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Phish Save the Date! Halloween Teaser Map

Sorry. You need to Flash to see the Phish Halloween Festival Save the Date map.

Yesterday Phish confirmed what had been circulating on the rumor train for weeks — that they'll be hosting a 3-day Halloween Festival from October 30th to November 1st, 2009.

See above for the custom announcement from Phish.com. The map is being updated every few days with a new animated clue, slowly revealing the festival location and potentially the name:

“Save the Date”

Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA

Speaking of which, all signs are pointing to the Phish Halloween Festival being held at the stunning Empire Polo Field in Indio, California, home of the annual Coachella festival and fertile spot for growing dates.

The Coachella / Empire Polo Field rumor is strong enough that nearby hotel rooms and rentals are pretty much sold out. And apparently there's already huge demand for Naked Wizard costumes.

Read on more analysis and speculation about the Phish Festival 2009.

Update: June 28, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

Nothing confirmed of course, but word on the street is the band will be playing eight (yes, 8) sets over the 3-day festival. Two sets Friday, three sets Saturday, and three sets again on Sunday including an early one. Take it with a grain of salt as I'm only about 50/50 with the rumors on Jamtopia.

And while I'm speculating, the latest I've heard or read from the few remaining sources that have any credibility, Fall Tour 2009 is going to be a whopper. Supposedly Phish will play a 26 show Fall Tour ending in North Carolina in November. And that'll be followed up by a (rumored-to-death) 4-night stand in Miami for New Years.

Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like a heck of a lot of shows and if it pans out this way I can only hope it doesn't “drag on beyond the point of vibrancy and health.” Oh wait, I can also hope they stop by the UIC Pavilion for at least a few nights!

Provided the rest of this info is correct, you can look for an announcement on or around July 4th.

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 12:20 am

Just got a comment from Johnny Goff (aka @PhishNQuips) saying that Phish will appear on Conan / The Tonight Show on October 28th. Take it for what it's worth.

::wonders if he can program Tivo that far in advance::

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 1:00 am

Not sure how this didn't come to my attention earlier, but a day-and-half-old thread on PT has plenty of spoilers for what's going to happen on the map based on the findings of mr_wonderful.

~~~ Spoiler Alert ~~~
Stop scrolling now if you don't want to see spoilers from the Phish Halloween Festival map!

Sorry. You need to Flash to see this Phish Halloween Festival Save the Date spoiler.
Sorry. You need to Flash to see this Phish Halloween Festival Save the Date spoiler.

From the looks of it we'll be seeing a merman swimming from somewhere near North Carolina to Colorado, and an alien zapping Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Nevada before going “home” to New Mexico. Here's a composite image from another intrepid PT'er showing how it all comes together.

Notably, the band has removed these elements from the live Flash file, so there's always the chance they'll change things up just to keep it interesting.

Still not sure how I feel about having seen this in advance, but I know for sure I've got tons of respect for the creative concept and love that the band is back to their old playful ways.

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 3:00 am

Okay, I wish I could take credit for this but alas it was pointed out by someone else. Take a gander at this snippet from the “Economy” section of the Indio, CA Wikipedia page:

Indio has been one of Southern California's most important agricultural regions, once responsible for a large percentage of the nation's date crop; however, with all the new residential and recreational development, the date groves are now more limited to south and southeast of Indio. Even the grove of date palms at the Riverside County Date Festival fairgrounds has been torn out by the county.[citation needed]

There are citrus groves and vegetable fields surrounding the city limits, but rapid development of new housing tracts and golf courses in the “East Valley” in the 1990s and 2000s has displaced most of the agricultural space.

Turns out “Save the Date” might not just be a directive, but also the actual name of the Phish Halloween Festival, a brilliant pun, and a potential cause marketing angle for the Fest. If this is the case, somewhere out there a marketing genius lives among us. Well-played whoever you are.

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Not sure when, but some time today the map fell victim to an infestation of red fire ants who devoured North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Washington.

red fire ant

Once again the super-sleuths at PT are doing a great job of reverse engineering this concept. Turns out about 10 years ago a turf farm in Indio, CA was invaded by South American fire ants prompting eradication measures by the state Food and Agriculture Department.

If the fire ants are not eradicated, state officials could eventually order a quarantine to isolate the insects, which devour fruit, flowers and tree bark, officials said.

Apparently the problem has only gotten worse since then. A long-term eradication program that started in 2000 was suspended in 2004 due to lack of funding and as recently as 2008 the fire ant infestation was reportedly spreading eastward.

The map version of California remains (not surprisingly) unharmed by the animated ants, but the overall creative concept continues to prove itself to be extremely well thought out.

Update: June 30, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Holy crap. I think I just figured out the clue to the first animation in the Halloween Festival map — the one where Oklahoma, Idaho, West Virginia and New Hampshire seemed to simply deflate.

My theory: the animation represents a groundwater plume. More specifically, a plume with an overly-high nitrate concentration.

The nitrate plume is a potential threat to deeper underlying groundwater via improperly constructed, sealed, or abandoned wells.

I'll give you one guess where you can find these poisoned plumes… that right, the Indio Subbasin of the Coachella Valley Groundwater Basin. At least according this report from the California Department of Water Resources which I've quoted above.

dates growing on a vine

Presumably, if left unchecked, these nitrate plumes will ruin the water that's used to irrigate the date crop, not to mention the drinking water.

So at this point I'm going on record: I'll buy you a Nintendo if the Phish Festival 2009 isn't in Indio, CA. Save the friggin' date, and book your flight already!

Update: June 30, 2009 @ 9:00 pm

Today the map was updated again, and this time Kansas and Ohio were unceremoniously yanked from contention by a clipper-type boat.

dates growing on a vine

And again the folks on PT are all over it, quickly surmising that this is a reference to “The Lost Ship of the Desert” — the subject of legends about ancient ships buried in, you know it, California's Colorado Desert.

The [Los Angeles] Examiner also published a story [in 1919] of a Spanish galleon half-buried in the sands near Indio, its hold bursting with a cargo of precious stones.

So like the forthcoming UFO, this one isn't quite a direct reference to Saving Dates, but it still has Indio written all over it.

Update: July 2, 2009 @ 4:00 pm

Well for whatever reason the map isn't doing anything for me, but word on the street is that an alien Vannah White cyclops has come in and taken out Oregon, Wyoming, Illinois, and Pennsylvania Wheel of Fortune style.

dates growing on a vine

Right now the Indio connection is a little questionable, but one PT thread links to this article about date festivals that does mention the letter-turning temptress:

…and above the counter, there are still pictures of the Shields themselves outfitted in safari gear and helmets, as well as hand-colored black-and-white photos of pinup girls holding bushels of dates and caressing date palms with the aplomb of Vanna White.

Pretty tenuous for sure, and given the previous animations I'm guessing there's a more compelling reason for this one hidden out there somewhere.

Update: July 3, 2009 @ 3:00 am

I think I figured out the Vanna White animation, and it's got nothing to do with Vanna White. The important part is that she's a Cyclops!

Let me preface by saying this is WAY over my head and I'm not sure I totally understand it well enough to explain, but I'll take a stab.

Apparently cyclops is not just a one-eyed bastard living in a cave but also a newly identified part of the “common symbiosis signaling (Sym) pathway” in plants. And best I can gather from this report, certain mutations in the cyclops portion of the Sym pathway can help plants work harder to extract nutrients from soil.

Because of these benefits, scientists are working to better understand and clone the more successful cyclops mutations.

A number of plants have entered beneficial interactions with microorganisms that facilitate the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus from the soil. [The authors] provide new insights into a novel genetic component in the plant that allows the establishment of these nutrient-capturing symbioses… Our challenge now is to take this genetics into a coherent understanding of the mechanisms of symbiosis signaling.
How CYCLOPS keeps an eye on plant symbiosis by Ward Capoen and Giles Oldroyd

If the scientists can pull this off, not only will the crops be more healthy, but farmers won't need to use as much fertilizer which is expensive and emits a ton of greenhouse-gasses.

date palm leaf infected with bayoud disease

This same type of genetic control may also have something to do with preventing bayoud disease in date palms, but I'm not exactly sure how it all ties together.

Either way, if the above is anything even close to the correct explanation, this is yet again another brilliant clue tied right back to the Save the Date theme.

In other news, I've had a few people email asking if I knew what the background music to the map is. Turns out it's part of the 30+ minute Wolfman's from 10/31/98. This monster includes multiple jam segments, tons of teases, Fishman on vacuum, and more.

And to wrap up tonight's update, it seems we've got our first parody of the map. Not even gonna comment on this one.

Update: July 3, 2009 @ 10:30 am

Some alternate Fall tour date rumors have started making the rounds on a variety of message boards, one of which comes complete with photographic “evidence.”

Phish leaked fall tour dates

This rumored 20-stop tour schedule has the band playing the Hollywood Bowl, Warfield (the night after Save the Date), Austin Music Hall, Hampton Coliseum, three nights at the Spectrum, and two nights at MSG among others. Not to mention the Tonight Show and of course the Save the Date festival.

If these dates pan-out I'll feel a little bad that the info I posted above was wrong, but I'll sure feel great about going back to Rosemont Horizon.

Update: July 6, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

Another update, another three states out of the running.

Thor wind god

This time it's bad news for Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky, all of which were blown off the map by the winds of Thor (or some other wind-related god).

And of course as luck would have it, about 3 seconds of Googling brings a curious factoid… date palms in nature can be pollinated by wind.

Not really sure what exactly this has to do with saving dates though, as it's apparently been common practice to hand-pollinate date palms for centuries “to avoid wasting a lot of space and energy growing sufficient male plants” — at least according to Wikipedia.

Will keep you posted if I learn anything else. In the mean time, here are some interesting facts about date palms.

Update: July 6, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

A few theories about the wind have made the rounds on PT — one that it's a reference to the Santa Ana winds and another that it's a reference to the San Gorgonio Pass wind farm. I was even working up a theory involving wind propogation of Date mites that can ruin a crop in no time.

But a comment left below by someone named Neil stopped me dead in my tracks.

Creation of Adam

Neil points out that the god in the animation isn't Thor at all, but the biblical God as depicted in Michelangelo's “The Creation of Adam” on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The famous fresco illustrates the Book of Genesis story when God formed Adam out of “the dust of the ground” and then “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”, causing him to “become a living soul” (Gen. 2:7, KJV, emphasis mine).

As Neil further reminds us, after God created Adam he brought forth trees from the ground (Gen. 2:9), one of which was the Tree of Life.

And guess what type of tree many cultures and biblical scholars believe to be the Tree of Life?

You guessed it, the date palm. Imagine that.

Update: July 7, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

Looks like Mike just rolled in on his Segway and mowed down another trio of states — North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Don't foresee an obvious Indio connection, but you know I'll post an update if I find one.

And I'll also post an update if I can find a patent for a Segway lawn mower. Phenomenal idea.

Update: July 9, 2009 @ 8:30 am

Two things to update this morning.

First, in the spirit of Occam's razor I think I may have overthought the clue to the first animation having stumbled upon a simpler solution on Wikipedia's Choachella Valley page.


Seismic activity is what triggers earthquakes, a common natural but on occasion, destructive phenomena in the Coachella Valley, and fault lines causes hot water springs or geysers to rise from the ground.

Funny because I had originally been looking for geysers when I found the nitrogen plumes.

Mike Gordon Segway Lawn Mower

In other news, been thinking a bit more about the Mike Segway animation and may have stumbled across something there too.

Something beyond the fact that the Coachella Valley is riddled with golf courses, not to mention the Empire Polo Fields themselves, and that the whole area needs tons of lawn mowing.

Monster Garage Mustang Lawn Mower

It's possible the Segway lawn mower may be a subtle nod to Palm Desert-based sod supplier West Coast Turf.

The company, headquartered a mere nine miles outside of Indio, helped Jesse James's Monster Garage create “Switchblade.” It's the Mustang convertible lawn mower seen at right.

Now that may be a bit of a stretch, but I can think of at least one place where any type of lawn mower, be it Mustang, Seqway, or plain-old John Deere would be completely useless — Datelan Army Airfield.

Update: July 10, 2009 @ 6:30 am

Alaska blowing up

Alaska, we hardly knew ye. So sorry to see you go.

Details to follow, I've got “real” work to do.

Update: July 11, 2009 @ 10:30 am

Try as I might, I'm just not making any sort of connection between Alaska and Indio. But there's still plenty of potential symbolism to ruminate on.

For starters you've got the obvious — Alaska, the song (and background track for the animation) failed to make the cut for the new Phish album Joy.

Flaming Bomb Alaska

Then you've got the delicious desert item bombe Alaska (see at right) — a decadent variation of baked Alaska that adds a dark rum flambé to the already delicious combo of ice cream, sponge cake, and meringue.

And given the detonation's proximity to lovely Wasila, Alaksa, one can't help but think this might be some sort of social commentary on a political career up in smoke.

Meanwhile, if you have read the comment thread below you're missing out on some great entertainment value, not to mention a simmering East Coast / West Coast feud.

Update: July 13, 2009 @ 10:30 am


California Hot Air Balloon

California (along with the bulk of my credibility if this pans out) was just airlifted off the map by a fleet of hot air balloons!

For the moment, I'm stumped. Totally appreciate that much of the speculation above was far-reaching, but at least a few of those animations point straight to Indio. Not to mention the incredible array of “in the know” folks saying Indio was a lock.

If this proves nothing else it's that Phish likes to keep you guessing, and that's about all I have left to do. Keep guessing.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a free Nintendo Wii giveaway when the final location is announced — assuming they don't have one more twist up their sleeve. Part of me thinks California may have just been airlifted away for safe-keeping :)

Update: July 13, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Well needless to say this latest animation has lit-up the Phish message boards like a Christmas tree, but really only a few things worth noting (not including the picture at right which is just for fun).

Hot Air Balloon Indio CA

First, as ZZYZX was (I believe) the first to identify on PT, California is not really gone if you zoom out on the map. Now this could just be lazy programming, moving an object off the stage instead of actually killing it off. But either way it's led to plenty of additional speculation that Cali's just hovering up there safely, waiting for a triumphant return once the rest of the states are eliminated.

Second, the latest animation has resulted in at least one public wager for a 3 day festival pass.

Finally, and perhaps most curiously, is this recent tweet from Kevin Shapiro that reminds us to “never trust a prankster.”

Can't imagine what he means by that.

Update: July 14, 2009 @ 8:30 am

Sorry for the late update. I've been having trouble with my AT&T DSL at home so couldn't see the animation last night. I did however call them and after explaining that I wasn't able to do my “very important work” they gave me a $100 credit!

Fishman Pinball Machine

Turns out last night the entire map turned into a pinball machine and the ball took out Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Montana, Michigan, and Utah before dropping into Lake Michigan.

Plus a little bonus at the end showed the ball to be super-imposed with Fishman in a Viking hat a la Fall Tour 98.

In the spirit of completeness, I set out to find an Indio connection to see what would turn up. Answer, not too much.

I did however find this cool vintage Palm Springs pinball machine made by (Vegas-based) Bally back in 1953. Learned that IPD is not just an acronym for Indio Police Department but also Internet Pinball Database. And found a Plinko like contraption called Fantasy 5 Dream Machine that was part of the California lottery's TV show The Big Spin. Don't miss the previous segment from that episode to watch a lady win $3 million bucks.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as most people have noticed California is no longer “floating” above the map in the latest Teaser.swf file. No big surprise. It was just conveniently stashed off-stage at the end of the hot air balloon animation.

Hot Air Balloon Pumpkin Mask

Not content with just viewing the .swf, some folks on PT have continued to decompile the Teaser, an effort that's been light on clues since the UFO / merman incident. But this latest decompiled swf revealed the asset seen at right, a large image sprite with a mundane name, Shape6.jpg.

The asset hasn't generated as much speculation as one might think, despite the fact that it bears mild resemblance to a pumpkin, is the same design as the balloons that carried away California, and is significantly larger than the other balloon .

Not that this couldn't just be a left-over masking asset from the previous animation, but you know I can't help but speculate :)

One more quick note — today is the last day to enter Jamtopia's Mike Gordon bobblehead giveaway. Could be your only chance to score this great piece of Phish memorabilia.

Update: July 17, 2009 @ 5:00 pm


In the biggest state-take-down yet, the latest animation finds nine states — Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and New Mexico — getting targeted and subsequently taken out by darts.

It only took me about 20 minutes of research to tie this back to date palms, and like the Cyclops above it has something to do with plant genetics and breeding.

Specifically, I think it's a reference to something called Diversity Arrays Technology, or DArT.

Diversity Arrays Technology Logo

[DArT] will make comprehensive genome profiles an affordable and powerful tool to accelerate plant breeding.

In short, DArT is a relatively cheap and easy way to analyze plant genomes. Armed with this knowledge, scientists should be able cultivate plants that are more disease resistant, better adapted to local environments, and more generally allow for healthier crops and higher yields.

Haven't been able to find specific references to DArT being used on date palms, but presumably this application would be a positive step towards reducing or even preventing (the previously mentioned) Bayoud Disease.

Now I realize that California is gone from the map, so say what you will about this analysis, but either way I'm still having fun sleuthing and plan to keep at it until the very end.

And speaking of gone from the map… Michigan seems to have re-appeared (for now), though presumably only because the developer failed to include it in the _deadStates array.

Update: July 18, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

With respect to saving dates, there's an interesting comment below from Austin resident BathtubGin09 who points to a 2008 Texas Department of Agriculture alert entitled Date Palm Lethal Decline. Per the article:

Recently the Texas Department of Agriculture adopted an Emergency Quarantine in Cameron, Hidalgo, Nueces and Willacy counties of Texas against Date Palm Lethal Decline disease caused by a phytoplasma.

And apparently most of the date palm trees infected with the so-called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline are coming in from Florida. Looks like Indio isn't the only place that could use some DArT :)

Update: July 18, 2009 @ 8:30 pm


A dump truck just came in by boat, picked up Missouri, Arkansas, and Colorado, then redeposited Washington back on the map.

And with that, this whole chicanery just got a whole lot more interesting (or less, depending I guess on who you ask) given that the map now has the proven ability to return what it hath once taken away. Can't wait to see how this wraps up…

Update: July 21, 2009 @ 8:30 am

No map updates, but a late-night Tweet from someone (presumably) at The Chopping Block is worth noting:

Phish promo almost done. Starting to suck the life out of me when I leave work at 2am. But fuck it's a cool spot we did for them.
@nathancali via Twitter

I guess it's obvious that the map is“almost done,” but this really helps me appreciate all the work that's gone into it. And I gotta agree that it's a cool spot.

Update: July 22, 2009 @ 10:30 pm

And then there was one.


Tonight Phish brought back the Golden State after purging the remaining contenders with a standard-issue power drill.

I was a little surprised the hot air balloons didn't return, but the drill still entertained. The animation played-out with applause and cat calls, ultimately drilling through (recently revived) Washington which leaked South into California.

Meanwhile I wonder if the drill was a late addition in response to the recently passed California budget which could allow for offshore drilling as “a new source of desperately needed cash.”

Maybe we'll never know, but you gotta figure there's one more animation to come — the one that reveals the Halloween Festival location, ticket info and other details.

And if we're lucky, Fall Tour dates!

Update: July 22, 2009 @ 10:30 pm


California with golf flag in Indio

Tonight the Phish Halloween map came to an end, falling apart as California came front-and-center accompanied by 2001.

A golf flag and number 8 appeared, the latter of which promptly exited stage left leaving the flag waving in the breeze.

At this point the map was replaced by the official festival site, finally divulging the details we've all been waiting for.

A expected, the venue is none other than the Empire Polo Club in Indio but there was a small curveball with the name — it'll be called Festival 8, not Save the Date as I had presumed.

Now that the map is done, head on over to our follow-up post to learn all about Phish Festival 8 in Indio, CA.

Update: September 28, 2009

Today Phish launched a Festival 8 cover album teaser where they'll be slowly revealing the album for the musical costume. Learn more about the musical costume album teaser and see which albums have been eliminated right here on Jamtopia.

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What kind of a pathetic douche with nothing better to do with his life takes the time to write a post on a Phish blog spouting all of the classic negative stereotypes attributed to hippies? Are you aware that some fans of Phish don’t consider themselves to be hippies at all?

How is growing weed any less productive than working for Wall Street and screwing over the common working man with financial weapons of mass destruction, or working for Madison Avenue creating truly obnoxious advertising, or working for a giant pharmaceutical corporation designing much more dangerous and habit-forming drugs than marijuana, or working at any other number of jobs that essentially render you an automaton for a soulless corporation that has no real concern for your well-being?

Do you realize that all of this “productivity” you and the leadership of our society values so intensely threatens the very existence of mankind in the not-so-distant future? No I guess not, you just do what you’re told like a good little soldier.

If Phish is a second-rate band, tell me, what would you consider a first rate band? Whatever answer you give, there is little chance that this band could possibly exhibit comparable levels of musical imagination, ingenuity,  adventurousness, virtuosity, discipline, dedication, and yes, even monetary success, in comparison to Phish.

People like you, so assured in your façade of superiority, that which is conveniently maintained for you by media conglomerates who joyously exploit your unthinking devotion to consumerism, are the reason why we all have to settle for a society that is so overwhelmingly and disappointingly out of balance. You sir, are an asshat of the first order, and if I could, I would banish you to an alternate dimension where the Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha” is broadcast from the ether ad infinitum.

While we appreciate all you kind folks coming to California and spending your (lawfully gained?) money, we sense that you all need to a) get jobs, b) become productive members of society (and by “productive” we do not mean growing pot), and c) understand there is way more to life than worrying about whether some second rate musical band plays here on the West Coast or the East Coast. 

California Chamber of Commerce

I’m guessing a musical costume of The Band… which album?
Gordon will need to figure out where his base drops in.. all the voices can be done.  what you’all think?

easy to get camping passes, and tickets, if well planned, see you all in cali, premo wheather, and tunes, should be a blast,

halloween wish list

1. David Bowie, “Diamond dogs” fuck yah
2. Alice Cooper, ” Billion Dollar babies” (not likely)
3. Frank Zappa,  of course “Joes Grage ” 1&2
4. Black Sabbath, “Parniod” would be fucking off the wall

See you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they hav’nt covered anything from the ninties so 4 sure it’s going to be somthing from the ninties. if not then it will probly be the doors

they could pull off somthing totally out of the ordinary and do the red hot chili peppers californication

I’m calling Steve Miller Band or the Doors

Don’t count out Purple Rain.  It’s got blues and funk and hearing lets go crazy to start would be sick.  Also it’s the 25th anniversary of the album release (1984) and they have played the song purple rain in the past. Can’t wait to be there and find out!!!!!

also (and i’m not gonna look it up) but didn’t phish writing “david bowie” have something to do with bowie’s 40th bday?  just speculating

anybody at Gorge notice the cali love being played during the post show music over the PA.  Biggie smalls “going back to cali” and Albert Hammond “It never rains in southern california”

any body at other shows want to Q in? 

I was to fucked up at shoreline to remember the set break music.

Switch from The West…I’m with you, mo hubs for whoever thinks Phish is reading this.

But I dont think they’ll be doing Zeppelin, dont get me wrong it would be sick, any Zep, but they go for artsier shiat…Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Floyd…thats why I think Bowie is a really good call…they’ll start dropping hints at some point, if not allready

...there was a time when we were voting on which album they’d be doing…but being surprised works just as good. Towards the end (03/04) it was clear things weren’t right with them, but tour so far feels like the band they always were.

...whoever hasn’t seen them yet this summer, or is on the fence, do what you can to catch a show, you wont be disappointed, I assure you.  Everyone should make the trip to SPAC, its an amphitheater in the middle of a huge park and one of the best venues to see a show. Not to mention they always come with the fire.

....don’t ask me how, its rare I have a ticket b4 the day of the show, but I got front row center tomorrow(Hartford)!!

i suggest camping.  there aren’t really any cheap hotels at all in the area (atleast what i consider cheap), and all of the cheapER hotels have been booked for months.  on a different note, i also think that bowie’s “space oddity” is a solid guess by PDXIT.  It’s the 40th anniversary of the album (within days, release date 11/4/69), the music we heard when cali was made official (also the music you still hear when you enter this site) is from a space odYSSEY, and phish would absolutely kill this album.  maybe a major tom marshall guest spot on the title track?  who knows.  also, the last track on the album…. “memory of a free festival.”  (:  See you all there.

cheap priced hotels in Indio area… any suggestions?

Picked up an extra ticket and parking pass for the festi, and can’t use either of them. 

Looking to Get rid of them for UNDER face value.  Let me know what you think….

Shoot me an email, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Zeppelin costume for sure!!

Anyone that thinks Phish actually took the time to make that post above smokes heavy deemsters and candy-flips at the same time. They have better things to do than come in here and tell us all about “negativity”. Hilarious.

As far as musical costumes go I’m pulling for a Led Zeppelin album. Houses Of The Holy or Physical Graffiti or maybe even Zep II would be choice!

Picked up my ticket yesterday…! :) Hotel room too. See you there!

gotta have a pearl jam 10 on halloween where do we vote?

David Bowie opener. Ziggy Stardust costume. Other noteable costume possibilities Axis: Bold as Love, Led Zepplin IV, Blues for Allah, or any Dead for that matter.

any east coasters flyin in to PHX on wednesday before the show…we should plan a small meet-up

i like the idea of The Doors (any album) or The Grateful Dead (Amercian beauty)...  do you think they would?

My vote for the musical costume is Houses of the Holy.  I know it hasn’t been kicked around as a possibility so much, but Phish would totally rock it, or any Zepplin album for that matter.

So were we siting around last night puffing on some inspiration and bam! a theory for the costume came to mind.

Has anyone noticed that it is the anniversary of David Bowie:Space Oddity?? maybe that’s why we have the little astronaut flying through the air of indio on the main site?

Just a guess but I would love it if they played it.

i think the costume will be the doors

wow russ, how could you possibly rant on like that and not admit to being negative. and to then close it with peace! WOW! you sure sold me on your sincerity.  you may as well have told me that I’M THE WEAKEST LINK!


I would love to hear Pet Sounds, or Thriller… I’m mean come on… it’s halloween.. Thriller would be friggin amazing… I could really go for a 25 min. maximum extendo Thriller jam… who could argue with that…

I’d love to hear Fish sing “human nature”... with vacuume solo…
and then to hear Trey and Mike sing “the girl is mine”.... that’d be rad!!!

how about the Van Halen Solo on “Beat it” ... Trey would rip that up!!!!

Uhhh!!!!! Halloween’s going to to be so Friggin Sweet this year!!!!

So, do any of you think it was really Phish who made that post? I apologize for the skepticism but, come on, the band said nothing as we ripped the hair from our heads trying to extract information from the map but then all of a sudden makes a keep the peace post…im thinking unlikely.

But, lets stop all the hullabaloo about the location, its where it will be, so lets get down to it…I asked before but I’m serious this time.

Musical costume ideas anyone? 

I’m going with one often overlooked by my younger generation:
Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

Moestavern . . .

You are a classic example of a drain on our scene. 

I said negativity was “A BIG REASON”  that they broke up . . . Not THE ONLY REASON. 

There was a lot of negativity and YES, it did have an effect on the band.  Trey said so himself, saying that hearing a lot of phans ripping on the band, saying the music was shit really hurt because he loved this band and the music so much.  For example, when he talked about the break up in interviews, he talked about how Phish was something so dear to him, that hearing people trash it really hurt.  But obviously there is more to speak of in detail.  That wasn’t the point of my post.  My point was we need to cut out all the bullshit negativity (like you’re displaying so vibrantly), or we might lose them again.  Learn your phistory, or just chill out and not troll message boards to try and over interpret some post someone made.

And secondly, OF COURSE negativity played a role in their break up.  Partly from within their own lives, obviously!  But also, partly from within the scene too.  We can all sit around and talk about whether it was drugs or other things, or how much of it was the scene versus the drugs . . .  but who cares? It doesn’t matter, and I don’t have time for that shit.  I just want to see a happy band that I love, in good health, having the time of their lives playing some of the greatest music in history.

And if negativity wasn’t an issue to them, they wouldn’t have gotten on this board to say something.  I said it before; negativity kills all.  That is a “more or less” a true statement.  Let’s keep things POSITIVE . . .  quit PICKING at every little, tiny, inconsequential thing just to boost your own self esteem (I’m the phishiest phish head of them all!!!!).  It’s all just NEGATIVITY.  Putting people down to make yourself feel good, how juvenile.  Who needs it.  I don’t, and they don’t.  So either WE, as a community, quit this little catty bullshit trying to call out people for not being “Phishy” enough!  Whether its on the coasts or who knows their “history” better . . .  who phucking cares!  ENJOY WHAT THEY GIVE, and let everyone else enjoy it the way they want to.

I want to be seeing Phish for a long time still, and in order to do that, we as a community have to get our shit together.  Take Phish’s advice, and cut the negative bullshit out. 


Thank you Phish, for bringing a show, even better, a festival to so. Cal. I have missed so many shows because of living here in so. Cal. This is a once in a life time show, and It is very much appreciated. I simply can’t wait! See you there.

is there camping for people without a car??? im confused.

The design Shop that did the flash work just posted all the animations on their blog: http://blog.choppingblock.com/2009/07/chopping-block-saves-the-date/

Editor’s Note: This post has been pulled from the Chopping Block blog for the time being.

Got my tickets , camping pass and my spirits up!

Thank you do much for coming back doing this again Phish. You have helped shape some of the most important events of my entire life and I never will I be able to look back with regrets. I know you hear it a million times (prob from my friend Kirk, who just spoke with you recently Page;) but the environment and music you have provided my life since I was just leaving high school now some 13-14 years ago until now has been the single most important thing that i have experienced.

Your music, your passion for your fans and your pure enjoyment of your craft is timeless and thank you for sharing it. Though some have come into the scene with bad attitudes and self entitlement but please know that is not the norm but rather a rare occurrence. The way Coventry went down saddened me to my core as i listened to news reports and reported back on my radio show in college. The time has come to move onto a new era ripe with the fun and the “who knows what the fuck will happen and who cares?” attitude.

I can’t wait to see you all there enjoying it all again.

to russ from chicago - if you happened to forget, the reason for us losing Phish the last time wasn’t the negativity brought upon by the Phans (unlike the Grateful Dead - see gate-crashers). it was the phallout from within. learn your history.

got my camping pass! =) have room in bus if needed…

See you all in Indio!! Just got my ticket and camping ticket. No problems or delays with the ordering process. Could not have been smoother! Hopefully getting the plane ticket will be just as easy. I am so excited I can’t even speak, (that’s why I’m writing) Can’t wait to see all the old faces and all the new ones. There’s nothing in the world like a good old fashion Phish festival! I’m sure the boys got some crazy stuff in store for us all, (they always do!)

Thank you to Page, Mike, Trey, Jon and the entire organization for some of the best times in my life and for doing it all over! Keep fighting the good fight!! Can’t wait to see you there!!

This is Your Friend Caspian signing off from Vermont

I don’t understand all the animosity being displayed on here.  Phish has had plenty of shows and festivals on the east coast, now they are having ONE out west.  If you can’t make it to this one, oh well. I have missed plenty of shows and festivals because i couldn’t get off work or couldn’t afford to go. That’s life.  We don’t always get what we want.  If you are able to make it enjoy the show.

woah i thought getting a camping pass would be a huge hassle.  no issues at all.  got 2.  ill see all you there kiddos!!!!! happy halloweeeeeeeen!!!!!

Guys, come on, this whole situation is crazy because its PHISH!  Yes, they fucked with us taking Cali out and bringing it back . . .  but uhhhh, last time I remember this is the same band that takes you on a “trip” to HELL, virtually through the mouth of Satan himself (in the form of Oasis HA!), and back again.  And yes, we all know where everyone’s head was at the Spec that night . . .  spun the fuck out.  We PAY to get fucked with people!!!  That’s what it’s about.

When Phish has to get on this message board to say something about the negativity . . .  GIVE ME A BREAK!  That’s a big reason we lost them the first time you stupid fuckers!!!!

Yes, it’s an expensive trip.  But who says you won’t be able to camp if you want to?  A lot of heads don’t want to camp anymore, and are grateful for an easier to get to location.  I prefer to camp, and love the remoteness of past venues, but the weather is going to be PRIME!  And hopefully I will be able to camp in the beautiful Cali sun if I can afford the plane tix now . . .  I missed my opportunity for $190 round trip tix early on.  I wanted to wait until the official anouncement ‘cause I didn’t have the cash to drop if it ended up being somewhere different and unaffordable . . .  oh well.  That’s my broke ass’s problem.  NOT PHISH’S!  I chose to continue school, I chose not to go the big bucks career route, and not being able to afford a plane ticket to Cali may be a consequence.  Phish has picked out a great location for 3 shows . . .  NEVER count your eggs before they’re hatched (especially to those skeptical about curfews).

Hope to see ya’ll in Indio, and let’s NEVER FORGET . . .  NEGATIVITY KILLS ALL

Let’s not fuck this new life with Phish up with a lot of negativity from people who shouldn’t even be apart of our community.  Unfortunately, even assholes love Phish.  Don’t EVER get pitted against them . . .  it’s just an unecessary drain on our scene.

PHISH, PLEASE remember that a lot of the people who are on this site spewing negativity are not REAL phans and don’t merit any real attention.  Although it’s hard considering how vocal they are.  Please don’t let their hate drown out our LOVE.  Just wait and see everyone who shows up to the 8 . . .  Then you’ll see everyone who REALLY Loves you. 


peace from Chicago (c-ya at Toyota!)

I plan on having a great time… thanks again… Phish from Vermont…

do you think… if it’s not too much trouble… could you have em turn off the lights again for the glow stick war when you get to the Gorge?

I had the time of my life last time at the Gorge… can’t wait to do it again….

anyone going to the Gorge, be sure and bring glow sticks….

Man, I really thought they had something up their sleeve and then they just disappoint with Indio. Such a ridiculous choice. going to a phish festival and spending the night in a hotel??? not ideal. oh well, hope it’s phun for those who aren’t faced with having to pay for a plane ticket, festival ticket, and hotel room. peace.

Why the hasty words from everyone. Of course you all know we can cancel the festival whenever we want to. We ourselves are not appreciating all the east and west coast crap going on here. We will not tolerate such behavior at the festival. If this goes on at the 8 we will not consider having another. We want everyone to have a fun and worry free time. We expect everyone to feel at home in Indio. Our friends and family are also from the east coast, as we are. Please show us all the west coast love and hospitality California has to offer. See you soon.

JP, Dude, seriously.

It’s a concert. Relax. We are lucky to have these incredible musicians at the top of their game. I’ve heard from plenty of people that Coachella is a great scene, and I’m sure Phish will take it to another level.

If you can’t go, or want to invent excuses about how its going to suck or be corporatized, or whatever, fine, that’s your right. But try not to be such a buzzkill. No real fan of this music would say that shit.


For anybody worried about how it will be, just look up Coachella and how they do it up EVERY year and it goes off well and people always have a great time (excluding crazy wizards… look it up).  They are not conservative, if they were then they would never have Coachella there every year.

The camping grounds are very big and with it being a Phish following I can imaging it might be an experience itself.

Hotels were selling out very fast the day they announced as I was on the phone calling all over.  You can also look at towns like Palm Desert and Cathedral City.

The location is also great because we get very little to NO rain in Southern California, which is perfect for a three day outdoor festival.  You almost don’t even need to worry about it at all.  If you can’t cook then go to a restaurant if you are very worried or go to Ralphs Grocery store down the road.  Indio is prepared and has done this many times.  Yes they may search people, but people running large events will always do this anywhere.  I do not see this being a problem.  Not to mention our state is quite “green” friendly if you catch my drift.  Don’t have large amounts of cash on you or try to supply the entire city yourself and the worse thing that could happen is a slap on the wrist and they let you on your way.

People have to travel no matter where it is, that’s life.  But again between the size of the fields/venue and ability to have a large festival it is a good decision by Phish and crew.  If you are really that upset then just don’t go, it’s that simple.  It’s Phish, the vibe will be great as always.  See you all there in October!

JP from Denver - REALLY??!!  ENOUGH with the complaining…then don’t go, get over yourself.  Don’t be so judgemental…if you’ve never been to Indio or the Polo Field, then you have no place to be so hypocritical.  I’ve been there three times for Coachella and it’s a really beautiful place.  It’s a new place to explore.  No matter where the festival would have been, whatever location, people have to travel.  End of story.  So shut up.  There’s really no room for complaints and honestly, people don’t want to hear it.  The band is giving us a three day festival that’s going to be lots of fun.  Take your bad attitude elsewhere…REALLY.  It’s not about WHERE, after all, it’s about great music from a wonderful band. And the fans are wonderful and the band is just great.

I’m offering any east coast, southern, midwestern, or foreign Phans traveling out to Cali for Phish fest 8 over halloween a FREE round trip pick up from the airport and ride to Indio.  Air fare is already expensive enough as it is, so I figured I’d do my part to help out some fellow heads.  I’m traveling with a decent size group 4-5 cars (10-15) people.  We’re all mid to late 20’s. 

I’m SERIOUS about this! and I’m NOT asking for gas money!!!

All companion combos welcome, young/old, male/female, fat/skinny brothers/sisters, BFFs/mortal enemies, grannies/grand pa’s, mothers/fathers, identical/fraternal twins, english speaking/non-english speaking, handicapped/handicapable, veterans/draft dodgers, liberals/conservatives, dancers/singers, doctors/lawyers, musicians/artists.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Follow the link to my craigslist ad and send me an email…


Regarding JP from Denver.  Its sad to hear your so disappointed with the Indio venue.  True there is a special vibe to the isolation of being at a remote site such as IT or the others mentioned.  And certainly you can even make a case for even the 12 to 16 hour traffic jams typical of a remote festival site as being part of the build up to the experience-that is how I kept my sanity waiting in line to get into IT.  For me I will take the reasonable wait to get in to the event from an experienced infrastructure that Coachella offers.  The vibe here with local law is mellow.  You will get back what you project.  Enjoy Red Rocks.

Well i was wrong about Vegoose, but i guess i just wanted to gamble, play golf, and go to phish shows over Halloween in Vegas but Festival 8 sounds alot more sane. This deal sounds fantastic, what a beautiful venue! or at least the pictures show it to be. I for one am used to airstrips and swamps for Phish festivals, so let me share with you the verbatim of how this went down via text> Airfare roundtrip from Baltimore to LA 350$, ticket 250$ best Halloween ever Priceless! U down? response: Fuck yeah!!!. response to that: California, no doubt about it. Keep it rockin, no doubt about it! then i bought the airline tix. im all in, so i hope monday is as smooth as this whole shit sounds to me. By the way i spent way more on Bonnaroo for the VIP setup which was worth every blue collar dime of mine so who the fuck cares which coast its on? this is truly going to be a sick weekend.  i cant wait to see the musical costume, and this is my first halloween show. see you there or will i>?

I haven’t got the chance to read the most recent posts so I don’t know what the consensus is regarding the musical costume…will there be a board set up exclusively to hypothesize what the costume will be? Again, there may already be one but I am currently pressed for time, so I apologize if I’m asking questions that already have answers.

I’m guessing it will be the Beach Boys Pet Sounds

None of this makes any sense to me. This venue sounds like a bad idea. I have never been there can anybody help me out? Please help me understand how this is going to work, because I really want it to!

How many people will be able to camp? (I heard only 8,000?!?!?!)

What is the total capacity of the place (camping and day people)?

How are 30,000 to 60,000 people supposed to get in and out each day if there isn’t a lot of camping spots? (If you have ever been to any of the other festivals it can take 12 or more hours to move just a few miles to get in!! Then out!!!)

Are we really not going to be able to cook our own food????

Only 1 case of beer per person and no booze???? What’s that about??

If anybody can help me out (and I’m sure a lot of other people)

What a disappointment.  Honestly, after all this bull, 3 weeks of living my life on these message boards and checking the site nearly 100 times/day….ITS IN INDIO AFTER ALL!?!?!?!?! wtf phish, I love you so much but why make california disappear, that was unnecessary.  I wish they would have just kept letting states disappear until california was left, but I guess phish isn’t all traditional like that…THIS IS SO PHUCKING ANTICLIMACTIC!!!!  Oh well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go anyway but I wanted to see a fantastic and surprising ending…to no avail.  Have fun in Indio, I guess California deserves this one….but NYE better be in the south or i’m gonna be pissed!  Anyone going to Chicago?  I’ll see you there, thanks for all the fun these past few weeks everybody

JP get over it. This fest will be incredible. Phish made an great choice with southern California. This won’t be the same old same old. And it won’t be as bad as you think. Don’t be stupid and you’ll be fine. Paranoia will destroy ya! See you there. I’ll be the one with a tiedye on. I’ll buy you a beer.

jp~um i’m pretty sure we’ll be able to cook our own food. just no fire pits.i don’t get your hate on the polo fields, gg park has free concerts all the time at the polo fields. it’s a field. how corporate! LOL i would have rather had it somewhere in northern cali instead of the LA /San Diego area (just not my scene), but i’ll deal. and i don’t see a curfew happening.

i WAS excited for this festival, but i thought Phish would be cool and not go all corporate and play at that BULLSHIT polo field. i mean, think about it: A POLO FIELD. EMPIRE polo field. doesn’t sound like a place where a big fat sloppy phish phest would be held. because it shouldn’t be held there. its in the middle of a (relatively) conservative town (if you consider how liberal all phishheads are), where non phestival goers need protection from all us crazy kids. if it happened in Datelan, i could shout at the top of my lungs and there wouldn’t be a single sober person to hear me (other than staff) but you get my point. no nearby towns means less security.
have fun guys, with the music curfew, and a list longer than the constitution of rules and all that horseshit.
I am truly and deeply disappointed in Phish. and i have since begun a week long boycott of their tunes. i love their music as much as ever, but i am super bummed they chose such a corporate and lame location that imposes a curfew on music, doesn’t allow campers to cook their own food, and you can expect to be strip searched on your way into the lot and into the show.

phuck phish.
at least for now.

To: VT Rider from Vermont

I just wanted to say thanks for your unsolicited insight and sage advice regarding the festival in Indio.  Because of that, I was able to secure a hotel room at the Plaza Hotel (only 2 miles away) weeks ago.

Hit me up at Festival 8.  I owe you one.

Thanks bro.

Thank you Phish! This is the iceing on the Reunion cake. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. We are all going to have a blast. 2009 kicks ass!

FYI- Trey bought Bracco’s house in Sneden’s Landing in NY, not California.

And what a story- this house has seen tough times:

Regarding your petty coast post wars- it baffles me that some of you are filled with so much hate toward your fellow beings- especially in the hard times people are facing. you are the antithesis to the music fan I grew up with…I’ve done Dead and Phish shows since the 80s, but the bottom started to fall out when negative people like yourselves (not meaning everyone here) started attending shows and ruining the vibe- you want want want, and offer nothing of yourselves to others. one reason some of us elders stay at hotels- to escape your petty needy vibe. “ooh look at me, i’m a phish fan, so i’m open-minded, bohemian, cool…” but not really…

i’ve lived all over- Northeast, southeast, northwest, now in NoCal…people are people. get over yourselves and do me a favor- stay away from me at the shows, unless you grow up beforehand.

to the rest of you- whoohoo! let’s have a real good time!

Assuming they will sell upwards of 60,000 or maybe even 70,000 tickets.

Shouldnt be a problem getting them Monday, but they could sell out…not sure what the capacity is there, but they draw over 150,000 for Coachella over 3 days.

The indio venue is 200 yards from my house.

Wow…so all the info I posted a while ago here was 100% correct. The info came to me straight from the producer/designer of the festival, not message boards filled with dipshits all over the country who were still sucking on their mom’s tits when some of us were actually out there following Phish in the 80’s and 90’s. And the info was all accurate, WOW!! ;-)

This is why I love the interwebz so much. I posted accurate onfo here, for the sole purpose of helping people out since I knew the real deal and will be working at the festival, and I was told to shut the fuck up and that I was wrong about it all. Serves me right for trying to help some people out.

VT_Rider from Vermont || Jul. 15, 2009 at 08:01 AM | #

I’ve resisted the urge to post here until now, just because it’s just too much fun to see all the people who think they’re in the know post all their B.S. And the east coast/west coast feud it just plain comical!I’ve seen these boys play from coast to coast since 1989. phans are dedicated everywhere.

The festival will be in Indio, that is a fact.  Russ Bennett, who produced all the Phish festivals in the past is producing these shows also. He’s tight w/the Superfly Production guys and him, AC Entertainment and Superfly do Bonnaroo.

Russ is really tight w/the owner of our company here in VT and was part of an effort for a few of us Northern Vermont companies to go to Bonnaroo and work on reducing people’s carbon footprints there, and in their lives in general. We were the Bonnaroo Carbon Shredders if you were down there.

Why am I telling you this? So you know that my info comes from the main guy producing the festivals, not interwebz rumors. If you know Russ, or know who he is, then you know this is legit.

They were trying to do the shows in Vegas at the Vegoose site for a while, and that’s officially not happening now. At this point they’re working hard on the camping details for the Coachella site, but they know enough that they were able to make the Save the Date website and get the ball rolling. The festival will 100% be in Indio CA.

If you don’t want to believe me, that’s fine, but this is the real deal. I’m in my late 30’s, have been living in the B’town area in VT for 20 years now, I have many mutual friends of myself and the band, and have seen almost 300 Phish shows myself. Basically, I know enough people up here to know what’s truth, and what’s B.S.

I have better things to do than play around on the internet starting rumors.

If you’re planning on doing this one, get a hotel booked now if you can still find one, just in case, as long as you can cancel it if needed. Camping will be allowed, but I don’t think all attendees will be able to camp due to space limitations.Tthat’s what everyone is figuring out right now.

Don’t believe the B.S.about curfews and all that, Phish will be allowed to do whatever they want. They will spend massive $ for extra security required by the town and county, the town will thank them for their business and the few million dollars they will be given,and the festival will be an amazing experience for all.

The shows will go down in Indio, and I think this will be an epic time. Enjoy!

@ Brooklyn Tim

Your shipment of FAIL has just arrived. Please don’t come to California. We don’t need New York losers invading our desert. You probably think Phish is still yanking our chains and they’re going to announce it in FLA. Pfffffft!!! HA! I laugh at you just like I have been since the first time you opened your big yap! I told you I had a reliable source that said Indio. But you, like a typical New Yorkah, had to keep running off at the mouth like you’re still doing now. Pathetic.

@ my fellow Californians

We finally got one!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! Time to show Phish how WE do it!!! I love how all the East Coast fools think they deserved another festival. HAHAHHAHAHAAA!!! We all know the West is the best.

See you all there! All except Crooklyn Tim. Sorry Timmay… maybe next year (LOL).

“Ha Ha..Ha Ha”- you dumb ass East Coasters!!!!

Yeah does anybody have any idea if this will sell out/how quickly if it does?



Will people be left out of camping??
If there is under 20,000 car passes the festival will be an epic fail!

I would hate to have to go back to a hotel room after the night sets!!

Indio Here I come!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!!!!! Yeah Baby!!!!

Has anybody read the FAQ on the festival info page.  Some funny stuff. 

My question is how many tickets will be sold and what are you’re costume ideas?

The Indio venue is 11.8 miles from my house.  Joy!

Why don’t you kids be quiet and let the grown ups talk about important business.  Like, for example, how to keep you all spun enough to shut up at the shows.

I feel like all the Cali folks are celebrating, taunting and laughing it up before the game is over.  As a sports fan I have seen this many times.  The look of shock is priceless when the other team comes back and they lose.  Careful now, they have not announced anything yet.  By the way, I am not on the east coast so no hate here.

Aren’t Phish themselves from the east coast??????  How can you diss on the area in the country where the band you love is from?  Suck a dick sunshine kid

If thats the way you treat other people Sunshine kid, the only one spanking it in their tent, (or should i say porto-poty?) will be you.  After you’ve had your fill of hazing and spanking you can learn to swim you piece of shit! 

P.S. Get the sand out of ur vag, too much time on the beach will do that to you

So you’d actually waste time at a Phish festival hazing other people?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  You are a worthless piece of human trash that obviously doesn’t know how to rage when phish comes.  I guess Maine was a little too far for your sorry ass during The Great Went, Lemonwheel, and IT.  Maybe you should rethink where all of this east coast west coast whit is coming from, than you might realize it has to do with your small dick, u sunshine piece of dirty shit

here’a a couple idea’s for a musical costume, ac dc how about sublime maybe the dead zepplan the doors! would be pretty sick

Only an immature kid who started listening to phish relatively recently (probably doesn’t even know funky bitch) would talk shit about other phans….never been what phish is about…..you need a hug sunshine kid…fucking relax before you give yourself a heartattack…...sunshine kid=immature brat with keyboard courage

i got love for ya tim,but all the east/west smack talk sounds like some adolescent gym class sheeet man! i wont give you a swirly…but i would spin you out! if its california,well they no how to party,and im down with that!

SUNSHINE KID, you’re a friggin’ tool. You and GARBAGE GROVE TIM should share a tent and stroke each others agro gangster’ egos and then talk your garbage to each other while you do it.

silicon sisters on the west side oil em up! we ridin west!

I cant wait to haze you eastcoast douche bags. you stick out like a turd in a punchbowl out here… bring dads $$$ to get shaken down. and be prepared to drool over the HOTT California girls then spank off in your tents hahahaa



I live in Albuquerque and the buzz around town is that Phish is playing a 3 day festival in Albuquerque at Balloon Fiesta Park.  I’m standing behind Albuquerque!

i dont think this fest will sale out. if i remember corectly lemonwheeel, it and big cypreaas didnt sale out. this wiil hopfully fuck the scalpers who try to grab up the tickets.

just talkin shit tommy relax bud who ever takes me seriously needs a swirly cumon over to the festuvis in the westuvis. theres some cali love for the eastposers… ohhh i meen eastcoasters. just phuckin with ya

Hopefully a dispensary can get set up on the grounds with a doctor on hand checking IDs to sign recs!

so i have been calling around in palm desert area looking for info. talked to many hotels that have told me there has been a stall in the festival planning process. That festival organizers are looking at scheduling the fest for different dates. most of the hotels have told me the same thing being that they will know more in early august.

I think Hawaii would be prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of phans. Would be cool, but probably unlikely.

I’m still skeptical about the Polo grounds. Why not just rent some farmland in the middle of nowheresville so we can party down without having to rent houses/hotels etc? A phestival just wouldn’t be the same without tent city and shakedown street.

what are you talking about?! haha beer corrals are not the “law” in cali. that’s just silly. here’s hoping for a norcal site.

Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque NM


Jill has something there.  Alaska was floated down onto the screen to be blown up, but there was never any notice of Hawaii.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would LOVE an excuse to hang out on the SANDY beaches opf Hawaii.  Wouldn’t that just be their style too?  The sand will drain out of Cali and onto another boat that will redeposit it all in the middle of the Pacific!  Aloha!  We’ll all get lei-d for Halloween!

could the fest be in Humboldt county or northern cali? when the dril goes over cali it stops in northern cali (not san fran north but way the fuck northern cali)

than continues again up 2 washington. dosnt do this for any other of the states the drill goes over

California is full of east coasters who were seeking a better place to live. So you can knock it all you want. The weather can’t be beat, and we are getting the best festival in years. Lovin it!

tim from garbage grove needs a swirly in some nice sanitized blue water,wherever the festival is i would like to meet tim by the bathrooms!

Man I was really hoping for the Seminal Reservation in FL again.  I’m trying to figure out how to do this festival right by flying in.  What do you do buy a tent in town?  I was considering maybe you can ship big package to a UPS store or something like that.  I googled driving and it was measured in days, not hours, LOL.

its not confrimed in cali yet, i do think yes the last state standing wins. but until i see its offically there i cant book a flight.

I was totally holding out for da UP der Hey… ;)  Stoked for Cali, mi hombres in the area will have everything in place. Lets just hope that tix don’t sell out in 1 second as was the case for much of the tour…

in no way to i think that this phest could take place in hawaii, but it is interesting that cali just passed a budget to include OFFSHORE drilling.  offshore?  hawaii?  just throwing it out there.

I’ll admit I was one of the first to introduce the East coast/West Coast rivalry thing, but it’s for sh*ts and giggles people, and everyone who keeps building upon the rivalry (me included) is just trying to get a rise out of you uber-peace and love hippies with no sense of humor. 

Everyone knows where all just Phish Phans trying to get our groove on on the cheap, so stop trying to bring everyone together and accept the fact that this rivalry exists and enjoy talking trash to each other since clearly you West Coast posers need to be put in your place, but I will be happy to partake in the heady goodness you guys will undoubtedly bring to the table.

Still holding out for Florida, let’s go Florida…

There’s no way it’s in Cali! They shattered all of you’re hopes once and their going to do it again!!! Fuck Cali!! I still have faith for the East Coast!!

That house is in NY, not Cali

Trey did buy Bracco’s house in California.


Is anyone else as obsessed with this as I am??? I thought that’s what these message boards are for??  Will some other people take the time to continue loading the newest flash animation several times after california is the only state left standing?  After you get that last drill sending washington into cali, type phish festival back into you google search, and got to the page again.  I have done this several times and there are other states still left.  Out of the 35 times I have loaded the page today there have been five other states present at different times along with California.  The first was South Dakota, than West Virginia, than Idaho, than Arkansas, than Montana.  I have no Idea what this means and if it is just a glitch or a real clue.  Will someone else please witness this please?  It may take several times loading the page to get a different ending to your animation.

Yay for no texas!! Yay for NOT going to jail in Cali!! Yay for going to Cali!! Yay for a SICK festival!! I don’t want it to be in indio. I want to CAMP and not pay for a hotel damnit.

The limited camping, late night noise curfew, can’t being your own alcohol things make me seriously question Indio. I just can’t believe they would do a festival where everyone that wants to can’t camp. Coachella only had 15,000 camping sites available. Adding another 50-60k sites and cars seems logistically unlikely - even with just one stage. We are being toyed with yet again.

Wikipedia says they had 17,000 camper for one coachella festival with tents and everything.  I’m sure there’s room for plenty more. 
They won’t be playing Tommy, they’ve played Quadrophinia before and Tommy is a horrible album. 
I’m so bummed it’s so far away, another 24hr ride to Big Cypress would have been sweet.

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