Face-melting concert photo

The 12 Best Concert Photos of 2008

With sincere thanks to all of the 195 professional and amateur concert photographers who entered the 2008 Jamtopia Concert Photo Contest, I'm very pleased to announce the finalists.

I must say it was nearly impossible to pick just 12 finalists from the more than 330 great concert photos entered, but without further ado, here they are…

Franki Doll Concert Photo

Franki Doll || Feb 21, 2008
Photo by Roger Krueger

Die Mannequin Concert Photo

Die Mannequin || Apr 24, 2008
Photo by Reinier Asscheman

Grace Potter Concert Photo

Grace Potter || Apr 25, 2008
Photo by Greg Homolka

OK Go Concert Photo

OK Go || May 16, 2008
Photo by Tasha Schalk

Boris Takeshi Concert Photo

Boris || May 29, 2008
Photo by Nathan Wind

Ratdog Bob Weir Concert Photo

Ratdog || June 1, 2008
Photo by Matt Beauchemin

Eating Glass Jose Concert Photo

Eating Glass || June 8, 2008
Photo by Ben Hajdukiewicz

Radiohead Thom Yorke Concert Photo

Radiohead || June 9, 2008
Photo by Samuel Dietz

Anthrax Scott Ian Concert Photo

Anthrax || June 22, 2008
Photo by Jazmin$Million

Pearl Jam Mike McCready Concert Photo

Pearl Jam || July 12, 2008
Photo by Jeff Kravitz

Paramore Concert Photo

Paramore || July 25, 2008
Photo by Cody Mulcahy

Gogol Bordelo Concert Photo

Gogol Bordelo || Aug 19, 2008
Photo by Alexandre Pinabel for Collectif ISO

Want to see the winner? Come back on November 1st for the big announcement.

5 Comments so far   

Franki Doll was shot at the “F*ck the Whales, Save a Chckn” benefit show, raising funds for D.I. guitarist Craig “Chckn” Jewett’s cancer treatment.

What I find really impressive is that she was getting this kind of crowd reaction from people who mostly didn’t know her—Franki’s Broken Toys were fifth on the bill, before/under Manic Hispanic, D.I., T.S.O.L. and Agent Orange. Nobody was there specifically to see her, but she lit ‘em on fire anyway.

Also the last of many great punk shows at the Galaxy Theater. Sold to schmucks turning it into some upscale yuppie bottleservice V.I.P.-room nightmare. Since it was being sold they hadn’t bothered to fix the roof, the center of the photo pit and a bit of the center of the stage had their own private rainstorm.

McCready was jumping before I got this frame of his leaping tribute to Pete Townsend during ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ at the Vh1 Rock Honors for the Who.

I could see him tensing his leg muscles, hear the music reaching a crescendoand I just waited for the right moment as Mike put everything he had into that jump.

God bless the Nikon D3…6400 ASA, 1000th of a second at f8 would never be that sharp, and with those blacks, in any other camera. Focus andmeter were set on manual.

Hands down the best photo I have ever taken.

I shot the OkGo photo when they played at Columbia College Manifest Urban Arts Festival in Chicago, IL. For an outdoor festival put on by a college, I was very impressed. The lighting was better than most large venues, and the staff was very organized and accommodating. 

This shot occurred when the front lights dimmed for a second, but the back lights stayed on for some amazing background color. The band members were lined up in such a way that I was able to use bassist Tim Nordwind to frame the shot, and was also able to catch the band name on the kick drum.

I would also like to mention that this show goes down as one of my favorite shows that I have shot. Aside from the great lighting, OkGo, and especially Damian Kulash, were fantastically full of energy the whole show. 

I second those above me. There were some really fantastic photos in the pool, and good luck to all the finalists!


I took the Anthrax image at the Heavy MTL festival in Montreal, Canada on a job for Metal Edge magazine.

I almost did not get in the festival to shoot photographs as the promoter made a deal with a smaller magazine for exclusive rights to photograph the festival, so unless you were on assignment to shoot for a daily or the promoter, who uses the daily photographers for all the major events in Montreal, than you are out on the street, even if you work for a MAJOR metal magazine and you want to cover a metal event such as this one in Montreal. 

I called the head of media relations and flipped out when I got my confirmation I would not get a photo pass to the two day event in Montreal, Metal Edge’s editor called the festival promoter and the festival still would not let me into the festival to shoot images.

Finally after three phone call’s two rejection email’s and blowing up at the head of media relations for the biggest concert promoter in my country, I some how managed to get this photo, as well as a great set that day!

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do.  I would also like to say all the images in this contest were really good and i am honored to be in the final 12. 

Have a good week!


Hey thank you for selecting one of my pictures among all those great concert pictures taken by such great photographers!

This picture of Thom Yorke was taken at their first show in Paris in June. Thom was quietly looking at the crowd before going to the piano during All I Need, the opening song of the concert.

I was really happy to see how the picture turned out when I could check it on my computer, how I could catch this look on his face.

Thank you again and good luck for the jury, you’re going to have a hard time picking a winner I bet, all the other pictures are really good!

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