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Happy 15th Anniversary to The Phish OJ Show

The first set of this show was dull and I liquidated it, but the second set is one of those EVENTS in Phishtory that all should experience.
Charlie Dirksen via Phish.net

The story of the show has been told a million times already, so for now, just take a listen and enjoy. Jump to 2001 (track 10) for the beginning of the second set and all the OJ goodness.

And if you're really looking for something to read while you listen, try this extended Harpua review by Yance Davis.

Source: AKG 460b/ck61 by Jeff Jordan

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

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I was there that night front row.  Trey and Mike were so funny and so raging.  I had never seen anything like it in my short life at the time.  I remember thinking that they had super natural powers.  I still feel that way.

This was my first show!!!!!  I am so glad I read this post!

The Transition from Simple back into Mike’s is absolutely OFF-THE-HOOK!

@Gary: Funny part re: no cell phones was that when the conversation started about if we could make it to en extra show, we actually looked in a Schvice to see when it was!

And I’m pretty sure this was the same road trip we got pulled over on Wilson Ave. in Chicago.

Great memories all around.

@Rebecca: UIC 6/18/94 is pretty much my favorite show ever. Home town. Amazing setlist. Amazingly played. With great friends. Etc. etc. etc.

Here are links for some AUDs of this gem…
Stream on Phishshows.com | Download set 1 | Download set 2


what is a band without OJ?  one of the all time greats here! (shows I mean… although I suppose OJ’s an all time great football player).  OJ is grand!!!  Fun fun show. thanks for posting.

What a great moment in Phish history! And I was lucky enough to be there.  My friends and I were on our way to Chicago for the UIC show the next night and decided to just keep driving to Milwaukee.  We were able to score some tickets in the lot and got into the show just as the lights were going down.

The thing I remember most about the show, besides the OJ stuff, is how hot is was inside.  During the narration in Harpua, Trey references it being really cold and breezy in Gamehendge.  That was because it must have been over 90 degrees in the venue!

The OJ references were all over the second set.  But nobody in the show really knew what was going on.  Remember this was in ‘94 so there was no cell phones, twitter, etc.  I know I didn’t find out about the OJ Bronco chase until much later that night.

What a great show.  Can’t believe it’s been 15 years.

i remember where i was during this show. in my college dorm watching OJ race down the highway.

and the next day, i went to my first Phish show - 6/18/94. check it out - that was a fabulous show!!!

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