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The Phish Festival 8 Poster Gallery

I love a good Phish poster, and Festival 8 has introduced some choice new prints. Watch the space below for a growing gallery of the best Festival 8 posters, memorabilia, and other nonsense.

Official Jim Pollock Festival 8 Poster

Jim Pollock Festival 8 Poster
Jim Pollock Festival 8 Poster 3D

As expected, there were multiple Pollock's last night — a colored print, edition of 1,000 and a red/cyan 3D print that came with 3D glasses, edition of 650.

I line up pretty early for this set but still managed to get shut out due to some combination of line jumpers and mediocre cardio.

And of course, there's already a ton of Festival 8 Pollocks on eBay in the $250 plus range.

Official Jim Pollock Festival 8 Masks

Jim Pollock Festival 8 Masks

For a $10 donation to WaterWheel you were able to grab your choice of the four Festival 8 Halloween masks shown at left.

Each die-cut mask came with a pair of novelty cardboard glasses in an edition of 1,000 (4,000 total) and 100 uncut sheets are also out there.

David Welker Festival 8 Scratchboard Print

David Welker Festival 8 Experimental Print
David Welker Festival 8 Experimental Print
David Welker Festival 8 Experimental Print

Rift cover artist David Welker has technical chops galore, as seen in the scratchboard Festival 8 dreamscape above. It's been pointed out that the top of the eight evokes a phallus duel, but if you can overlook that it's one hell of a print.

There are no solid plans for how this will be released just yet.

EIGHT by Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball

Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball
Ryan Kerrigan Festival 8 Ball

Usually a poster artist, Ryan Kerrigan stepped it up for Indio with a set of 8 hand-painted 8 balls.

The first six sold out pretty much immediately at $88.88 a pop. The remaining pair of balls are being auctioned off with 8.8% of the proceeds going to Mockingbird and another 8.8% going to phishposters.com. Ball 7 Auction | Ball 8 Auction

AJ Masthay Festival 8 Triptych

AJ Masthay Festival 8 Triptych Horseman
AJ Masthay Festival 8 Triptych Gill-o-tine
AJ Masthay Festival 8 Triptych Satan's Stew

Fan artist AJ Mathsay is known for striking hand-carved lino-block prints with thick, stinky ink and this amazing triptych is no exception. It features a headless horseman, a fish in a gill-o-tine, and even Satan himself.

The 7 color Horseman and 8 color Satan's Stew are limited to 66 prints, while the 8 color Gill-o-tine is an edition of 131. Sorry to say that these are sold out from the artist.

Jamie Huntsman “You've Got Heart” Festival 8 Print

Wow. Jamie Huntsman has really outdone herself with this fantastic Ryden-esque digital painting.

The gory image is her interpretation of the hilarious prank that (allegedly) got Trey kicked suspended from college for an entire semester — stealing a human hand and a goat's heart from the science building and mailing it to a friend with a note reading “I've got to hand it to you, you've got heart.”

Once a prankster, always a prankster.

The print is an 11"x21.5" giclee on 310 gram textured fine art paper in an very limited edition of only 31 prints.

These haven't gone on sale yet, but I doubt they'll last long. Really hope I get a chance to see one in person.

Jamie Huntsman Festival 8 Poster

Festival 8 Ticket, Camping Pass & Event Poster by The Date Farmers

Festival 8 Tickets
Festival 8 Camping Pass
Festival 8 Event Poster

The native Indio imagery on the Festival 8 ticket, camping pass and event poster is no surprise — once you know they were created by local duo Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lerma, aka The Date Farmers. Their website describes their work as having “traces of ancient indigenous art, mushrooms, and mescal” thanks to their frequent travels across the border to Mexico.

I'll drink to that.

Not Pollock “D8 Palms” Festival 8 Day / Night Set

Little is known about elusive fan artist Not Pollock. The basic story is that the artist gives away all the posters for free, and after that they rarely change hands.

This day and night set — a bit of a return to form for NP after a Helvetica inspired Hampton poster — features date palms curved into an 8.

The day print is an edition of 31 while the night print is über limited to just 8. Both are on 11"x14" on ivory stock.

Good luck finding either.

Festival 8 Not Pollock Day Edition

Festival 8 Not Pollock Night Edition

Isadora Bullock Festival 8 Block Print

Isadora Bullock Festival 8 Block Print
Isadora Bullock Festival 8 Block Print

Lot artist Isadora Bullock hand carved this 4 color block print depicting a llama dressed as a lizard.

It's an edition of 125 on 15"x21" Rives BFK paper. Email Isadora to buy a print.

Upper Playground / Sonic Living “Day 1”

Upper Playground / Sonic Living Festival 8
Upper Playground / Sonic Living Festival 8

Upper Playground / Sonic Living Festival 8

I'm not familiar with either Upper Playground or Sonic Living, both of whom have logos on these, but someone on PhishPosters is guessing that these are Festival 8 laminate designs.

Meanwhile there's a poster gallery on the Sonic Living site that includes these images, sans text. The guitar gun is by Jeremy Fish, the cityscape by Marco Zamora, and the bike by Sam Flores.

If these are laminates they're not nearly as cool (or at least as random) as past laminates, though there's plenty of cool stuff in the UP news feed like this brilliant photo gallery of an urban narcolepsy epidemic.

Despite the update, I'm still not sure what the examples above are supposed to be . Post a comment if you have any ideas.

Halloween Coin by Adam Davidoff

Halloween Coin by Adam Davidoff

Here's the latest in a series of Phish coins by Adam Davidoff. The “life” side of the Halloween Coin features a date palm and the “death” side incorporates several Phish songs into a Halloween-themed scene. LE of 300.

More Festival 8 Fan Art

Josh Carpenter

Josh Carpenter Festival 8 Poster

Three color screenprint on 14"x14" 18pt. paper. Edition of 40.

Ryan Kerrigan

Josh Carpenter Festival 8 Poster

11"x17" on hemp stock. Edition of 150.

Franky Scaglione

Franky Scaglione Festival 8 Poster

Screenprint on 18" x 24" Cougar paper. Edition of 150. Email to buy

Lizzy Layne

Josh Carpenter Festival 8 Poster

4 color silkscreen on 15"x22" Stonehenge paper.

Ryan Jerzy

Ryan Jerzy Festival 8 Poster

3 color lino block on 13"x20" Stonehenge paper.


Ryan Jerzy Festival 8 Poster

Digital print on 13"x19" 100# stock.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more fan art and official prints from Festival 8 in Indio.

P.S. Don't miss our continuing coverage of the Phish Halloween Cover Album Teaser.

23 Comments so far   

My boyfriend saw a poster at the Festival that he liked but did not buy, have been looking for it ever since with to no avail.  If I remember correctly he described it as the state of california with like blood splatter on it. 

Anyone see this or know where to get a hold of it?  If so email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


I just ordered the Where the Wild Things are poster with Trey as Max. Only 10 left.
I saw them at the show - very cool. I’m really glad I was still able to get one.

In case you haven’t seen it here is the Festival 8 Spider Pin i made : )


My girl and I had the great fortune of running into Isadora Bullock in the lot on Sunday.  We each picked up one of her Llama/Lizard prints.  They are truly stunning.  Looking forward to framing it and enjoying it for years to come!

1 more Phish lot poster from Festival 8. 11x17 on Brilliant White Glossy stock.

For anyone interested in the “Big Black Furry Creature From Mars” Phish Festival 8 Poster, I have a few left. Email me if interested in grabbing a print at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!!!

any word on the “Festival 8 design contest” ?  It did speak of winners being notified at some point.  Unlike earlier t-shirt design contests, this time around Phish has not used non-winners in any promotion on phish.com - nor have they commented that a winner has been chosen.


Whats with the Iron Maiden cover art in the blog title picture… Is the album going to be “Killers” ?

look for a complete collection of all lot art on phanart.net/blog coming after the festival…..

Does anyone have any AJ Masthay posters out there?  I was out of the country at the time of sale and was hoping that someone out there could help me out.  Im not picky on the style so let me know if any are available and I will see you all out in sunny cali!!

I like how lizzy layne’s is a throwback to old movie classic poster art style…. not to mention i’m hoping for a BBFCFM at 8!!!

Yea, just checked out http://www.steverogersdesigns.com and bought a couple of those Festival 8 Prints, cool design and great price Good look on the link Kevin from Denver! Can’t wait for Indio. PARTY TIME!

hahahhahaha bill.  bring 10 tubes

I have seen a Festival 8 poster at http://www.steverogersdesigns.com in the store. They are selling for $15 bucks and are 12 x 16 in size. It is a cool design. It features 2 jack-o-lanterns inside a #8. His other work is pretty cool….It looks like he is a Graphic Designer mainly but also does Illustrations….I think he goes by SRDesignINK…

if you have an extre masthay your looking to get rid of im intrested. wanted to buy but was on vacation at the time and missed the sale. im looking for the three set or main print. shoot me an email if still avalable. thanks. Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sold my extra AJ Masthay Triptych….

I have an extra AJ Masthay Triptych if anyone is looking.
soulisshaking at yahoo

Welker is a genius. A screen print from him will be sweet.

you would rather have a screen-print than a GICLEE?  May I ask why?

need me some NP!!!

“the huntsman one is way too nice for phish lot art”

huh?  You think thats good enough to be the official poster?  I agree its a cool image, it shouldn’t be the official poster imo, plus its also a giclee, super weak sauce imo, screen print that beauty Jamie!

do want the NP…

that guys got some organized ‘comments’...

the bullock one is sweet… and the huntsman one is way too nice for phish lot art, imho…


I E-mailed this question to Phish. No reply yet, so I thought I would try here.


I am very much looking forward to attending Festival 8!  However, as a Phish poster collector who will be traveling from Atlanta, I have a few questions about the Festival 8 posters so I know how to pack my bag.

I hope this is the correct avenue to ask these questions. I wasn’t sure whom else to ask.

1) Will the posters already be in a tube, or do I need to bring my own?

2) What are the poster dimensions? If I do need to bring my own tube, this will help me decide which size tube to bring.

3) How many posters will be sold? One for the entire weekend, or will there be one for each day?  Or a Pollock print and a Phish print? Or different prints for the weekend, the Halloween set and one for the acoustic set?

Just wondering.

I like the Llama/Lizard one the best

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