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Phish Festival 8 in Indio, CA: Tickets, Camping, Info

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After a month of anticipation thanks to the speculation-inducing Save the Date map, tonight Phish finally announced the details of their 2009 Halloween festival:

Phish Festival 8 in Indio, California

Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA

Per the cheekily written website, the Halloween festival will be held on October 30th, 31st and November 1st at the beautiful Empire Polo Field in Indio, California.

Here's hoping the festival location announcement will put an end to the arguments that have fueled the Phish messages boards (and comment threads) for the past month.

Tickets for the 3-day festival go on sale Monday for a pretty reasonable $200. That buys you 8 sets of Phish (complete Festival 8 Performance Schedule) including a musical costume set and an all-acoustic set — not to mention what I can only imagine will be some incredibly trippy attractions and art installations.

Read on for ticket info and camping & RV details.

Update: September 28, 2009

Phish just posted a Festival 8 musical costume teaser to reveal the cover album for Festival 8. See the complete list of Phish cover albums and find out which have already been killed-off right here on Jamtopia.

Phish Festival 8 Performance Schedule

Friday (10/30)

4:00 pm Concert field opens
7:30 pm Set 1
10:00 pm Set 2

Saturday (10/31)

12:00 pm Concert field opens
3:00 pm Set 1
7:30 pm Halloween Set
10:00 pm Set 3

Sunday (11/1)

10:00 am Concert field opens
12:00 pm Acoustic Set
5:30 pm Set 2
8:30 pm Set 3

Phish Festival 8 Tickets

Phish Festival 8 tickets go on sale Monday, July 27th at 10AM Pacific Time for $200 (including a $1 WaterWheel donation) plus service fees through Phish Tickets' online ticketing system.

This price includes 3 days of entry into the event area and access to all the overpriced food and beer you can stomach.

Day passes are NOT available.

Phish Festival 8 Car Camping Vehicle Pass

Car camping is available for $15 per vehicle, but capacity will be limited so you're encouraged to get your vehicle pass in advance and pack as many people in your car as possible.

I'm sure a lot of folks will goof this so read carefully — you must purchase your Car Camping Vehicle Pass when you buy your tickets. You cannot buy it separately.

All passengers in each car will need a Festival 8 event ticket too, so don't offer a ride to some w00k hitching on the freeway.

Gates open at NOON on Thursday, October 29th and there's no re-entry. Once you're parked your pretty much stuck until event is over.

Contrary to what many assumed, you CAN bring alcohol into the campgrounds — provided your definition of alcohol is a “reasonable amount of beer.”

See the Festival 8 camping page and Camping FAQ for even more details.

Phish Festival 8 RV Camping Pass

For the non-hotey-vets there's a $125 RV Camping Pass which buys you entry into a designated RV camping area.

Once again, you must purchase your RV Camping Pass when you buy your tickets and everyone in the RV must have a Festival 8 event ticket.

Phish Festival 8 Travel Packages

If you need a little hand-holding with the planning, Phish has partnered with Valley Music Travel to provide “convenient travel packages to make your trip out to to Indio even easier.”

Some of the packages will apparently include a Festival 8 event ticket so you may be able to save some coin if you buy a bundle.

Phish Festival 8 Basic Event Info

Here are a few more details about the event:

  • All ages welcome
  • Fee day parking is free
  • Children 5 and under are free
  • All Campers must be 18+ OR with Parent or Guardian.
  • Camping area opens noon on Thu, October 29 and closes at noon on Mon, November 2
  • Rain or shine
  • No refunds or exchanges
  • All patrons subject to search
  • All vehicles subject to search

See the Festival 8 FAQ, guidelines, and directions & travel pages on Phish.com for answers to even more questions about the Halloween festival in Indio, CA.

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i want to c mj. i know, i know, hes not my favorite either. fact is pretty much any phish cover iv ever seen pretty much beats out the orignal (in the majority of cases—no angy replies about exceptions to the rule plz). song like thriller and beat it have a LOT of untapped potential, as well as aready being pretty cool. i think it would make a very interesting, oringinal, and energetic show, as well as being a pretty cool memorial to a guy who added tons of legitimate weight to the musical community…..and the costumes will be badass….

I’m telling you… it’s going to be The Doors….This album gives everybody a chance to do some improv jams….the jazz style drumming of John Densmore = Jon Fishman. Ray Manzarek meets Page McConnell on the keys like mad-style…THINK ABOUT IT. I know what your saying with the Doors having had no Bass Player (Manzarek played bass lines on the keys/organ) but that that just gives Mike and Page more room to play off each other. I think that Trey would share Vocals with everybody and shred on some of Robby Kriegers’ solos (he didn’t play bottleneck all the time)..Anyway just a thought, Maybe they scrap that idea and go all crazy with Ziggy Stardust or something….If anyone needs a car-camping pass, I will be in Indio early morning on the 29th…we can meet up if need be…Night divides the day, time to run time to hide, BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!

you silly dirty hippies….you really think trey (or anyone else in the band) can handle the vocals on thriller? youre crazier than i thought… i would expect one of the hendrix albums…trey can shred and still handle the vocals, considering he and jimi are both guitar gods who can’t sing.

mark my words, it will be:

KISS - Alive II

from the hints they gave, (the last record “Alive”) and the fact i “KNOW” Phish, it will be..

now, who will be “the demon”? i vote page for “the starchild”.

can u imagine, the boys in full KISS getup, fire, lights, blood , oh my!!

peep the trackisting for “Alive II” its too perfect.
i call opening of purple rain, then explosions, and “Detroit Rock City” Phish style…...........now, wheres my balloon…


where’s my heady phish coverage?!?!?!??

does anyone know the details about when you can leave the car camping lot?  it says you’re stuck till the “event is over,” but what does that mean?  does that mean after the last set is played on sunday, or when the car camping lot closes at 12:00?


might have room for +1 leaving SD on 29th around noon

not sure if i want to put my post my email addy on a public forum.

you can get in contact with me by replying to a CL ad i posted to get rid of some STS9 tix.


Hello Phish head is any drving up from san diego to see phish on October 29th. I need a ride. I can help pay for gas.

so ticket sales are low.  Phish will punish phans w/ a weak run down to miami for new years

That’s because their “real’” fanbase is on the East Coast. But screw East Coast on Halloween..I would much rather travel to CA…the only thing the left coast is good for is an escape during the winter/fall months.

NYE will NOT TOUCH this festival, also there is a NYE run EVERY year Phish tours, there have only been 8 fests and a Halloween costume is rare.


so ticket sales are low.  Phish will punish phans w/ a weak run down to miami for new years.

Derek and the Dominos “Layla and Other Assorted Love songs”  They have been rehearsing for months.

Does anybody need a camping pass??? i got one but no ride…yet!!
Coming from San Antonio, Tx…If anyone thinks they can help out please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)... i am thinking “American Beauty” would be awesome but I recently listened to LA. Woman all the way through and believe this would be the time and place…no matter what this is going to be awesome!!

Freak Out!  Joe’s Garage or Electric Ladyland.  Zappa or Jimi.  Ok, or maybe some Zeppelin.

I say they cover Beastie Boys License to I’ll.  Just something fun, nothing serious.  She’s crafty would be so sick on Halloween!!!! Can’t wait!!!

Would love a Dead album or even better would be some Zappa.

Anyone heading out from San Diego?
I’m looking for a ride..will pay for all gas and have a camping pass.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

p.s.  I’m calling American Beauty

The Doors…

not going to call an album, but So Cal Desert = Doors imo.

Since Bill Kreutzmann sat in at Red Rocks I think they will cover a dead album.  American Beauty would be too awesome.

How about an Edgar Winter “they only come out at night” costume w/ an epic hour long frankenstein to close the set!!!!

I agree with Pharphanuggan on the Bowie except it will be Ziggy Stardust. Also they will open the 1st set with David Bowie. Also don’t count out a Dead costume. Terrapin or Blues for Allah would melt the faces of everyone west of the Mississippi. Other noteables, Axis: Bold as Love and Led Zepplin IV. SEE YOU IN THE DESERT!!!!

Can you email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) about the room

I have an extra hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express in Palm Desert for 100.00 per night check in Oct 29th check out Nov 2nd.  I will transfer the room to your name if anyone needs it.  Hit me up!

PS.  The WEEN album will be Shinola.  Absolutely perfect.  Its funky, lots of bass for mike, lots of synths to keep page busy, vocals trey can handle, and I’m sure there’s room for a fishman vacume solo. 

Thats my 2 cents.

What do you guys think?

Phish costume cover

Album from Ween????  After all it is HalloWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 2 hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Palm Desert (a little under 10 miles from the Phest).  I won’t be using these rooms, and I’m looking to unload them.  (I’m a head, not a scalper, but my crew has made other arrangements.) Check in is Oct. 29, Check out is Nov. 2.  Each room is $100/night times four nights ($400 per room from Oct 29 - Nov 2). If you want one or both rooms, check out the following link:

Hey!  I called Thriller too!  (Just the other night during an intergalactic bunny-huffing incident.)

It will sell out soon.

Dont forget youre phat wallets custys

How about some James Brown?!?!?!?!?!

I would like to hear some Zeppelin or Eat a Peach.

Please Phish! Anything but Thriller. There have been some great suggestions for the musical costume. Thriller as a trick will be fine, but the treat should be something with substance. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a heck of a lot better than anything MJ has ever done. I doubt anyone will be blasting MJ tunes in the parking lot. Think about it!





a heck of a lot better than anything MJ ever did.

Allman Brothers-Fillmore East

Got my tix and my shuttle passes…...can’t wait!!!!

My guess as to the album: Smile by The Beach Boys

You heard it here first!

Yes!  Tickets and a car pass!!  Good luck to all!

Got my tickets and a car pass! Hope everyone got what they wanted without paying outrageous prices…..down with scalpers! Although it looks like tix are still available from the Phish site?

David Bowie - Space Oddity musical costume, Nov 4th will mark the 40 yr anniversary of the release.

Can’t believe some of these ticket sites are already trying to get upwards of $1000 for a ticket to the phest….......these sites need to be shut down

after the beatles, the who, talking heads, velvet underground, the next logical choice would be another classic. something like a stones (exile, sticky fingers) album or even possibly something from zappa.  how bout “are you experienced?” or “axis: bold as love”?...in fact, lock it up now for bold as love. you heard it here.

Aja?  Didn’t think about that, but would be hella sweet.  Thinking the top runners are still ‘exile on main street’, ‘ok computer’. Most likely though, it will be something nobody sees coming. True phish fashion ‘thriller’ is just too obvious.

Is anyone worried about the camping situation?  Never been there.  Is 8000 an actual number?  Just about exactly 24 hours from now…...Then I can actually relax about this whole thing and start planning my escape from the midwest…Can’t wait.

Agreed…. Thriller would be amazing… but I think they’d have to take much of the album down a few whole steps… Michael was a D flat singer… way the hell up there….

@marco Of course there is non-vehicle camping, in fact it’s probably encouraged since there are limited car camping passes.

@Griff I will second your Thriller cover. They considered it as a cover before and what with MJ passing, it seems like the most obvious choice. Although, I personally wouldn’t mind OK Computer or The Soft Bulletin.

See ya in Indio!

They have a huge area for non-vehicle camping, assuming they do it similar to Coachella.  It should be warm in the day and colder at night, so make sure to think ahead.  The grounds are a great place for a festival like this and I can’t wait!

anything by steely dan…they sounded so good at apline i’ll bet they could pull off aja

Does anyone know if they have non-vehicle camping at this place, or are the campgrounds designated for cars and RV’s only?

I cannot wait.  Gonna be a long trip from Boston.  I am calling Thriller for the cover album.

How many tickets will they sell?

Workingman’s Dead is not going to be the costume. I dont know what it will be, but that sure as hell won’t be it.

I’m calling Workingman’s Dead.

Yummy. See you there!

save the date for festival 8 in a bankrupt state see ya there

WOW. The desert. Sweet.

Im flying to PHX and approaching this puppy from the East. cheaper too. Only $200 from Hartford, CT R/T on expedia. Gonna hit Joshua Tree on the way in too.

East Coasters, seriously take a look at PHX if you are pressed for time by work, and worried about cash, you can get in Friday morn, and out Monday afternoon. Less hassle than LAX, less traffic coming to Indio from the East, and I’m only missing 2 days of work. This is going to be insane.

I’m calling it here first, The Zombies “Odessey and Oracle” album!  This will be our year, boys.

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