Face-melting concert photo

Phish Save the Date! Halloween Teaser Map

Sorry. You need to Flash to see the Phish Halloween Festival Save the Date map.

Yesterday Phish confirmed what had been circulating on the rumor train for weeks — that they'll be hosting a 3-day Halloween Festival from October 30th to November 1st, 2009.

See above for the custom announcement from Phish.com. The map is being updated every few days with a new animated clue, slowly revealing the festival location and potentially the name:

“Save the Date”

Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA

Speaking of which, all signs are pointing to the Phish Halloween Festival being held at the stunning Empire Polo Field in Indio, California, home of the annual Coachella festival and fertile spot for growing dates.

The Coachella / Empire Polo Field rumor is strong enough that nearby hotel rooms and rentals are pretty much sold out. And apparently there's already huge demand for Naked Wizard costumes.

Read on more analysis and speculation about the Phish Festival 2009.

Update: June 28, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

Nothing confirmed of course, but word on the street is the band will be playing eight (yes, 8) sets over the 3-day festival. Two sets Friday, three sets Saturday, and three sets again on Sunday including an early one. Take it with a grain of salt as I'm only about 50/50 with the rumors on Jamtopia.

And while I'm speculating, the latest I've heard or read from the few remaining sources that have any credibility, Fall Tour 2009 is going to be a whopper. Supposedly Phish will play a 26 show Fall Tour ending in North Carolina in November. And that'll be followed up by a (rumored-to-death) 4-night stand in Miami for New Years.

Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like a heck of a lot of shows and if it pans out this way I can only hope it doesn't “drag on beyond the point of vibrancy and health.” Oh wait, I can also hope they stop by the UIC Pavilion for at least a few nights!

Provided the rest of this info is correct, you can look for an announcement on or around July 4th.

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 12:20 am

Just got a comment from Johnny Goff (aka @PhishNQuips) saying that Phish will appear on Conan / The Tonight Show on October 28th. Take it for what it's worth.

::wonders if he can program Tivo that far in advance::

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 1:00 am

Not sure how this didn't come to my attention earlier, but a day-and-half-old thread on PT has plenty of spoilers for what's going to happen on the map based on the findings of mr_wonderful.

~~~ Spoiler Alert ~~~
Stop scrolling now if you don't want to see spoilers from the Phish Halloween Festival map!

Sorry. You need to Flash to see this Phish Halloween Festival Save the Date spoiler.
Sorry. You need to Flash to see this Phish Halloween Festival Save the Date spoiler.

From the looks of it we'll be seeing a merman swimming from somewhere near North Carolina to Colorado, and an alien zapping Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Nevada before going “home” to New Mexico. Here's a composite image from another intrepid PT'er showing how it all comes together.

Notably, the band has removed these elements from the live Flash file, so there's always the chance they'll change things up just to keep it interesting.

Still not sure how I feel about having seen this in advance, but I know for sure I've got tons of respect for the creative concept and love that the band is back to their old playful ways.

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 3:00 am

Okay, I wish I could take credit for this but alas it was pointed out by someone else. Take a gander at this snippet from the “Economy” section of the Indio, CA Wikipedia page:

Indio has been one of Southern California's most important agricultural regions, once responsible for a large percentage of the nation's date crop; however, with all the new residential and recreational development, the date groves are now more limited to south and southeast of Indio. Even the grove of date palms at the Riverside County Date Festival fairgrounds has been torn out by the county.[citation needed]

There are citrus groves and vegetable fields surrounding the city limits, but rapid development of new housing tracts and golf courses in the “East Valley” in the 1990s and 2000s has displaced most of the agricultural space.

Turns out “Save the Date” might not just be a directive, but also the actual name of the Phish Halloween Festival, a brilliant pun, and a potential cause marketing angle for the Fest. If this is the case, somewhere out there a marketing genius lives among us. Well-played whoever you are.

Update: June 29, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Not sure when, but some time today the map fell victim to an infestation of red fire ants who devoured North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Washington.

red fire ant

Once again the super-sleuths at PT are doing a great job of reverse engineering this concept. Turns out about 10 years ago a turf farm in Indio, CA was invaded by South American fire ants prompting eradication measures by the state Food and Agriculture Department.

If the fire ants are not eradicated, state officials could eventually order a quarantine to isolate the insects, which devour fruit, flowers and tree bark, officials said.

Apparently the problem has only gotten worse since then. A long-term eradication program that started in 2000 was suspended in 2004 due to lack of funding and as recently as 2008 the fire ant infestation was reportedly spreading eastward.

The map version of California remains (not surprisingly) unharmed by the animated ants, but the overall creative concept continues to prove itself to be extremely well thought out.

Update: June 30, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Holy crap. I think I just figured out the clue to the first animation in the Halloween Festival map — the one where Oklahoma, Idaho, West Virginia and New Hampshire seemed to simply deflate.

My theory: the animation represents a groundwater plume. More specifically, a plume with an overly-high nitrate concentration.

The nitrate plume is a potential threat to deeper underlying groundwater via improperly constructed, sealed, or abandoned wells.

I'll give you one guess where you can find these poisoned plumes… that right, the Indio Subbasin of the Coachella Valley Groundwater Basin. At least according this report from the California Department of Water Resources which I've quoted above.

dates growing on a vine

Presumably, if left unchecked, these nitrate plumes will ruin the water that's used to irrigate the date crop, not to mention the drinking water.

So at this point I'm going on record: I'll buy you a Nintendo if the Phish Festival 2009 isn't in Indio, CA. Save the friggin' date, and book your flight already!

Update: June 30, 2009 @ 9:00 pm

Today the map was updated again, and this time Kansas and Ohio were unceremoniously yanked from contention by a clipper-type boat.

dates growing on a vine

And again the folks on PT are all over it, quickly surmising that this is a reference to “The Lost Ship of the Desert” — the subject of legends about ancient ships buried in, you know it, California's Colorado Desert.

The [Los Angeles] Examiner also published a story [in 1919] of a Spanish galleon half-buried in the sands near Indio, its hold bursting with a cargo of precious stones.

So like the forthcoming UFO, this one isn't quite a direct reference to Saving Dates, but it still has Indio written all over it.

Update: July 2, 2009 @ 4:00 pm

Well for whatever reason the map isn't doing anything for me, but word on the street is that an alien Vannah White cyclops has come in and taken out Oregon, Wyoming, Illinois, and Pennsylvania Wheel of Fortune style.

dates growing on a vine

Right now the Indio connection is a little questionable, but one PT thread links to this article about date festivals that does mention the letter-turning temptress:

…and above the counter, there are still pictures of the Shields themselves outfitted in safari gear and helmets, as well as hand-colored black-and-white photos of pinup girls holding bushels of dates and caressing date palms with the aplomb of Vanna White.

Pretty tenuous for sure, and given the previous animations I'm guessing there's a more compelling reason for this one hidden out there somewhere.

Update: July 3, 2009 @ 3:00 am

I think I figured out the Vanna White animation, and it's got nothing to do with Vanna White. The important part is that she's a Cyclops!

Let me preface by saying this is WAY over my head and I'm not sure I totally understand it well enough to explain, but I'll take a stab.

Apparently cyclops is not just a one-eyed bastard living in a cave but also a newly identified part of the “common symbiosis signaling (Sym) pathway” in plants. And best I can gather from this report, certain mutations in the cyclops portion of the Sym pathway can help plants work harder to extract nutrients from soil.

Because of these benefits, scientists are working to better understand and clone the more successful cyclops mutations.

A number of plants have entered beneficial interactions with microorganisms that facilitate the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus from the soil. [The authors] provide new insights into a novel genetic component in the plant that allows the establishment of these nutrient-capturing symbioses… Our challenge now is to take this genetics into a coherent understanding of the mechanisms of symbiosis signaling.
How CYCLOPS keeps an eye on plant symbiosis by Ward Capoen and Giles Oldroyd

If the scientists can pull this off, not only will the crops be more healthy, but farmers won't need to use as much fertilizer which is expensive and emits a ton of greenhouse-gasses.

date palm leaf infected with bayoud disease

This same type of genetic control may also have something to do with preventing bayoud disease in date palms, but I'm not exactly sure how it all ties together.

Either way, if the above is anything even close to the correct explanation, this is yet again another brilliant clue tied right back to the Save the Date theme.

In other news, I've had a few people email asking if I knew what the background music to the map is. Turns out it's part of the 30+ minute Wolfman's from 10/31/98. This monster includes multiple jam segments, tons of teases, Fishman on vacuum, and more.

And to wrap up tonight's update, it seems we've got our first parody of the map. Not even gonna comment on this one.

Update: July 3, 2009 @ 10:30 am

Some alternate Fall tour date rumors have started making the rounds on a variety of message boards, one of which comes complete with photographic “evidence.”

Phish leaked fall tour dates

This rumored 20-stop tour schedule has the band playing the Hollywood Bowl, Warfield (the night after Save the Date), Austin Music Hall, Hampton Coliseum, three nights at the Spectrum, and two nights at MSG among others. Not to mention the Tonight Show and of course the Save the Date festival.

If these dates pan-out I'll feel a little bad that the info I posted above was wrong, but I'll sure feel great about going back to Rosemont Horizon.

Update: July 6, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

Another update, another three states out of the running.

Thor wind god

This time it's bad news for Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky, all of which were blown off the map by the winds of Thor (or some other wind-related god).

And of course as luck would have it, about 3 seconds of Googling brings a curious factoid… date palms in nature can be pollinated by wind.

Not really sure what exactly this has to do with saving dates though, as it's apparently been common practice to hand-pollinate date palms for centuries “to avoid wasting a lot of space and energy growing sufficient male plants” — at least according to Wikipedia.

Will keep you posted if I learn anything else. In the mean time, here are some interesting facts about date palms.

Update: July 6, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

A few theories about the wind have made the rounds on PT — one that it's a reference to the Santa Ana winds and another that it's a reference to the San Gorgonio Pass wind farm. I was even working up a theory involving wind propogation of Date mites that can ruin a crop in no time.

But a comment left below by someone named Neil stopped me dead in my tracks.

Creation of Adam

Neil points out that the god in the animation isn't Thor at all, but the biblical God as depicted in Michelangelo's “The Creation of Adam” on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The famous fresco illustrates the Book of Genesis story when God formed Adam out of “the dust of the ground” and then “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”, causing him to “become a living soul” (Gen. 2:7, KJV, emphasis mine).

As Neil further reminds us, after God created Adam he brought forth trees from the ground (Gen. 2:9), one of which was the Tree of Life.

And guess what type of tree many cultures and biblical scholars believe to be the Tree of Life?

You guessed it, the date palm. Imagine that.

Update: July 7, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

Looks like Mike just rolled in on his Segway and mowed down another trio of states — North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Don't foresee an obvious Indio connection, but you know I'll post an update if I find one.

And I'll also post an update if I can find a patent for a Segway lawn mower. Phenomenal idea.

Update: July 9, 2009 @ 8:30 am

Two things to update this morning.

First, in the spirit of Occam's razor I think I may have overthought the clue to the first animation having stumbled upon a simpler solution on Wikipedia's Choachella Valley page.


Seismic activity is what triggers earthquakes, a common natural but on occasion, destructive phenomena in the Coachella Valley, and fault lines causes hot water springs or geysers to rise from the ground.

Funny because I had originally been looking for geysers when I found the nitrogen plumes.

Mike Gordon Segway Lawn Mower

In other news, been thinking a bit more about the Mike Segway animation and may have stumbled across something there too.

Something beyond the fact that the Coachella Valley is riddled with golf courses, not to mention the Empire Polo Fields themselves, and that the whole area needs tons of lawn mowing.

Monster Garage Mustang Lawn Mower

It's possible the Segway lawn mower may be a subtle nod to Palm Desert-based sod supplier West Coast Turf.

The company, headquartered a mere nine miles outside of Indio, helped Jesse James's Monster Garage create “Switchblade.” It's the Mustang convertible lawn mower seen at right.

Now that may be a bit of a stretch, but I can think of at least one place where any type of lawn mower, be it Mustang, Seqway, or plain-old John Deere would be completely useless — Datelan Army Airfield.

Update: July 10, 2009 @ 6:30 am

Alaska blowing up

Alaska, we hardly knew ye. So sorry to see you go.

Details to follow, I've got “real” work to do.

Update: July 11, 2009 @ 10:30 am

Try as I might, I'm just not making any sort of connection between Alaska and Indio. But there's still plenty of potential symbolism to ruminate on.

For starters you've got the obvious — Alaska, the song (and background track for the animation) failed to make the cut for the new Phish album Joy.

Flaming Bomb Alaska

Then you've got the delicious desert item bombe Alaska (see at right) — a decadent variation of baked Alaska that adds a dark rum flambé to the already delicious combo of ice cream, sponge cake, and meringue.

And given the detonation's proximity to lovely Wasila, Alaksa, one can't help but think this might be some sort of social commentary on a political career up in smoke.

Meanwhile, if you have read the comment thread below you're missing out on some great entertainment value, not to mention a simmering East Coast / West Coast feud.

Update: July 13, 2009 @ 10:30 am


California Hot Air Balloon

California (along with the bulk of my credibility if this pans out) was just airlifted off the map by a fleet of hot air balloons!

For the moment, I'm stumped. Totally appreciate that much of the speculation above was far-reaching, but at least a few of those animations point straight to Indio. Not to mention the incredible array of “in the know” folks saying Indio was a lock.

If this proves nothing else it's that Phish likes to keep you guessing, and that's about all I have left to do. Keep guessing.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a free Nintendo Wii giveaway when the final location is announced — assuming they don't have one more twist up their sleeve. Part of me thinks California may have just been airlifted away for safe-keeping :)

Update: July 13, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Well needless to say this latest animation has lit-up the Phish message boards like a Christmas tree, but really only a few things worth noting (not including the picture at right which is just for fun).

Hot Air Balloon Indio CA

First, as ZZYZX was (I believe) the first to identify on PT, California is not really gone if you zoom out on the map. Now this could just be lazy programming, moving an object off the stage instead of actually killing it off. But either way it's led to plenty of additional speculation that Cali's just hovering up there safely, waiting for a triumphant return once the rest of the states are eliminated.

Second, the latest animation has resulted in at least one public wager for a 3 day festival pass.

Finally, and perhaps most curiously, is this recent tweet from Kevin Shapiro that reminds us to “never trust a prankster.”

Can't imagine what he means by that.

Update: July 14, 2009 @ 8:30 am

Sorry for the late update. I've been having trouble with my AT&T DSL at home so couldn't see the animation last night. I did however call them and after explaining that I wasn't able to do my “very important work” they gave me a $100 credit!

Fishman Pinball Machine

Turns out last night the entire map turned into a pinball machine and the ball took out Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Montana, Michigan, and Utah before dropping into Lake Michigan.

Plus a little bonus at the end showed the ball to be super-imposed with Fishman in a Viking hat a la Fall Tour 98.

In the spirit of completeness, I set out to find an Indio connection to see what would turn up. Answer, not too much.

I did however find this cool vintage Palm Springs pinball machine made by (Vegas-based) Bally back in 1953. Learned that IPD is not just an acronym for Indio Police Department but also Internet Pinball Database. And found a Plinko like contraption called Fantasy 5 Dream Machine that was part of the California lottery's TV show The Big Spin. Don't miss the previous segment from that episode to watch a lady win $3 million bucks.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as most people have noticed California is no longer “floating” above the map in the latest Teaser.swf file. No big surprise. It was just conveniently stashed off-stage at the end of the hot air balloon animation.

Hot Air Balloon Pumpkin Mask

Not content with just viewing the .swf, some folks on PT have continued to decompile the Teaser, an effort that's been light on clues since the UFO / merman incident. But this latest decompiled swf revealed the asset seen at right, a large image sprite with a mundane name, Shape6.jpg.

The asset hasn't generated as much speculation as one might think, despite the fact that it bears mild resemblance to a pumpkin, is the same design as the balloons that carried away California, and is significantly larger than the other balloon .

Not that this couldn't just be a left-over masking asset from the previous animation, but you know I can't help but speculate :)

One more quick note — today is the last day to enter Jamtopia's Mike Gordon bobblehead giveaway. Could be your only chance to score this great piece of Phish memorabilia.

Update: July 17, 2009 @ 5:00 pm


In the biggest state-take-down yet, the latest animation finds nine states — Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and New Mexico — getting targeted and subsequently taken out by darts.

It only took me about 20 minutes of research to tie this back to date palms, and like the Cyclops above it has something to do with plant genetics and breeding.

Specifically, I think it's a reference to something called Diversity Arrays Technology, or DArT.

Diversity Arrays Technology Logo

[DArT] will make comprehensive genome profiles an affordable and powerful tool to accelerate plant breeding.

In short, DArT is a relatively cheap and easy way to analyze plant genomes. Armed with this knowledge, scientists should be able cultivate plants that are more disease resistant, better adapted to local environments, and more generally allow for healthier crops and higher yields.

Haven't been able to find specific references to DArT being used on date palms, but presumably this application would be a positive step towards reducing or even preventing (the previously mentioned) Bayoud Disease.

Now I realize that California is gone from the map, so say what you will about this analysis, but either way I'm still having fun sleuthing and plan to keep at it until the very end.

And speaking of gone from the map… Michigan seems to have re-appeared (for now), though presumably only because the developer failed to include it in the _deadStates array.

Update: July 18, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

With respect to saving dates, there's an interesting comment below from Austin resident BathtubGin09 who points to a 2008 Texas Department of Agriculture alert entitled Date Palm Lethal Decline. Per the article:

Recently the Texas Department of Agriculture adopted an Emergency Quarantine in Cameron, Hidalgo, Nueces and Willacy counties of Texas against Date Palm Lethal Decline disease caused by a phytoplasma.

And apparently most of the date palm trees infected with the so-called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline are coming in from Florida. Looks like Indio isn't the only place that could use some DArT :)

Update: July 18, 2009 @ 8:30 pm


A dump truck just came in by boat, picked up Missouri, Arkansas, and Colorado, then redeposited Washington back on the map.

And with that, this whole chicanery just got a whole lot more interesting (or less, depending I guess on who you ask) given that the map now has the proven ability to return what it hath once taken away. Can't wait to see how this wraps up…

Update: July 21, 2009 @ 8:30 am

No map updates, but a late-night Tweet from someone (presumably) at The Chopping Block is worth noting:

Phish promo almost done. Starting to suck the life out of me when I leave work at 2am. But fuck it's a cool spot we did for them.
@nathancali via Twitter

I guess it's obvious that the map is“almost done,” but this really helps me appreciate all the work that's gone into it. And I gotta agree that it's a cool spot.

Update: July 22, 2009 @ 10:30 pm

And then there was one.


Tonight Phish brought back the Golden State after purging the remaining contenders with a standard-issue power drill.

I was a little surprised the hot air balloons didn't return, but the drill still entertained. The animation played-out with applause and cat calls, ultimately drilling through (recently revived) Washington which leaked South into California.

Meanwhile I wonder if the drill was a late addition in response to the recently passed California budget which could allow for offshore drilling as “a new source of desperately needed cash.”

Maybe we'll never know, but you gotta figure there's one more animation to come — the one that reveals the Halloween Festival location, ticket info and other details.

And if we're lucky, Fall Tour dates!

Update: July 22, 2009 @ 10:30 pm


California with golf flag in Indio

Tonight the Phish Halloween map came to an end, falling apart as California came front-and-center accompanied by 2001.

A golf flag and number 8 appeared, the latter of which promptly exited stage left leaving the flag waving in the breeze.

At this point the map was replaced by the official festival site, finally divulging the details we've all been waiting for.

A expected, the venue is none other than the Empire Polo Club in Indio but there was a small curveball with the name — it'll be called Festival 8, not Save the Date as I had presumed.

Now that the map is done, head on over to our follow-up post to learn all about Phish Festival 8 in Indio, CA.

Update: September 28, 2009

Today Phish launched a Festival 8 cover album teaser where they'll be slowly revealing the album for the musical costume. Learn more about the musical costume album teaser and see which albums have been eliminated right here on Jamtopia.

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SoCal Phan, those were too darts.  The targets they hit were balloons, like at a carnival, and they all popped after being hit.  I do LOVE jarts, though.

jackson, wyoming?

Please god, make it be in Georgetown, TX.  September 25 marks the 10 year anniversary of the no phish drought in Texas.  This summer is hot as balls, we got no rain, and we got no phish.

I can’t believe they wouldn’t want to come to Austin.  MAKE IT SO!!!

please don’t post any more lame Wikipedia hacks people, everyone knows that *anyone* can edit a wikipedia page.


Death Valley Times link didn’t work. And after looking it up, I don’t think The Death Valley Times even exists.
I don’t think it would be there anyways, its a National Park and too many restrictions. Big Cypress was with a National Preserve but was on a reservation that had their own set of rules, etc.
And its not for certain that NYE will be in Florida.

In my opinion, Cali has it’s own set of issues.  While I agree that no site is too remote for Phish, one has to consider that all previous festivals have been on the East Coast because of shorter drive times.  A drive even from Texas would take 24 hours and many people on the east coast are almost 24 hours from Texas.  It’s doable, but certainly a long drive any way you slice it.

My vote is for Georgia for several reasons.  First, the weather is lovely here in late October.  Yes it can get cold but so do the deserts at night in Cali, Vegas, and AZ.  Atlanta is far enough south that daytime temps are warm and it’s centrally located.  No more than 12-24 hours for most people and 80% of the US is within a two hour flight.  Busiest airport in the world too so there’s plenty of seats available.  The hurricane problem in Florida is virtually non-existent this far north as well.  The worst case scenario would be rain all weekend.

Plus, the band already played Halloween in Georgia once before.  Not sure if that’s a plus or minus but I thought that since nobody brought it up yet, it was worth mentioning.

I can’t go either way but can guarantee that wherever it is, it will be an outstanding time.

1.  Two animations ago were not darts, I think they were JARTS (lawn darts).
2.  It’s definitely NOT in Washington.  It wouldn’t make sense to add that one back now, not clever enough.
3.  This is soooooooo in Indio.

wow… never saw this coming…

check out phish’s latest youtube video post!!

i forgot all about youtube!?!


This kind of shit makes me love Phish, haha. This isn’t going to end for a while.

Something is Phishy here.  Why add back states that have been taken away?  Wouldn’t it be something if the map of the states was a Halloween Costume and underneath was a map of the UK?  These boys love to mess with our heads, so I am willing to bet that all the taking away/adding back of states is just some big gag.  Remember, Trey took classes in music theory pertaining to mind control and musical manipulation.  This is all just one big ploy to fake us all out.  Sure is fun, though.  Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for the Halloween cover.  It’s only fitting…

So when’s the Phish version of “Goin back to Cali” gonig to pop up? ;)

Michael… A posting on Wiki, a place where anyone and their dog (if it’s impossibly smart…), means absolutely nada.  The “re-sodding” of Washington has made this nearly impossible to predict.  So, be excited about the opportunity to enjoy an amazing festival on one of the best holidays and BE PATIENT!  We’ll all know soon enough.  Some of us will be even more excited because of its close proximity and some of us will be a little disappointed, but will get over it… I hope.  Of course it’s fun to daydream and speculate, but after reading some of these posts, the whiners, dis’ers, and naysayers better keep that negative shit away from our festival, wherever it may be.  See you all soon!

i wouldn’t trust anything on Wikipedia,“the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.” It’s probably just some kid trying to mess with us

Holy shit they’re bring back states and i’m getting nervous!!

Wikipedia lists the following statement under “Gaffney, South Carolina” Indicating that discussions to hold the festival in Indio have fallen through, and the festival will be on the other coast.  Bummer for me, I live near Indio.

Quoted from Wikipedia, Gaffney, South Carolina http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaffney,_South_Carolina

Recently it has been brought to the town’s attention that rock and roll super group, Phish, will be holding a three day Halloween Festival on a local farm in Gaffney. It is also understood by some in the community that upwards of 80,000 concert goers have attended past Phish Festivals. The expected revenue for said festival is expected upward of $3.2 as projected by Coran Capshaw and Red Light Management. Red Light Management has been working with Cherokee County officials on a proposal for said festival for almost a month after deals with Indo City Commission could not be reached to hold the festival on the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, CA. Local townspeople and business owners who have learned of these recent events are ecstatic as the local fare has suffered due to economic downfall in the area. The proposed dates for the festival are October 30 - November 1.


Why am I more excited about waiting for these updates than I am for Phish shoreline and gorge!!!!!

Its going to be in Rhode Island.

They are just covering their asses. They have to find a clever way to bring back California later on. So by putting Washington back on the map now, they can then later bring back California without it being too cheesy. I wish it weren’t true, but I think deep down we all know it will be in Cali. Too many hotels are booked. Give one a call, they are all booked.

East coasters, yall just got Indio’d.

LOL.  Quick note so not everyone thinks the CA education system is that bad.

Oregon was highlighted for me this morning, but was gone when I checked again about 30 min later….so just a glitch or something.

I didn’t see the new animation with Washington being added till a few hours later.

I really want to see CA added back too ^^

here’s a poll if anyone wants to throw there 2 cents in.

Percentage-wise, at this point, the majority is still leaning towards Indio

There is a lot of Seattle talk today though….a LOT of it

surprised that there has been no reference to the zombie ant issue in Texas.

I don’t really think that it’s Texas but I’m still surprised

The bulls eyes are the who’s logo…i would imagine you would know that if you thought that “tommy” would be sick.

Booge- That’s Washington

No more MS, AR, or CO but Washington is back? What is going on…

now they’re just messin’ with us…time to stop speculating and see what happens.

It is going to happen in NYC and it is going to be WILD!!  10/30 at Citi Field in Phlushing-site of the former Shea Stadium, Shea was built to replace original Polo Grounds. 10/31 at Madison Square Garden. Phish will play the entire album…JOY.  They will (PHinally) cover themselves!! 11/1 will be a PHree (can you say obvious set opener?) In Central Park.    So it is written-So it shall be.

SPOILER ALERT!!! >>>>> http://www22.brinkster.com/alexrogo/savethedate.html  >>>> AHHHHHH!!!!

Washington State is back in play so States can come and go.  TX is out due to Panic and Florida due to NYE.  Looks like anything can happen and Indio is known as “The City of Festivals” or as sometimes referred to by some of us locals “The City of Testicles”.

I stand corrected… The pinball did take out Michigan, and now with the truck animation, anything is possible.  I love this Band…  Washington is beautiful and average temperature that time of year is a high of 50 and a low of 39.  Also it rains frequently in most areas of Washington. 



Washington? What is going on?

HAWAII!!!!! I heard that Aloha stadium is booked for a band these 3 days!! Not to many bands come out here I hope its PHISH!!! Pack your bags boys & girls its HAWAII

And now Washington’s back???!!!  Deliberately back!
What on earth??

Washington back?

Vita - you idiot! You ruined it for everyone in PHX. It would be a nice drive to Indio, since everyone was thinking of flying to LA. Don’t spill the beans.

Yeah that’s not Oregon back on the map it’s Washington.  You people must have failed geography pretty bad.  Anyway I am from Oregon, it will not be in Oregon! Hopefully Cali, the herb is way better than east coast schwag.  This works out better, none of us will have to transport all the sticky icky to the east coast, you can come get it .

They just put Washington back on the map Anything can happen now!! dont count cali out just yet!!

Booge, that is Washington back, not Oregon.

THIS JUST IN!!! It won’t be in Indio but a little further up the road.

ROCK GROUP TO BUILD CITY IN DEATH VALLEY!!! A 3 day festival has been announced by the rock group Phish to take place in the isolated eastern deserts of California. This information was leaked to a well known yet anonymous source who said only that “the band has chosen Death Valley because of it’s stark contrast to the East Coast and mild temperatures during mid-fall”.


HOLY SHIT!!! Zabriskie Point, here we come!!!  :D

Might as well feed the rumors with the new “clue”

American Dart Organization, 17th Halloween Open - Austin, TX


@ NittyTwitty

Let’s get something clear you fool.

1. Phish has already played the biggest festival of their careers in FLA. You know… the Big Cypress thing they did back at the start of the Millennium? I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Huge festie, HUGE!!! You should have been there. It was supercalafragalisticexpealadocious.

2. Again, what’s with the “West Coast posers” shit? I laugh at you. And, fyi, it’s spelled poseur, so take some English classes.

3. Why don’t you take your lame shtick somewhere else like PT? Because it sounds like that’s where you do most of your posting anyhow. A worthless hack of a site.

@ everyone else

...this is just utter madness. MADNESS I SAY!!! Phish is totally fu*king with our minds. Never trust a prankster… or in this case, four very well versed pranksters.

didnt they already do a Who album for halloween?

they already played quadrophenia.  no way they’d do who again.  or would they?

Bull’s eye has been used on many Who concert t-shirts

definetly the who’s tommy, i agree

the who’s tommy would be sick. I get the pinball but please explain how the bulls eye’s = the who?

The last 2 clues may be telling us the musical costume.  The Pinaball Wizard and the blue, white, and red bullseye are clues that they might play The Who’s “Tommy”


Now Oregon is back too!

weird…..but fun ^^


“give revenue to the state that needs it most!”

Give me a break dude. Cali got itself into this mess with ridiculous social programs that DO NOT WORK! They are costly and inefficient. You aren’t going to get a bailout from the taxpayers and you aren’t going to get a bailout from phish.


In reference to the darts on the map and the DART technology that allows scientists to cultivate plants that are more disease resistant, better adapt to local environments, and allows for healthier crops and higher yields, I found this website that provides information on the decline of date palm trees in 2 states that are STILL on the map (Texas and Florida).


According to this website, there has been a “lethal decline” of date palm trees in multiple counties in both states. Coincidence? I guess we will just have to wait and see, but my bet is on Texas or Florida. Check the site out for yourself..see you in October Phish Phans!!

Vita from phoenix, did you loose that strip in the parking lot during further fest @ spac ‘99? Anyway. Your luck just changed. You will get your fest this year. It won’t be on a cruise, eastcoast, south, NV,or AZ. It will be in Indio CA. They will lean rules for Phish. After the “Coventry” incident (in which we ditched our car and had to walk 30 miles), they do not want to chance another fest in which people are forced to crap in the woods on the side of New England interstates. They know a festival of this magnitude will need as much space as possible and will want to provide unlimited tickets so scalpers don’t have a chance. Not to mention Phans from the east will have to fly there, which is much more environmentally phriendly than driving a car.  Any thoughts??

I cant lie.I hope its in Florida, what can I say I live an hour from big cypress.And have no fear about hurricanes they rarely happen around that time.Season ends on Nov 7.Flights for my friends are cheap here.Plus nothing beats a Florida sunset or the vibe of an Indian reservation.Cali would be beautiful also but that is not within the budget for me.I have love wherever they play.

I dont post, but when someone mentions a cruise ship, i have to. if they werent from vt, i would think its eric. sorry, no cruise ship or air craft carrier. it will be on land. ill take bets if u doubt that.

This would make complete sense except those are Jarts- the popular Brady Bunch era lawn game where you hurl giant plastic dart like objects across the lawn and try to land them in a circle. Next to the circle is your teammate who will be hurling them back at you. Much beer is involved. Jarts were outlawed in the US which means only one thing- Halloween in Canada, eh?

Why are the darts the only animation to stay on screen at the finish?

Michigan was 100% taken out by the Fishman pinball.

Just a note to everyone on the AZ theory….. AZ is a HORRIBLE state to get caught with ANY type of drugs… IF is ends up being here.. you BET it will not be a good scene bringing anything in!! You can get charged with possession for a pot seed!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!! So if it is here… RENT a car.. don’t take any chances that a cop might find a seed or maybe that 10 strip you lost “x” many years ago!!! (I know I’ve lost some shit like 8 years ago that I would HATE for some random search by a cop to reveal!) finding it before they do… now that would be SWEET!
ANOTHER note.. IF “you” are so convinced it is in Cail.. play it smart.. get a ticket to Phx. You can drive to Indio or Vegas in about 4 hours. NM is a little farther..but close!
I am from NY but live in AZ now.. and let me just say.. whenever I am on one coast.. everything good happens on the opposite coast.. sorry west coasters.. but I am with you right now.. based on my 10 years of luck.. it is going to be on the east coast… and that is as UNOFFICIAL as it gets!!!!
Lets focus our energy on coming up with some sort of costumes to Phuck with the band!! A “cheesecake” right back at them!
Any ideas?????????

my verification word was “hope 87” and let me just say.. I am HOPING that it is west coast.. or i can’t go!

Uhhh… T to the Z, that line from Raiders Of The Lost Ark is “They’re digging in the wrong place!”

Come on son… get it done.


I’m pretty sure I saw a pinball take out Michigan, ANY THOUGHTS?

@DODT Cruise ship would be awesome but maybe too small.  How many people do those ships hold anyway?

I’ve considered a cruise ship. But where?.....


My thought is that you’re incorrect. Having said that, your theory is 1000 times better thought out than 95% of what the pro-Indio crowd is saying. Nevada / Arizona are most likely based on the clues that have been given to us, in contrast to what Todd has reduced himself too. I think Florida is a strong possibility as well just because of all the New Years Eve festival talk. My thought is simple, a Halloween Festival prevents a New Years Eve festival and if true gives credence to the possibility of Florida hosting Save the Date. Realistically I think those remaining states are left there for simplistic reasons. That being that people expect those states to be leading contenders because of previous festival and thus keeping things more interesting.

Michigan was never taken out in the first place people…

has anyone considered a Cruise ship?

arizona texas or arkansas

people and groups often suffer from paralysis by analysis.  like the classic line from Raiders of the Lost Ark: “You’re digging in the wrong place!”  The answer to the riddle is much less complex than you’re all making it out to be.  But it’s still fun to watch the analysis.  The post from waaay back on the 29th has the answer.  Better book your room….

let’s put it this way if they do have the fest in florida i’m hoping for a cali newyears show. because there not going to do both in florida. and who says it they half to play in vegas nevada has alot of other spots too

ok here’s the scoop my buddy who went to snoop dawg& slightlystupid last week at irvine meadow’s over heard 2 staff pro’s talking and one of them asked the other one if he was going to work the hippie fest at coachella so there you habve it it’s on for indio i knew it all along.

give revenue to the state that needs it most!

“OMG There’s like this crazy pub in SoCal where they have darts every Wednesday night!!!!!111! ITS SO INDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2

Ya its on Hwy 111. The Red Barn in PD…or Neils Lounge in Indio!!!!

I have a theory about the map (maybe others have said this but I haven’t seen it).  Notice that ME, NY, VT and FL are still on there, all states where they’ve previously held festivals.  What if this is a map of where they’ve held festivals.  All but ME, NY, VT and FL will be blackened out, and then the new state will reappear (fulfilling the guess of a lot of people that are saying CA will reappear).  Thoughts on this theory….


A Festie in New Jersey during Fall…? This board has gone totally whacko. What band in their right mind would have an outdoor festival anywhere near the North during Fall?LMAO! Oops… bye bye Joizey. What a dump anyhow.

You people are killing me. I’m hearing rumors of Las Vegas if Cali doesn’t float back into place. Which it should. And that whole Phish/GNR/Axl Hose thing is nothing but utter rubbish.

Come on people. Raise the bar here. *rolls eyes*

Any one notice Michigan is back up, or is my computer playing tricks on me?

I love how as soon as Cali got taken off everyone stops thinking all the new updates are clues. There’s no more, “OMG There’s like this crazy pub in SoCal where they have darts every Wednesday night!!!!!111! ITS SO INDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2

Jarod from Mississippi- where is your home state faith? we’re still hanging in there.

Minnesota is absolutley not happening.

I can’t wait to rage with thousands upon thousands of Phish fans in my home state.

cumon AZ this theory about blackrock city nevada could be true. datland is lookin pretty good 5 hour drive from from my house

Anyone else think it’s funny that a lawn dart hit indaina? That’s where the deaths of 3 kids happened, causing it to be outlawed in the US>

jersey and louisiana got darted. first to post

Vinelands…yeah right… I just heard that the dude who came up with the prank just admitted to it. It better not be Cypress as that is where NYE will be not to mention that they have the whole 10 year time capsule thing… It’s gonna be in the southwest or Arkansas… I would dig Arkansas as it would save me a few hundies in travel flow. The suspense is eating at my brain!!!

its looking bleak for anything out west. i would think colorado and nevada would be too cold. and i doubt that they’d play in a place with as small a fanbase as AZ.(sorry az but i’ve lived there and arizona has little to no scene there)  Texas maybe but my moneys on florida. yep they’ll play east of the mississippi cuz thats where the majority of phanz are and they’ll play someplace warm.  thats my guess

Why is Michigan back? It was taken out 2 days ago?

MI is back up!!! The suspense is killing me….

hey dream from philly….how you like them apples.

is michigan back???

I am in Northern NY and want an east coast fest just as bad as anyone else. But wouldn’t it just be Phishs’ style to return the gently lifted away California back after all the rest of the states are blown away, eaten, and destroyed? Also it makes since see as how the are going to be in L.A the night before the Fest. They are telling us to save the date this far in advance so we can save our pennies to go out west. I had my chance. I live in Plattsburgh home of the Clifford Ball and never been to Cali. Would love to go as long as the Cali Phans will show eastcoast phans just as much hospitality as we have shown them. Phish is watching us as closely as we are watching them and we need to band together as the balls out, great show going phans that we are.

they just updated the map.. Jersey is out thank god

Bye MA, NJ, MD, IN, MO, SC, AL, LA, NM.

that axl story is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard.  i hope people aren’t taking that seriously….are they?

No more Jersey!

I say the viking hat = .... Minnesota

Cliff || Jul. 17, 2009 at 01:20 PM

Isnt New Jersey Trey’s Home State??

EXACTLY, Cliff? how could anyone not believe this as a possibility? we all know that anything goes with Phish. some people need to stop being so narrow-minded and wake the F up!

9 more states!!!

So much for New Jersey…...It just got darted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on down to where the cowboys like to play!!! The Southwest!

big update knocked off 9 states but nothing really really interesting.  How many days do you guys think this will last? My money is on next Wed 7/22

Damn, NJ is gone folks.
But did you really think it would be that far north in NOVEMBER?
Come on now!

My Money’s on TX, mail it in.

Hardly enough time to speculate before they took out Jersey with a dart!  lol

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