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Phish on Guitar Hero World Tour: Available Now!


Chalkdust Torture, Down with Disease, and Sample in a Jar

Guitar Hero

I knew it would happen sooner or later…

Phish is coming to Guitar Hero!

Today Activision announced that three live Phish tracks — Chalkdust Torture, Down with Disease, and Sample in a Jar — will be included as part of June's Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable tracks.

And just like the recently announced Phish Rock Band release, Phish will be paired up with Ben Harper who's also got three tracks coming to Guitar Hero.

The release date for the Phish Live Track Pack is June 25th, just four days after the end of Summer Tour, so don't forget to mark your calendars!

Update (June 27, 2009): Just put videos of the new Phish GHWT songs up top and found out the dates of the shows these are from... Down With Disease, 12/1/95 in Hershey, PA; Chalk Dust Torture, 11/16/94 in Ann Arbor, MI; and Sample in a Jar, 12/1/94 in Salem, OR.

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Whoever is in that video playin GH is ridiculous!

I just downloaded “Sample” and “DWD” and they are awesome!  They are all live versions and I don’t know from which shows they have been taken but the versions are very good.  Don’t expect jammed out 12 minutes sections or anything but trey’s solos are a blast to play.  I have yet to play as fishman or Gordon but Trey’s solos are challenging on hard and nearly impossible on expert.  Well constructed live tracks from Phish on gh are a dream come true.  I only wish Page could have been part of the game.  I can’t hear keyboard much at all.  Too bad.

I have not downloaded “Chalkdust Torture” yet but seriously, I have been waiting for Guitar Hero to team up with Phish since I first started playing the series three years ago.  If you like guitar hero and you like phish you have to have these songs for your collection!  Enjoy

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