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Predict the Hampton Opener, Win FREE Phish Tickets!

Attention custys and w00ks — wanna score some free Phish tickets? Just predict the Hampton opener for a chance to win. Good luck to everyone who entered.

Win Free Phish Tickets

Please note, the winner has already been selected.

Take a look at the complete list of entries and see who won.

That’s right. If you correctly predict the first song Phish plays on March 6th, 2009 at Hampton Coliseum you’ll have a chance to win free Phish tickets.

Everyone who enters gets to take one guess at the Hampton opener.

If more than one person makes the right prediction, you’ll all be entered for a chance to win two (2) lawn tickets to your choice of these shows — Great Woods (6/06), Camden (6/07), Burgettstown (6/18), Deer Creek (6/19) or Alpine (6/20 or 6/21).

We’ll select a single winner via live webcast on March 15th.

If you’re the only person with the right prediction, you’ll win EITHER two (2) pavilion seats to your choice of the shows above OR one (1) ticket to the Fox Theatre (6/16) show. Take your pick, either way you score big-time.

Update (February 15, 2009, 11:00 am) There are already have 100 entries in the contest. The top two picks so far are Chalkdust Torture and PYITE followed closed by Curtain With. Other songs with multiple entries include 2001, Back on the Train, Buried Alive, Divided Sky, DWD, Foreplay / Longtime, Free, Golgi, Mikes, Possum, Tube, Tweezer, Tweezer Reprise, Wilson, and YEM.

Update (February 17, 2009, 12:00 am) There are now over 400 entries and some big new additions to the leaderboard including seven songs with more than 10 picks each. In alphabetical order they are: AC/DC Bag, Chalkdust Torture, Curtain or Curtain With, Down With Disease, PYITE, YEM, and Wilson. Now you late birds have a bit of inside scoop to help you make your pick, so stop reading and learn how to enter. Then take a look at some of our featured entries.

Update (February 19, 2009, 9:20 pm) There are now well over 500 entries and eight more songs with more than 10 picks each. In alphabetical order they are: Backwards Down the Number Line, Divided Sky, Fluffhead, Free, Mike's Song, Runaway Jim, Simple, Tube.

Also added a bunch of great new entries to the list of featured contest entries. Worth a read.

Update (March 2, 2009, 2:00 am) Well that's all she wrote. The call for entries is now over. There were 736 entries, all of which I'll be posting in the next few days. The top 5 picks were: Wilson (34), Curtain / Curtain With (30), Chalkdust Torture (29), You Enjoy Myself (28) and Punch You in the Eye (24). Good luck to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for news about the live announcement of the winner which will take place on March 15th.

Update (March 5, 2009, 1:00 am) As promised, I've posted the complete list of entries for the Hampton opener contest. Can't wait to see who (if anyone) takes home the prize!

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Below are some of our favorite entries, organized by song. Enjoy!

Backwards Down the Number Line

  • I had a dream last night that I was at 1st night Hampton (Page-side, rail, surrounded by 10-15 year old newbs). The boys came out on stage, and Trey promptly cues the Secret Language and gives 3 sharp scratches on his guitar strings. The sections behind the stage must have been where all the older tour-heads were sitting, because they all shouted out in unison "Awww Fuck!!!". I turned to the bewildered newb standing next to me and just laughed. Moments later, the show was underway. Now mind you, I have still NEVER heard a note of "Backwards Down the Number Line", but in my dream it was clear as day, and I turned to the newb as the opening notes started to play and proudly proclaimed the song title. If that's not a prophecy for what song will open the Hampton run, I don't know what is!!!

David Bowie

  • What alot of people are neglecting to realize is that the Hampton opener absolutely needs to have an extended intro. The crowd will be so loud for the first few minutes that you won't be able to hear anything. This is one of the reasons they chose Piper on 12/31/02, and why I don't think a prediction like "Tube" would be accurate. Also, "David Bowie" was the last song played in Hampton on 8/9/04, so they'd be picking up where they left off at Hampton. They can extend the intro for a long time (see 12/28/03 Miami) and it is also one of Kuroda's favorite songs to light. Hence, "David Bowie" is my prediction.

Down With Disease

  • Dank ass bass intro to epic trey lick… what could be better.

  • I can only imagine the noise level at this moment, right as the lights go down and they come on stage. Probably ten times the level of their '03 comeback at MSG. I can hear in my head the beginning rumblings of DWD with Trey scratching his strings, lots of deep distortion and feedback. This will happen for a few minutes or so, or until the roof of the Coliseum flies off, and then Mike's bass will drop the opening DWD bombs! Bum, Bum, Budump, Budump, Bum, Bum!

Harry Hood

  • Because it is a monster song and Fishman's opening drum notes will set the Mothership off. Also, it is an extremely rare opener (3 times ever!) and I think it would make a statement. And of course, the last time they opened with it (and one of the only 3 times ever) was at HAMPTON on 12/18/99...I remember it well cause I was there. I know it is a long shot, but I just have a feeling that they are going to bust out something epic, and Hood would be EPIC

Punch You in the Eye

  • This simply has to be the opener. My friend mentioned it in October and the more I think about it, it is perfect. Trey "scratching" his guitar right before they bust into the intro which can be extended out a bit to give the fans time to simmer down.

    Then the buildup to the 'heys' will be amazing. Can't even imagine how loud it will be for the last "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

  • I think the real question is, "How could they NOT open with PYITE??" Throughout Phishtory, some of the best shows have opened up with this song, and set the stage for amazing music the entire night. Classic shows such as 12/31/95, 12/11/97 and 9/14/00, all opened with this energetic gem. If there was one song that gives me goosebumps every single time, its this one. This why I feel they will come back with Punch.

  • I can just picture it now. Trey busting right into that little lick while fishman and mike lay down the rhythm as they meddle around for over 3 minutes until they all come together and get the entire state of Virginia to scream "Hey!" as their first lyrics back from hiatus. Not to mention what better way to lively up an already rambunctious crowd with the the little dance that Trey and Mike do during Page's piano break.

Runaway Jim

  • I picked this because it is one of my favorite songs Also because I think it's perfect for the moment. It has the build up in the beginning that will be great for when all the cheering and hoot-in and holler-in is going on when they take the stage, then they break into the Lyrics portion of the song which will build folks into a frenzy. then finally settle down into the first nasty jam of the night. After melting faces with the jam they can easily slide into one of the newer songs like backwards down the number line while folks are trying to figure out what is happening once again. Unfortunately I don't think I will be there to witness it but it should be glorious for sure.

You Enjoy Myself

  • I'd be shocked if they open with anything but this. One of my favorite parts of being at a phish show is looking around the arena during the last musical buildup (and Trey scream) before the 'BMGS' lyrics start up, I love seeing 20,000 faces rapt with anticipation of what they're about to witness I can only imagine what it must be like for Phish to look out into the crowd and see the explosion of energy eminating from the fans at that moment.
    The Maestro

  • I chose this song for the first phish opener since 04 because this embarks on a new journey for phish. This is a classic tune and one of there most famous at that, and I feel if this were to happen the opening notes of the song will blow up the house as well as my head while enjoying the goo coming out of the speakers.

Random Covers

  • Karn Evil 9 by ELP

    'Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.' Says it all and Hampton is a cover tune factory. Plus Page can go nuts for a while right off the bat.

  • The Boys Are Back In Town

    well, obviously it would be fitting for 'the boys' to play this song as they return to touring. I don't believe they have ever actually covered this Thin Lizzy tune, (though it did ring out through the PA during the preshow music at MSG on NYE 02.
    Charlie 'the chomper'

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Fluffhead !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Divided Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My pick would be “back on the train” or “PYITE”. Damn, wish I was there.

I miss Phish. At least the “old” Phish. Let’s see what the shows and crowd are like this summer.

You guys had it all wrong guessing the opener. It’s gonna be a FUNKY BITCH and a f’in soaring one at that. That’s the way to get people moving. I don’t expect something that would be obvious; an FB would be a way to instantly back in the groove as if there were no hiatus.

man im sorry i missd this contest…........the song will be 2001 !!!!!!

take some pictures, and rate the concert at http://www.iwastheremusic.com/

Editor’s Note: I took a look at Chip’s site and it seems like a pretty neat idea. Fun way to browse some really random concert photos.

I win!


I win!

See you all in Hampton have your tin foil hats ready!!

sweet contest

just the fact they are playing is cool enough! but this contest is pretty neat too

Very cool contest.

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