectacular
  6. Prince | Purple Rain
  7. Radiohead | Kid A
  8. Rolling Stones | Exile on Main Street

I'd take it for what it is, a rumor, but that list pretty well thought out. As I'm sure is the case for most folks, there's a few of my favorites (Stones, Jimi, Genesis), a few I'm not so big on (Radiohead, MGMT), a few I could go either way on (Bowie, Prince), and one I've yet to hear (King Crimson).

Crowd favorite Ziggy Stardust is noticeably absent, leading some to speculate that they'll play a non-campground album. But I'm not so sure as that would mean they'd be playing an album that was previously eliminated, a concept that didn't go over so well with California on the teaser map.

Finally, I saw a great suggestion on another board — the band could go around the campsites late-night and serenade each with a performance of a few tunes from their respective albums. That's probably about the only thing that would make me question my hotel decision, but time will tell.

Update: Much on the Horizon at 8 (October 16th @ 4:40 pm)

The Festival 8 site has been updated with a slew of new festival info, summarized below. I didn't think it was possible to be more excited, but I was wrong.

  • The Overlook

    Concert field overlook, Bloody Mary bar, movie / sports viewing, 100 foot Ferris Wheel, and an internet cafe (plus the entire area will have WiFi)
  • The Coil

    Multiple art installations, interactive works galore, and fire artists after dark
  • House of Live Phish

    Mix and re-mix your own custom LivePhish tracks, then share them online. Plus LivePhish sampler and immediately show releases on microSD cards
  • Beers, Beers, Beers

    Over 50 different beers including a custom “FOAM” pulsner from Sierra Nevada
  • Kuroda Light Installation

    Custom light installations around the festival site from everyone's favorite LD
  • The Bunny

    Tons of music and up to the minute reports on 95.9 FM including 3 archive shows from Shapiro
  • Horseshoe Tournament

    Apparently they do this at every festival, but I've never seen it
  • Custom Donuts

    Sunday morning donuts will be commemoratively shaped in a figure eight
  • Farmer's Market

    Locally produced fruits, veggies, honey, cheese, eggs, bread and more, plus an organic cafe

Update: The Killer Album Theory (October 16th @ 6:20 pm)

Okay. Here's a theory (not mine) that's either totally obvious or totally out-there, or perhaps a little bit of both.

Let it Bleed Album Cover

The obvious part of the theory (or at least already been discussed here and there) is that the Halloween album is not actually on the list.

The out-there part is that the 100th album is actually the murderer — the one doing all the killing — and that album would be, pun intended, Let it Bleed… the Stones 8th album.

Look forward to your comments on this one.

Hat tip to Cassidy B. for the theory.

Update: Ryan Kerrigan's 8 Balls, David Welker Scratchboard (October 17th @ 5:49 pm)

Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball

Just added some great stuff to the Festival 8 poster gallery including a set of hand-painted 8 balls by Ryan Kerrigan and an incredible scratchboard piece by David Welker (who also did the Rift cover).

If this is any indication of the type of stuff people will be slinging at the Festival, I might just need an extra suitcase. 

Nice work gents.

Update: Pictures at an Exhibition (October 18th @ 11:16 am)

A few followup thoughts to the 100th album theory have emerged in the comment thread below, including one comment from ben who suggests Alice Cooper's 1971 album Killer as the 100th album, noting also that Alice is playing in town on the 30th.

ELP Pictures at an Exhibition

Second, and perhaps more intriguing, is this comment from stealingtime about ELP's 1971 album Pictures at an Exhibition

I doubt they'd play this, as the album has hardly any guitar (listen here) but man does that album cover bear striking resemblance to the Phish gallery or what?

Update: Vendor Map of Festival Grounds (October 19th @ 5:30 pm)

Update removed. Sorry.

Update: Upper Playground / Sonic Living “Day 1” (October 19th @ 10:15 pm)

Upper Playground / Sonic Living Festival 8
Upper Playground / Sonic Living Festival 8

Upper Playground / Sonic Living Festival 8

Came across this link on PhishPosters.com tonight. I'm not familiar with either Upper Playground or Sonic Living, both of whom have logos on these, but someone on PhishPosters is guessing that these are Festival 8 laminate designs. 

These aren't quite as cool as past laminates if that's the case, though there's plenty of cool stuff in the UP news feed like this brilliant photo gallery of an urban narcolepsy epidemic.

Update: 10:38 pm Interesting. There's a poster gallery on the Sonic Living site that includes these images, sans text. The guitar gun is by Jeremy Fish, the cityscape by Marco Zamora, and the bike by Sam Flores.

Despite the update, I'm still not sure what the examples above are supposed to be . Post a comment if you have any ideas.

Update: Seeking photos from Phish fans (October 21st  @ 1:18 pm)

Local Indio paper The Desert Sun is looking for great photos from past Phish festivals. See here for details and an email address to send pics.

Update: Festival 8 to be Filmed in 3D (October 21st  @ 2:04 pm)

3D glasses

I heard this rumor from a pretty reliable source last week, but this recent PT post seems to confirm it: Festival 8 will be filmed in 3D! Pretty sure that doesn't mean a simulcast, but it could mean a sweet ass IMAX film down the road along the lines of U2 3D or my other favorite band, the Jonas Brothers.

Update: Burble & Borealis (October 22nd @ 5:22 pm)

Here are two of the amazing interactive sculptures that might be melting your face at Festival 8…


Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

A spectacular, futuristic sculpture of helium-filled balloons packed with LEDs and infrared sensors that floats above spectators in response to infra-red signals and its immediate environment.


Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

A mirage-like installation that glows with colours and ebullient patterns created in response to the competing and collaborative voices, music and screams of people nearby.

Update: Behold the Plasma Cutter (October 23rd @ 5:00 pm)

Here's some more neat stuff the likes of which you just might see at Festival 8. It's two amazing metal sculptures from the portfolio of San Francisco based Dan Das Mann. As you can see, he's not only a genius with the plasma cutter, but also knows a thing or two about melting faces.

The One Tree

The One Tree by Dan Das Mann

The Faces of the Man

The Faces of the Man by Dan Das Mann

Update: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings @ F8? (October 24th @ 10:30 pm)

Here's a rumor that, if true, has been of the better kept secrets of this whole affair.

As posted in this comment, word is Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings will join Phish for the musical costume at Festival 8.

The video at right should give you a good idea of Ms. Jones's superb vocals and the Dap-Kings funk / soul musical stylings.

No complaints from this guy if this is legit, which I believe it be. Especially if it means an Exile on Main Street (or Let it Bleed) costume.

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

Update: Colossal Testaments in Steel and Stone (October 25th @ 3:00 pm)

Here's a trio of large-scale sculptures from Rosanna Scimeca, another artist you might be seeing at 8. According to her site, Rosanna likes to “explore how the observer may interface, interact, and identify with her installations.” Yeah, I can give her a preview: they're going bug out.

Cleavage in Space

Rosanna Scimeca scuplture

The Sirens

Rosanna Scimeca scuplture

Zephyrus' Disglomerate

Rosanna Scimeca scuplture

Update: Pollock Halloween Mask + HeadCount Trivia Contest (October 26th @ 1:45 pm)

Today Jambands.com posted information about a Pollock Halloween mask to be available at the WaterWheel table gallery throughout Festival 8. Plus, HeadCount will be running a trivia contest and the grand prize winner will get an uncut sheet of masks with a  one-of-kind Pollock doodle.

Sample trivia question: “What town does Trey Anastasio, John Popper of Blues Traveler and Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors all hale from?”

Pollock Festival 8 Teaser

There's also the recently surfaced image at right, which I believe to be a teaser for a Pollock Festival 8 poster, though I'm not 100% on that. 

Poster or not, can't wait to see the mask! In the mean time, here's a growing Festival 8 poster gallery.

Update: Stage Photo & Viewing Platform Sketch (October 26th @ 6:45 pm)

Today Twitter user @BathtubGym posted what I believe to be the first pic of the stage setup, as well as a sketch of the viewing platform for the Dan Das Mann installation.

Stage from Behind

Festival 8 Stage

Viewing Platform

Festival 8 Viewing Platform

I'm sure I'll say this ten times over the next 2 days, but I can't believe I just got MORE excited.

Update: Festival 8 to be Simulcast Live on Sirus (October 26th @ 9:54 pm)

This just in: all 8 sets of Festival 8 including the musical costume and acoustic set will be simulcast live on JamOn, channel 17 on SIRIUS!!!

Not a subscriber? Good news… you can sign up for a free trial and hear the simulcast without spending a dime. Huge thanks to whoever is responsible for arranging this. Jam On!


Update: They Have Created Fire (October 27th @ 1:56 am)

If you're anything like me, you're somehow riveted by fire — and you'll definitely be making it a point to see this six-pack fire artists rumored to be appearing at Festival 8:


Nate Smith

  Nate Smith fire art   

Vance Cearley

  Vance Cearley fire art

Orion Fredericks

  Orion Fredericks fire art       

Patrick Shearn

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

Charlie Smith

  Charlie Smith fire art   

Justin Gray

 Justin Gray fire art

I think it was Beavis who said it best, “Yeah, fire is cool!”

Update: Leave the Galoshes at Home (October 27th @ 6:38 pm)

In case there's any confusion about how amazing the weather is in Indio…

Click for Indio, California Forecast

Update: Glitches, XML fun, & Gordon's Hotline (October 28th @ 1:18 pm)

The Wall

Looks like there was some sort of glitch in the album teaser on Phish.com for a bit when Apostrophe was killed — as the gallery was only showing living albums, and the Wall and Exile had gone missing. All seems back to normal now, though the Wall is indeed dead as seen at right.

Also appears that someone's having some fun with the xml file — with Michael Jackson changing to “Michael Jackson Is Alive“ and Yes changing to “Yes Yes Yes Yes.“ — but I'm not reading into either of those too much.

Speaking of having fun, Gordon's hotline (212-330-9092) has had two recent updates, the latest playing off the 100th album theories that are floating around.

And last but not least, I just checked into my flight for tomorrow. If anyone's on Southwest from Chicago at 12:35, hit me up for a free drink coupon. I'll be the dork carrying the poster tube.

Update: Jamtopia Meetup | Friday. Setbreak. Picnic Area. (October 28th @ 4:18 pm)

Jamtopia Meetup

Okay, let's make this thing official.

After extensive reviews of the map and comments, I believe the best time and place to meet is setbreak on Friday at the picnic area. It's at the back of the concert field Page side.

That way if people want to hit the Honey Bucket or grab food or drinks or whatever it's all convenient.

Update: Get a FREE scoop of Ben & Jerry's (October 28th @ 5:24 pm)

Jamtopia Meetup

I just got an email from Ben & Jerry's with some great news.

In addition to being huge fans of Jamtopia, Vermont's finest ice cream purveyors will be offering free scoops of Phish Food at Festival 8.

All you have to do is “particip8” in a social action with one of the charities at the WaterWheel booth (e.g. sign a petition, make a donation) to get your free delights.


Update: More Stage Photos (October 28th @ 6:25 pm)

Got some more stage pics, this time from Twitter user @briankarol:

Festival 8 Stage empty
Festival 8 Viewing Stage with speakers

I'm thinking they need more speakers!

Update: Festival 8 Wristband (October 29th @ 12:11 am)

Festival 8 wristband

I'm not sure if this is a staff wristband or just the standard issue, but either way it looks pretty sweet sauce. If the production values of this wristband are any indication this is really going to be one hell of a shindig.

Meanwhile, as I write this, Van Morrison and Zeppelin were killed off. Only 9 remain. Can't get there soon enough.

Update: Festival 8 Shout-out on Conan (October 29th @ 8:08 am)

Well this is surreal. Masterfully bearded Phish fan Rob Howard was in the Late Night crowd yesterday and got interviewed by Conan to “promote Phish.”

As you'll see when you watch the video, Conan had a little something extra planned to help get the word out about Festival 8.

Props to Rob for representing Phish — and the great state of Illinois :)

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

Update: Finally on My Way (October 29th @ 10:00 am)

Well I'm just about to take off for the airport. This has been an amazing 30+ days tracking the album teaser and I'm almost sad to see it end. Thank you all for your awesome participation: coming up with crazy numerology, alerting me to updates, and just waxing philosophical in the comments.

As soon as I land I'll start up a new post with updates and recaps from the Festival. Hope to keep the great comments going there, so I'll be having a giveaway — a little something that's sure to light up any room. I think you'll like it.

Update 7pm: New Festival 8 Recap post is live.

Update: Phish to Play Exile on Main Street (October 31th @ 3:00 pm)

The Phishbill is out and it's been confirmed, Phish will be dressing up as the Rolling Stones and covering Exile on Main Street tonight.

More coverage on the way at the Festival 8 Recap post. Hope to see you there.

Dead Phish Halloween Cover Albums (Chronological)

  1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers | Damn The Torpedoes
  2. Medeski, Martin & Wood | Shack Man
  3. Huey Lewis And The News | Sports
  4. Talking Heads | Fear Of Music
  5. Leonard Cohen | I’m Your Man
  1. Velvet Underground | Velvet Underground And Nico
  2. The Who | Who’s Next
  3. The Beatles | Rubber Soul
  4. White Stripes | Elephant
  5. Ween | White Pepper
  1. Fleetwood Mac | Rumours
  2. Primus | Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
  3. Allman Brothers Band | Eat A Peach
  1. Manu Chao | Clandestino
  2. Pavement | Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
  1. The Roots | Phronology
  2. Tom Waits | Rain Dogs
  3. Eagles | Hotel California
  4. Jane’s Addiction | Ritual de Lo Habitual
  5. BeeGees | Saturday Night Fever
  1. fIREHOSE | Flyin’ the Flannel
  2. X | Los Angeles
  1. Peter Gabriel | So
  1. Bob Seger | Against The Wind
  2. David Bowie | Scary Monsters
  3. Elvis Costello | This Year’s Model
  4. Bob Dylan & the Band | The Basement Tapes
  1. Neil Young | Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  1. Duran Duran | Rio
  2. Michael McDonald | If That’s What It Takes
  3. Pink Floyd | Meddle
  1. John Lennon | Plastic Ono Band
  2. Pork Tornado | Pork Tornado
  1. Queen | A Night At The Opera
  2. The Beach Boys | Pet Sounds
  1. Arcade Fire | Funeral
  2. Wilco | Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  3. Violent Femmes | Violent Femmes
  4. Hall & Oates | Private Eyes
  1. The Ramones | Ramones
  2. ZZ Top | Tres Hombes
  3. Creedence Clearwater Revival |  Green River
  1. Aerosmith | Toys In The Attic
  2. Led Zeppelin | IV (Zoso)
  3. Grateful Dead | American Beauty
  4. Devo | Freedom of Choice
  1. Eric Clapton | 461 Ocean Blvd
  2. U2 | Joshua Tree
  3. Journey | Escape
  4. Pearl Jam | Ten
  1. The Doors | The Doors
  2. Rush | Moving Pictures
  1. Love | Forever Changes
  2. Guns & Roses | Appetite For Destruction
  3. Beastie Boys | Hello Nasty
  1. KISS | Alive II
  2. Bob Dylan | Blood On the Tracks
  3. Jimi Hendrix | Are You Experienced?
  1. Blind Faith | Blind Faith
  2. Pixies | Come On Pilgrim
  3. The Band | The Band (aka Brown Album)
  4. Metallica | Master Of Puppets
  1. Frank Zappa | Hot Rats
  2. Miles Davis | A Tribute To Jack Johnson
  3. Rage Agaist The Machine | Evil Empire
  4. The Police | Ghost In The Machine
  1. Curtis Mayfield | Superfly Soundtrack
  2. Steely Dan | Pretzel Logic
  3. Neil Young | Tonight’s The Night
  1. Van Halen | Van Halen
  1. Modern Lovers | The Modern Lovers
  2. Brian Eno | Before And After Science
  3. The Clash | London Calling
  4. Nirvana | Nevermind
  1. Black Sabbath | Paranoid
  2. Boston | Boston
  3. AC/DC | Back In Black
  1. Rolling Stones | Sticky Fingers
  2. Elton John | Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  3. T.Rex | Electric Warrior
  4. Chicago | The Chicago Transit Authority
  5. Minutemen | Double Nickels On The Dime
  1. Television | Marquee Moon
  2. Bruce Springsteen | Born To Run
  1. Frank Zappa | Apostrophe
  2. Yes | The Yes Album
  3. David Bowie | Ziggy Stardust
  1. Led Zeppelin | Zeppelin I
  2. Van Morrison | Astral Weeks
  1. Michael Jackson | Thriller

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ziggy just bit the dust, stardust to be exact

Ziggy got DUSTED!!!

Anybody else want to weigh in on the supposed confirmation of King Crimson via Bands That Jam?


i can’t wait.  heading to stay at a friend’s house near JFK.  flying out on virgin at 9:30 to LAX. see you all there.  hoping for bowie or stones.  be good and travel safely.

I’m with Ficus, Hoping for Graceland, with a great horn section.  Can’t see the costume much though…

My guess is that as someone posted earlier the top eight will all have one song played from them.

The final three I believe will be Ziggy Stardust, Exile on Main Street and Thriller.

I think they will do a tripped out Harpua/Frankenstein with a Michael Jackson is alive theme before going into Thriller with half of the audience psyched and the other half bummed, before cutting out and saying “PSYCH”.  They will then play Exile on Mainstreet in it’s entirety with accompaniment from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.  I think there is a great chance a song from Astral Weeks gets covered during Sundays acoustic jam.  It’s anyone’s bet now but I think Bowie and the Stones are the favorites now that Zappa bit the dust.

is it just me, or is one of the ladies in the new/original Ladyland cover holding Ziggy sideways?

An idea about Mike’s message… could there be a double album, in which they kill the 1st part of it, but they play the 2nd part?

A comment about Thriller… this would be my least favorite out of all of them left, but would still be fun.  Its a costume - which could reveal their inner character, or could just be whimsical.  I’d rather see Thriller this year (because its timely) than any other year.  That way, I could dismiss it as whimsy.  The biggest downside for Thriller IMO, is that it could possibly attract people who do not get Phish.  In addition, I grew up with MJ and other pop stars, but once I discovered The Who in high school, the Grateful Dead (and Phish) in college, I did not turn back.  Soooo (although my next words might not be perfectly chosen), I would feel a little betrayed if Phish decided to go in what would appear to be a more commercial direction.

Finally, no offense to anyone, but I will not participate in this Flash Mob BS.  I am going to a phish festival and plan to dance my ass off any time I want to (like, ALL the time), and the only people I will listen to to do something is the band itself.  Sorry, but I just do not think that that is the right thing to be trying to do at a Phish show.

Listening to Purple Rain right now and imagining Fishman singing “The Beautiful Ones.” That would be awesome! Even if you don’t think so, give Let’s go Crazy a listen and get pumped up for what’s coming!

Seriously though…I know Trey has referenced Exile when talking about his reasons for building the barn in VT and wanting to recreate that vibe for the band. He thinks a lot of that album. That’s truly the one I’m hoping for, all speculation aside.

Thanks Todd for this site and all the good people posting all these weeks…has made me very happy to be going and sharing in the groove!
I just relistened to my first show…HORDE tour 93 in Richmond, VA and they opened with 2001…blew me away then and I can’t wait to feel that feeling again this weekend. Safe travels everyone…keep it between the lines!

The twitpic that Todd linked to definitely shows the “oil derrick light platforms” in the stage area that the leaked map mentioned…


interesting, but i’d say there there will be very few casual fans. If you live in L.A. and know who phish is, you are by definition, not casual.  Sure there will be some party kidz there, but all my phriends that live in SoCal are as old skool as they come and trek’d all the way to Big C and Coventry and MSG, way back when, faithfully.  My guess would be that there will be relatively few “local’s” going.  Colorado and San Francisco might be sending more then LA and San Diego.  I’m hearing ~60k; My guess was 50 at best.  Anyone hear different?
of course, I have no real clue what I’m talking about, but giving how low the attendance numbers have always been for Shoreline/LA and any other SoCal venue, I think i’m close.

I can see it now….an army of Jamtopia Todds wandering the grounds…

@matt from chicago - re: did anyone remeber the post where i typed that they had aready learned the lamb and then decided to play quadrophenia

I do.  You and I were early advocates of the Lamb.  I had heard that they learned Joe’s Garage, but changed last minute to Quad.

Lamb would be my favorite… but methinks it’s a stretch given how few of us old Genesis fans can still make a trip like this.  Exile makes the most sense. KC would be awesome, but I haven’t heard anyone answer my questions about how in hell they do all the violin parts on that LP.

If they do cover Lamb, then they will be by far the coolest band to ever exist and my phishhead passion will leap into the stratosphere.  That is such a great LP, it was Genesis’ peak.  I’d almost feel a personal sense of pride if they covered it.  God, I love this band.

Anyone have a link to the Festival map?  I CANT FIND ONE!

@Jeff Schwartz

But here is an amendment to that - They actually start playing “Wanna Be Starting Something” the first track of Thriller to trick the audience then stop playing that and bust into the real cover album, whatever that may be.  Now, that would be a good trick.

They did that!  On 10/31/95 the song started playing over the speakers as the band was coming out for Set II.  Then they launched into Quadrophenia.

Similarly, they began playing “Breathe/Speak to Me” over the speakers at the beginning of 10/31/94 Set II, which then cut into the Ed Sullivan intro for the Beatles. 

I don’t recall a similar fake-out at ‘96 Halloween.

In ‘98 there was no gimmick…they actually handed out Phishbills and announced the tracklist for Loaded.


- Markah

I am voting for Let it Bleed.
But whatever it is it won’t matter. 
Every show this year has been better than the last.  Hampton then Fenway then Mansfield then Hartford.  That second set at Hartford was the best I have heard yet.  Can;t wait.

Thanks man for helping me waste many hours of my life.  You should have a checklist for each of the fifty types of beer and we will take turns buying your way through the checklist over the weekend.

Astral Weeks with Sharon Jones on vocals and a flautist.

Where did you get that map, what am I missing?


This will be my first festival, but it won’t be easy. I live in California, but it’s still a 500 drive. I hope my festival n00bishness doesn’t ruin your weekend…oh, and I’ve only been seeing the band since ‘92.

“I might turn off comment moderation during my flight.”

All Hell’s gonna break loose!!!!

@Jeff in LA

Great minds think alike!!!(re:my previous post)

They’re gonna be startin something alright!


Mike must be masterminding this.

or undermining it!!!! AGGGGgggggghhhhgaghahahaha

Here’s another teaser pic of the festival grounds from @tmeyeratplay...


Hot damn, look at that finely manicured lawn!

Trick:  They play one tune from each of the final 8 on Halloween.  Starting with “Time to Pretend”.
Treat:  Acoustic Astral Weeks on Sunday

@phunguy - No problem, I just can’t believe how hyper sensitive everyone in these parts have been, I have been going through pains to make it ‘not personal’.  I’ve unbunched my panties…

But this does speak to a larger point,  its safe to assume that since this festival is within an hour’s drive of the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the US, that there are alot of attendee’s that are going that would not have gone to any of the previous festivals.  I just can’t help but sense that there are going to be a larger percentage of ‘casual’ fans at this festival.  If you’ve been to prior festival’s… this was not the case, the majority of people there went through great pains to go… the festival was only attractive to people willing to put up with the trip to go.  (Okay, you could argue that cypress was convenient for residents in south florida… but the ‘la boca vista’ crowd wasn’t really in attendance there).

This one is a bit different in that everyone who’s ever been to Coachella can make a case for going to the Phish festival (Coachella is a blast… let’s go to this too!).  I’m not saying if that’s good or bad…. just different.  I’ll reserve judgement until after the fest whether it was good or bad. 

But based on the number of people hoping for the ‘Top 40’, ‘pop culture’ commercially successful LP’s (MJ, Prince, MGMT,Kiss, etc…);  I can’t help but think there’s alot of ‘non-hardcore’ fans going.  If they’d have e

did anyone remeber the post where i typed that they had aready learned the lamb and then decided to play quadrophenia

the killer album= Paul Simon’s Graceland

@gaber re: i’m gonna make a JAMTOPIA t-shirt and write TODD on the back so people buy me free beers all wknd!  ;)

If you do this I will be the first to buy you a beer.

@PiNT re: will the site post updates after you get on your flight?  Or are we ‘on our own’ after tomorrow at noon?

I’m still trying to figure this out.

I might turn off comment moderation during my flight.

I’ve also got a new post for the actual Festival recap that’ll probably go live some time tomorrow. Will be similar in nature to my past recaps with setlists, videos, aud/sbd links, etc.


Phorgive me, I was responding to this overbroad generalism:

It seems the ‘I hope its Thriller’ crowd seems to post thier messages late, indicating they are more ‘west coast’ residents (and perhaps going to this show because it’s a relatively short drive.

The “there’s no way its Thriller” voices seem to post earlier and be from the East coast (myself included), and may be more familiar with the band over a long time.”
Does that NOT imply if you are posting from the West Coast you are likely less familiar with the band?
If you are “more familiar”, as most that even read this blog likely are, then you should realized that PHISH can play anything, and “there’s no way…” is just wrong.  I don’t want Thriller, but if that was what they played, i’m sure it would be awesome.  I guess one could say the same thing for MGMT as I think they would only put on a costume that was Phish worthy.  (It’s not).  If I was placing a bet, it would be for Ziggy, but King C is making a Dark Horse late push…

Sorry your panties were bunched, I’m just smack talking

JUST FIGURED OUT MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME! i’m gonna make a JAMTOPIA t-shirt and write TODD on the back so people buy me free beers all wknd!  ;)

26 minute “Beat It” soundcheck?

@TEDFTED: No one consulted me and asked my opinion!!!Phish needs to ask ME what they should play!

Allister from Chicago….

Almost all Phish songs are covers???  U are a moron.  You obviously only know their covers….

Tony from Chicago || Oct. 28, 2009 at 02:33 PM | #

Instead of 2 albums I think that this is a reference to Thriller…the one album they started playing…with beat it and never finished.


Well, this could also apply to Led Zeppelin I - they play Good Times Bad Times, but have never finished the album.

I’d be happy with any of the albums left except forThriller, but really I just want to see them play HARPUA!!!

what pills are you on that makes you think a majority of phish songs are covers. Yes the do play quite a few covers but a majority your nuts.
hopes its Ladyland land in the end voodoo child would be nuts

@Tony at Chicago

You may have something with Thriller being started.  I thought it would be funny if Phish gave a nod to their first ever show where they got drowned out by Thriller and for the Halloween set they played “Fire” or something from their first show over the PA system and then came on stage to play Thriller, thus drowning themselves out a la their first show.

But here is an amendment to that - They actually start playing “Wanna Be Starting Something” the first track of Thriller to trick the audience then stop playing that and bust into the real cover album, whatever that may be.  Now, that would be a good trick.

My folks are huge Yes fans, so a bit bummed about that death, but it was to be expected.

Less than 24 hours till I am in the f’n desert.


Just to recap…

There are now only 5 albums not listed on what seems to be a more and more legitimate map…

Zep 1
Astral Weeks

If the map really is legit, then one of these five is the next to go.  I’m betting it’s Astral Weeks.  Any takers?

The Wall is missing from the full chronological list of killed albums on this site.  I now know which musical costume Todd will be playing Halloween night. :-)

As a Phish 1.0 Chicago to SF transplant with 3 fests in my belt (Went, Big Cypress, Coventry), I have to say that Thriller speculation/hopes is not limited to “casual” fans.  On the other hand, there are a LOT of folks calling for Thriller locally, far more then the proportions I see represented in these boards. 

It’s the biggest selling pop/rock album of all time—thus cannot be summarily dismissed.  And if you think only “classic rock” albums are possibilities, no matter how many shows you’ve been to, your conception of Phish is overly narrow IMHO.

Dark Horse Pick: Chocolate and Cheese (Ween on ‘Ween!)

Joy all;

YES   just got the ax

yes yes yes yes, oh no

Yes album is out!

No Yes, Yes noooooooooooo.
shit guess the map was real, wish I never saw that dang map:(

Later YES.

Yes is dead

yes is dead.

leaving Humboldt in 2 hours

are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet?

Yes is dead.

no! yes!

YES, You are dead!

Yes is gone!!!

Leaving from Utah @ 3pm. Going to get there at 3 AM or actually 2 AM. Due to the gaining an hour thing. How’s the line/scene looking. We’ll be stalking the site for a place to crash until it opens. Just to be clear it opens and noon tomorrow not midnight tonight right?

The Yes Album is dead!  Bummer; but I’m glad to see progress on the killings… 

:-)  26 hours, can’t wait!


NO!  another one falls…and then there were 12….

see you all there


@Marty from NOLA || Oct. 28, 2009 at 02:07 PM | #

“In Mike’s message, he wants us to figure out the trick, the idiosyncrasy of why sometimes he has 99 new messages or sometimes he has 100 new messages.

He speculates that this may be due to him listening to one message, and not deleting it or saving, which causes to him to have that extra message.

He provokes us to figure out why….Mike, you already know!  When you listen to one message , but end it prematurely, it gets added to your pile of 99 messages, and you have room for one more message.

When you listen to one album, but don’t finish it, you have room for one more album.”

Instead of 2 albums I think that this is a reference to Thriller…the one album they started playing…with beat it and never finished.



your a Turd. Did u say phish has been on Hiatus since 1996? maybe u been on Hiatus w/ some DMB fans or something but.. 1997-2000 was the “second Coming!” with (1992-1994 being the first….) Phat halloween album.. Loaded ‘98.. Big Cypress ‘99, Europe ‘97… Multiple nights @ Deer Creek..97, 99, and 2000… I’m not saying that they were all great nights.. but 12/6 and 12/7 1997 are arguably two of the best Phish Concerts E-V-E-R… oh well,.. U Can put a fish in the water but u can’t make him be a nose with feet.

And to the dude suggesting little Feat.. THAT"D be SWEEEET!!!

@ARAPP from man on the mountain :

You do realize the majority of Phish songs are covers right? And alot of those covers come from the records they listed. I mean, tech. the whole weekend will be mostly covers. But what makes them sick is Phish puting thier own Phishiness to it.  So really, them playing one song for each of the 99 would mean new Phish.  And I love it when I hear new Phish.  Hell I love it when I hear old Phish.  And present Phish. And future Phish. And Phish from another galaxy Phish.

I do not think they will be revealing the album before Saturday. I think the album that is killing the other albums will be revealed right before or as they go on stage on some sort of big screen.

WillEd11 re: Any word yet on where they are going to sell the posters?

Nothing official.

My best advice would be to get as close to the gate for the concert field as you can be when the doors open. And make sure your shoes are strapped on tight.

@Jeff Schwartz - hehehe… my head would indeed explode.  Like MJ in the pepsi commercial!

Quite an appropriate Halloween stunt, but it might freak out my kids.

I’ve got a hotel room that I am not using if anyone is looking for it.

It’s one of the Motor Lodges that is as close as you can get.  They won’t let me out of the charge so I figured I would try to help someone out.

Email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


should mentioned that Electriclady land and King Crimson might have a Hunky Dory time at the show.

my bad

I think Mike’s message implies that a killed album is coming back.

damn. why did I call? why did I call?????

this is all giving me a headache.

Hey Todd—- will the site post updates after you get on your flight?  Or are we ‘on our own’ after tomorrow at noon?

Either way, you enjoy, and thanks again for this very entertaining and (actually enlightening) website.  You done good, methinks you won’t be having to buy too many beers yourself.

@ Bigfoot_Mike from Seattle, WA

I’ve come to the discouraging feeling that really, I have no idea what they’re gonna do for the Halloween set.

Isn’t this the fun part?  Do any of us REALLY want to know?  No!  Someone said it before, but it’s like opening your presents before Xmas.  It’s fun to think you know…but it sucks to really know (especially if we KNEW it was MJ or MGMT—-then that would REALLY suck!).

Thanks to all for all the fun in guessing! Thanks Todd for maintaining this site for our fun and speculation!

Today may get very interesting.  It stands to reason that when they killed Apostrophe there was a technical glitch and they removed The Wall and Exile, which are the next two that will be killed.  Now that the Wall is dead, Exile should be next and if so, it is the first of the campground albums to die - which means it’s all up for grabs at that point.  When Exile goes, I’m hoping for Ziggy or Zep I.  Or Thriller - just to see PINT’s head explode.  :-)

In Mike’s message, he wants us to figure out the trick, the idiosyncrasy of why sometimes he has 99 new messages or sometimes he has 100 new messages.

He speculates that this may be due to him listening to one message, and not deleting it or saving, which causes to him to have that extra message. 

He provokes us to figure out why….Mike, you already know!  When you listen to one message , but end it prematurely, it gets added to your pile of 99 messages, and you have room for one more message.

When you listen to one album, but don’t finish it, you have room for one more album.

2 albums on Saturday. 

Wanna be Startin Something opener!—then gasp…a diff album in full!!!!


the rumors are true Kid A is in Exile on Main Street

but word on the street is that when Ziggy Stardust is in town LAmbslay down on Broadway (go figure)

just a tip:  if you ride the Zepplin I there might be a chance of Purple Rain

is it true that catching Oracular Spectacular is such a Thriller ?

if King Crimson isn’t careful he just might have a Hunky Dory good time at the show….

Well it feels like Astral Weeks til Halloween.

correction: I said Peaches and Cream, I meant Peaches and Regalia obvsiously. I’ve got food on the mind…

@phunguy - Please do your research before you get all high and mighty, huh?  I posted that it was a trend and was wondering if anyone saw the same thing.  Replying without taking the time to learn what someone meant is a sure sign of making yourself seem pretty shallow. 

Think, then act.

Check out the link here, and stop jumping to conclusions, its a bad reflection of your personality.


@ Todd

Any word yet on where they are going to sell the posters? I’ve been looking at twitter per your advice… and I’m sure they haven’t updated it yet since the festival is still a few days away, but just wanted to check in and see if you’d heard anything. One and a half more days at the office… then it’s goooood bye Texas hello Cali.

@allister re: the looping background music

There was a comment last week from Horstman pointing out that the background loop sounds suspiciously like Phish playing Ravine from Lamb Lies Down on Broadway…


Please also note that Grooveshark just released a major update making it feel more like a desktop app. So far I think it’s a huge improvement.

They’ll tease MJ during the first 3 sets, when the jam is available, prior to the cover set.  Then it’ll be the 100th album; they’re not going to reveal the actual album before it happens (or even provide you with honest choices).  “Let it Bleed”, etc., good theory, but it could be anything.

Ready for mid-80s and 8 sets??  This is awesome.  Thanks Todd for the hard work these past few weeks, checking this site has been key to getting so excited!

People like Allister from Chicago confuse the hell out of me.  Don’t we all want to share in the groove to a nasty Possum or a funkified Funky Bitch?  How “sick” would it be to hear 8 sets of cover songs?  I personally would be furious to a degree that I may never be able to forgive the boys.  The fact that I am respnding to this message seems silly for there is not a chance in hell they play a weekend full of covers, but come on guys love Phish for Phish, not for the covers, though I wouldn’t mind a mean Ya Mar!

Speaking of Junta I realllllly hope they play Fee, man I love that song I can get enough of it.  And Esther too.  And Fluffhead. And Sanity. But espeically Fee, that poor guy, I’m always sitting there cheering for him.

Well guys, I have 1/2 day of work left then I’m home to pack and jumping on a plan Thursday morning.

It’s been fun guessing with you.

Camping and chilling if you guys want to meet up.


Can barely wait any longer.

See you there.

Wow, TL.  First this awesome site and now free drinks!  You are the gift that keeps on giving.

Safe travels to you and to all!!!

The Gallery is all back up now with all pre- dead albums still dead.  Little glitch there updating the flash or the data… maybe it tipped their cards, maybe not… we’ll know soon!

Where is this supposed map?

Tear down the wall….

The list is back to ‘normal’ now.

I hope Thriller is killed after everyone is in the festival so those who think it’s going to be MJ don’t know it won’t be played until the show starts.  Rubes!

“does anyone else on this thread think it may even be remotely possible for them to play all 7 map albums?”

Not remotely. We want to hear some Phish too, right?

They’ll play one record, though I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a new cover or two, especially an MJ cover.

Getting packed - getting ever more stoked. Kid A still sucks so bad.

I don’t know what everybody’s talking about.  There must have been a “blip” on the site or something.  I never saw just “finalists” on my computer.  All of the covers are still there.  What the dealy-o?

YAT (Yet Another Theory):

ELP’s Pictures is about them taking classical pieces and covering them with a rock style.

What If… What If… follow me here…

Phish just does a butt ton of cover hits from each of the 99 records?  How freaking sick would that be?

I know I’d rather have them cover an entire record myself but still it would kick ass and confuse everyone and then eveyrone would be like “oh man it was so obvious”.

yesyesyes would be core, anything that plays at this point will be bliss. come on and thank you! this is a great post and i am really excited, see you kids there…



I might be kind of slow up the uptake here, but there are loads of people on the Left coast who have seen Phish 15+ years…I started with Halloween 94, so this show will be my 15th anniversary of sorts…true, not as many peeps into them out here as back in the NE, but LA is a city of transplants for sure, and we like to bring good tunes with us.  After Coventry and NY2K, I"m pumped about the fact they’re only expecting about 50k people at 8. 

My vote has been and continues to be with Ziggy…

@ noknowno

On another note, why is a 12 year old saying “420 4 eva?”  Fuck I’m old.

@ Gregg

Are you really asking what Junta is?

duh guys

the 100th album is Notorious BIG “Life After Death”

it is a double disc after all

Exile on Main Street or something we didn’t expect…I just can’t see them doing MJ

not that it matters but the only 2 left with altered album covers are Jimi and Stones

Let’s say that one version of the site with everything dead is off the wall was right.  Cause The Wall just got knocked down.  And someone said Exile was missing.  So could the lead runner Exile be knocked out? Seems kinda phishy to me.  If they did indeed hire the Dap Kings to play for them, and they wanted everyone to think Exile, why would they knock out Exile so early?

And Trey has said in the past there’s a 100th record killing off all the other records, that we can’t see.  Of course you have to take everything Trey says with a grain of salt.  Some statement like that stated so directly usually means he’s lying threw his teeth.

But this wall does look a hell of a lot like ELP: Pictures in an Exhibition artwork.  And mimicing the artwork is one thing Phish would do in a heartbeat as a clue.

I think the phone line clue refers to the looping background music.  That if you could somehow undistort the music you’d hear the winning record playing, or the killing 100th record playing.

And to the person that said “finally zappa dead” you have no clue.  Zappa is one of Phish’s biggest influence. I’m hoping sometime this weekend they play Peaches and Creame.

Well did ya hear about the midnight gambler?
Well honey its no rock-in’ roll show
Well I’m talking about the midnight gambler
The one you never seen before

Still likin’ the Let It Bleed theory.

Sorry folks, but the Wall is dead.

might wanna update that

I don’t know what you’re all talking about… must have been a glitch; Exile and The Wall are still there, ALTHOUGH, The Wall just got the axe!!!

Looks like the map is real!

the Wall is back but dead, bet Exile dies next.

The website is back to normal… DOWN GOES THE WALL!!
For awhile it was 13 left..missing 2! WTF happened?

Just saw The Wall get the axe.

the wall is dead

Exile’s back, suckas!

Exile still shows up alive for me.

OK now it looks the same and they just killed the Wall. This makes my brain hurt. And exile is back up? Is it Friday yet.

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