Face-melting concert photo

Unlikely Duo: Jerry Garcia and Sammy Hagar

Jerry Garcia, Sammy Hagar, Jeffery Burton, Annie Sampson, Sean Hooper, Pete Sears, Scott Matthews

Going Down

April 1989

Sweetwater Saloon

Mill Valley, CA, USA

Here's a real gem of a jam session, featuring the unlikely pairing of Jerry Garcia with Sammy Hagar doing blues mainstay Going Down at Sweetwater Saloon during a Village Music Record Store party.

Jerry Garcia warms it up with the song's opening bars for a few repetitions. Just as things started, Elvis Costello grabs his drink and bolts off stage. Jerry apparently didn't bring a guitar as he's playing Elvis's custom Fender Jazzmaster. It's no problem though, as one reviewer notes, “Jerry makes it sing!”

Hagar, on lead vocals, is skinnier and of course younger looking than the Hagar of today but cheeses it up just the same.

Jeffery Burton, son of James Burton, is on guitar. He has some spectacular hockey hair and equally spectacular licks about two-thirds into the jam. Annie Sampson provides powerful backup vocals. Sean Hooper of Huey Lewis and the News is on keys. Pete Sears lays it down nicely on bass and Scott Matthews rounds out the rhythm section on drums.

Sadly, Village Music Record Store closed in September 2007. Sweetwater Saloon closed briefly but will re-open in a new location.

And don't miss this great video of Freddy King doing a ripping live version of Going Down as written by Don Nix. The song is also available on The Best of the Shelter Years, a compilation album of King's earlier work.

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Great footage.
I miss village music, used to shop there all the time in the 90’s.

I’m still looking for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The “I’m Goin Down” video.

Hey Relevelerr - scroll up a bit… it’s right there!

Seriously though, I assume you mean the rest of the video from this night? No idea, but by all means if you find it please do drop a line!

where did this video go???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve looked everywhere!!!!

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