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Hood Blimp Flying Over Hampton Coliseum Phish Reunion

Just a few days after the Phish reunion at Brad Sands' wedding I heard from a reliable source that Phish had booked the Hampton Coliseum for a March 2009 reunion, but in light of the mild uproar from the Steve Lillywhite reunion album rumor I was reluctant to post it.

Well now the cat's out of the bag.

The Phish reunion is official, starting with three nights at the Hampton Coliseum — March 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2009.

Here's how the announcement went down…

Early in the afternoon yesterday (Sept. 30) the folks over at Merry Swankster were first to publicly nail the venue and tour dates, in a post that was quickly picked up by Relix. Props for that.

Then, shortly after dusk last night, the Hood blimp was spotted on a reconnaissance mission at the venue (see photo above).

Next, at about 11:45 PM Eastern tonight (Oct. 1) a PTer named tourphish started a 3AM EST Phish Announcement Thread, the content of which would later prove him to be either (a) connected to someone with inside knowledge, or (b) able to predict the future. I'm guessin' he's connected.

Finally, at about 3:15 AM on the East coast Phish.com was updated with a cool time-lapse video shot overhead while an artist paints a large Hampton Coliseum-themed painting announcing the tour dates. My heart was racing right along with the background track. There's was also an official announcement as well as information about how to get Phish tickets.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already booked a hotel room on Coliseum Drive Strip for the Phish reunion you're shit outta luck. All the “good” hotels are already overbooked that weekend.

But perhaps the best news of all was saved for last, at the very end of the official announcement on Phish.com… the band intends to announce additional 2009 tour dates early next year!

Who's got my extra?

Update (October 1st, 3:40 AM): Scotty B over at Hidden Track has a real nice Hampton Reunion post with an archive of Phish Hampton setlists and videos plus some Phish Hampton stats. Nice work Scotty. I've also added links to more Phish reunion coverage to this post.

Update (October 1st, 6:00 PM): Wow. Phish tickets are already showing up on eBay despite not even really being on sale yet. Given that, you can now use the Jamtopia Ticket Finder to research Phish ticket prices and find cheap Phish tickets for Hampton — or at least find the cheapest Phish tickets on eBay at any given time.

Update (October 19th): The onsale date has come and gone, and like most of you I worked both the phones and Ticketmaster.com and have nothing to show for it. Well, almost nothing. I did learn a number of Ticketmaster tips which I'll be sharing in a subsequent post. Meanwhile, the near impossibility of getting these tickets has inspired at least a few rants, including the simply titled “I Hate Ticketmaster” chronicling one fan's attempt to beat the odds.

Phish Tickets: Hampton 2009

Phish Ticket Auctions

Unless you're incredibly lucky, you probably didn't manage to get Phish tickets through either the lottery (~ 1 in 15,000 chance) or the traditional Ticketmaster onsale (sold out in ~8 seconds). Well you can still try to score cheap Phish tickets right here with the Jamtopia Ticket Finder…

Phish Tickets from Ticketmaster

Tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, October 18th at 10 AM EST and may be purchased online at Ticketmaster or by phone at 757.671.8100, 757.872.8100 or 804.262.8100.

Tickets will not be available at the venue box office and there is a two-ticket limit per show.

Update (October 15th): There is now a page for 3 Day Phish Hampton Ticket Package on Ticketmaster, in addition to the single show tickets. Assuming this is part of a futile attempt at minimizing the mass of ticketless spunions wandering around outside the venue all weekend.

Mailorder Phish Tickets / Phish Ticket Lottery

A limited number of tickets are available directly through Phish Tickets' online ticketing system. The ticketing request period is currently underway and will end on Friday, Wednesday October 8th at 11:59AM EST.

Update (October 8th): The Phish ticket preorder lottery just closed yesterday and the number one question seems to be, “did anyone notified about Phish tickets yet?” At least according the search traffic bringing people to this page. Personally, I haven't heard a reputable report of anyone getting a Phish ticket confirmation email, but I have heard from a few trustworthy folks that people are seeing holds on their credit cards. ::Fingers crossed::

Update (October 14th, 8:00 AM): Small update here… Word is that Music Today will not only be sending confirmation emails everyone who won Phish tickets in the lottery but will also be sending (dreaded) rejection emails to everyone who gets shut out so you'll know exactly what your status is. Hoping they have descriptive subject lines like “Congratulations, you got Phish tickets” and “Sorry, you didn't get Phish tickets” to help manage expectations because if you're anything like me, you're gonna start having palpitations as soon as you see Phishtickets@musictoday.com in the sender field!

Update (October 14th, 4:45 PM): Well, the Phish Ticket Request notification emails have started to arrive and it's bad news on my end… “we regret to inform you that you did not get the tickets that you requested through Phish Tickets.” Oh well. Ticketmaster, here I come!

Update (October 14th, 7:45 PM): I am in the door! All three nights! Huge thanks to the guy behind this great travel blog for sealing the deal. Beside myself with excitement.

Phish Reunion Coverage Around the Web

Phish Reunion Announcment Time-Lapse Video

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

Phish Reunion Announcement on Concert TV News

Sorry. You need to Flash to watch this movie.

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If you’re still trying to find Phish tickets, you might be interested in this contest for a free Phish ticket. To enter just be one of the first 50 people to buy more than $25 worth of merch at Doctor Trip. The contest ends on February 1st.

If you’re a crafty w00k you could buy a dozen of these lighter leashes and flip ‘em on lot for $5 a piece. You’ll double your money and have a chance at the free Phish ticket.

They def. didnt make it easy for long time fans to get tickets. im pretty sure my life is over as we speak

Thanks for the link bud.

My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend got it from this guy who’s going with the girl who took the picture of the blimp outside the Hampton Coliseum last night.

at 31 flavors!!!! Great post, as usual, Todd.

thanks for the thorough coverage of the reunion news!!! 
love the blimp too!!!


thanks for new wallpaper to keep me going for 5 more months

Video Tour of Hampton coliseum
I am ecstatic! cooll!!!

Editor’s Note: I got a weird active x error trying to view this video and briefly ended up in dialog box hell. Caveat emptor.

@Nate: Guaranteed legit.

My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend got it from this guy who’s going with the girl who took the picture of the blimp outside the Hampton Coliseum last night.

Nice roundup, but that picture is almost 100% surely photoshopped.  Hate to break it to you…still fun though.

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